71 Domain Names Trump Actually Owns, Like PlayWithDonald.com

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Donald Trump's extensive business organization has an even larger online presence, according to a new report compiled by CNNMoney. At least 3,643 websites are registered to Trump's business, with some pretty revealing names. This list of the 71 weirdest domain names Trump owns includes references to his failed business ventures, his early campaign aspirations, and his obsession with controlling his reputation.

Trump bought his very first website in 1997 when he registered the domain DonaldJTrump.com, which still haunts the public to this day. Plenty of his other websites have gone defunct, or were never even operational, like TrumpScam.com. Purchasing sites with potentially derogatory names, like TrumpNetworkFraud.com and TrumpNetworkPyramidScheme.com (both references to the multilevel marketing venture Trump ran for about three years, show a foresight that isn't common in the business world, according to one expert.

"Whoever bought those domains was already thinking those allegations might be raised. Most reputable organizations do not go out and buy these kinds of websites. Most companies are not going to engage in activities that would cause this kind of blowback," Bruce Rubin, a crisis PR expert, told CNNMoney. Trump hasn't had the most ethical business background, and these purchases appear to be evidence that he knowingly works in morally gray areas. These slightly disturbing domain names show how far Trump has gone in the past to make a buck, and how much of his business enterprise has never come to fruition.

  1. TrumportunityKnocks.com
  2. TrumpDoll.com
  3. TrumpOnTheRocks.com
  4. YoureFiredVodka.com
  5. TrumpHomeCrystalGifts.com
  6. TrumpStarterKit.com
  7. TrumpOnIce.com
  8. DonaldTrumpNetworkSucks.com
  9. TrumpFraud.info
  10. TrumpItUp.com
  11. WomanWhoWork.org
  12. TrumpTats.com
  13. PlayWithDonald.com (barf)
  14. DonaldTrumpWontShutUp.com
  15. DonaldTrumpMattress.com
  16. ComplainToTrump.com
  17. How-To-Build-A-Fortune.com
  18. ImBeingSuedByTheDonald.com
  19. TrumpArmy.com
  20. ThinkLikeATrump.com
  21. LiveLikeATrump.com
  22. TrumpaCasaRopadeCamaLatinAmerica.com
  23. TrumpAccesoriosdelBanoDeCasaLatinAmerica.com
  24. TheTrumpFolliesOnBroadway.com
  25. TrumpGrapes.com
  26. YouAndTrump.com
  27. TrumpNetworkMarketingScam.com
  28. TrumpWithATwist.com
  29. TrumpIcecreamParlor.com
  30. TrumpTightEnt.com
  31. Trumpic.com
  32. TrumpWineRatings.com
  33. TrumpFire.com
  34. TrumpNetworkPonziScheme.com
  35. IvankaTrumpEyes.com
  36. TrumpRussia.com
  37. DownloadTheDonald.com
  38. NoMoreTrump.com
  39. Trump2012.com
  40. TrumpEmpire.com
  41. 100TrumpParc.com
  42. TrumpHomeMattress.com
  43. TrumpTastingRoom.com
  44. DonaldTrumpArt.com
  45. TrumpAccessories.com
  46. Trump4Green.com
  47. TrumpOfficeForStaples.com
  48. DonaldTrumpSignatureCoffee.com
  49. TrumpBowling.com
  50. TrumpsBlueMonster.com
  51. TrumpPokerGames.com
  52. RingWithTrump.com
  53. TrumpChocolate.com
  54. BarronTrump.com
  55. TrumpTunes.com
  56. BluffTrump.com
  57. IvankaPokerTables.com
  58. TrumpMustGo.com
  59. TrumpJupiter.com
  60. TrumpIsFired.com
  61. TrumpMagic.com
  62. IvankaTump.com
  63. IfYouLoveItOwnIt.com
  64. TrumpNewWorldRed.com
  65. DonaldTrumpBags.com
  66. TrumpSleep.com
  67. TrumpSaudiArabia.com
  68. TrumpLifestyle.com
  69. TrumpGoldBook.com
  70. TristanTrump.com
  71. SocialTrump.com

The full list is available here for your perusal, so go wild. Ultimately, Trump's businesses are a lot less important now that he's president, but you never know what you might find hidden amongst the 95 Trump wine websites.