73 New Summer Books To Enjoy On Your Warm-Weather Adventures

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Summer is nearly upon us — bringing with it all smells, sounds, tastes, and delicious feelings of vacations spent lounging by the pool, temperate nights spent laughing around a bonfire, and lazy days spent sprawling at the park. No matter how you choose to spend the warm-weather, sunny days ahead, I promise your experience will only be improved by the addition of a good book. They call it summer reading for a reason.

This summer reading list offers up the best new books of summer 2016 — everything from a reimagining of the legend of Vlad of Impaler to a modern day Singapore-based retelling of Emma to a memoir about growing up in Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel. Young adult, adult fiction, memoirs, and more — it's all here for your reading enjoyment. So grab your beach towel and pack up your picnic basket, here are the books to take with you on your summer getaway:

Images: Catherine McMahon/Unsplash

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