74 Genius Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5


There are plenty of products you can get on Amazon that you’ll love — so many, in fact, that it’s easy to look at your credit card bill and groan after a particularly successful shopping spree. Luckily, not everything you purchase on the site will mess up your budget: there are incredible gadgets and genius products that are all under $5. Yep. For half the price of an artisanal cold brew, you can bring home a bevy of inventions and practical items that are well worth the cost. But don’t take my word for it: scroll through this list, and you’ll soon see exactly what I’m talking about.

This Hypoallergenic Makeup Brush Shampoo For A Deep Weekly Clean

Free of parabens and added fragrances, this Ecotools makeup brush shampoo is plant-based, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested. It thoroughly cleanses your brushes, leaving them extra soft, hygienic, and residue-free for like-new application every time. It creates a light lather, and keeps brushes free of oil and bacteria.

These Charcoal Toothbrushes That Naturally Brighten Teeth

These charcoal-infused toothbrushes naturally brighten your teeth and freshen your breath without chemicals and toxins. The bristles are 17 times slimmer than traditional brushes, so they can more easily get between teeth and clean along the gum line.

A Silicone Tray That Makes Ice Balls, Which Last Longer Than Regular Ice Cubes

There’s only one bad thing about filling a drink with ice: that ice tends to melt pretty fast, which actually changes the flavor of a cocktail or beverage. But this genius silicone ice ball maker, which comes with a lid, creates ice spheres that melt slower than traditional ice. The tray itself is BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Try these spheres in drinks like iced tea, lemonade, whiskey, and iced coffee — or any beverage that taste worlds better when it's not watered down.

This Fashionable Hard-Shell Glasses Box Has A Carry Strap

Keep your sunglasses (or glasses) safe with this stylish Mimgo portable sunglasses box. The hard interior prevents bending and scratches, while the external fabric cover keeps it looking cute and a little less boring than your conventional box. It has a convenient carrying strap, and even zippers shut to ensure that it stays closed in your bag.

An Egg-Shaped Makeup Brush Cleaner That People Are Raving About

This particular makeup brush cleaner has over a thousand reviews because of how durable, non-damaging, and affordable it is. It's got two distinct textures to effectively lather and remove residue from your brushes, and the convenient dome shape fits over your fingers for better control. Basically, if you've been meaning to buy one of these things, now's the time, and this is the one.

A Simple And Effective Finger Massager For Stiff Joints

When too much time spent clicking away at your computer leaves you with seriously stiff fingers, take a break and glide this massager along your fingers and hands to loosen stiff joints. Reviewers say this gadget is just tight enough to provide relief if you have arthritis, and that it really helps stimulate blood flow to ease the pain in your hands. It takes just a few seconds and, when used daily, can help prevent fatigue and stiffness.

This Set Of Soft Microfiber Pillowcases That Are Cheap AF

These 1500-count microfiber pillowcasesresemble Egyptian cotton and are as soft as satin. They come in seven sizes and 22 different color options to suit any bedroom — and at just $4 for a 2-piece pillowcase set, the price is a steal.

These Tiny Eyebrow Razors That Save Time And Are Totally Painless

When it comes to shaping eyebrows, reviewers are loving these mini razors. They fit in your purse for on-the-go grooming, and they feature a protective skin guard for shaping without the nicks. "Frankly, I've been using these razors exclusively for the last several months," says one reviewer. "Saves time AND pain, and if you use them every few days, no one can really tell." It's also safe to use on the rest of your face and the bikini area.

An Incredibly Sturdy Phone Mount For Your Car

The car rest between seats isn’t the greatest place to store your phone on drives — especially when you need it to follow directions. Attach this sturdy car phone mount to your car’s air vent or CD slot, and your phone will stay in place throughout your drive, no matter how bumpy the road. You can adjust the cradle horizontally or vertically for the best viewing angles and it's compatible with most phone models.

This 2-In-1 Finger Ring And Kickstand For Your Phone

This universal phone ring rotates 360 degrees for use as a stand or as a finger ring, and sits flat when it's not in use. It has a strong self-adhesive that attaches to any phone, case, or tablet, and it can be washed and reused if you decide to move it to another device. This particular one is cat-shaped, and it comes in a number of cute designs.

This Stainless Steel Soap That Removes Food Odors From Your Hands

This wad of stainless steel actually functions as an everlasting bar of soap. The molecules in the steel bind with odors on your hands, removing the smell of garlic, onions, and fish after you cook. Just rub it between your hands under cold water like you would with regular soap, and your hands will smell fresh in no time — just rinse with soap and water right after for a real clean.

These Beauty Blenders For A Flawless Makeup Application

These beauty blenders come in a set of five and help you apply and blend your makeup for a flawless, even complexion with no streaks. They're made out of latex, so they're soft and spongey, and both shapes have two different edges: a rounded edge for foreheads and cheeks, and a pointed side for the under-eye and noses. It even comes with a free nail trimmer.

The Reusable Rubber Ties That Can Be Used On Everything From Cables To Snack Bags

Keep cables, cords, wires, and even plant stems grouped together with these reusable gear ties, which are made from soft rubber and are waterproof and resistant to UV rays. These ties won’t scratch or make marks on wires and cords and can even hold up against salt water.

These Patches That Suck All The Gross Stuff Out Of A Pimple So It Can Heal

Hypoallergenic and actually pretty effective, these Acne master patches help to shrink and protect a pimple. Just like the original pimple patches, they suck up all the gross stuff to speed up the healing process, but they are even thinner, so they are even less noticeable. One reviewer raves, "These are amazing!!! They are so great for any spots coming up and are honestly invisible when placed correctly on the skin. "

This Convenient Storage Bag That You Can Use For Clothes Or Seasonal Stuff

Whether you use it for clothes, blankets, seasonal stuff, or clutter, this IEason storage bag keeps your things dust-free and organized. There's even handles for easy transporting, and a clear strip so you can see at a glance what's in it. They're also mold-proof and mildew-proof, and the non-woven nylon material easily folds up when not in use.

This Smart Sink Caddy To Keep Your Sponges Hygienic And Organized

Hang this sponge holder caddy over your sink to save space and keep everything dry and hygienic. It's got holes at the bottom so your cleaning utensils can effectively drain, your sponge won't start to smell as quickly, and it comes in three colors.

This Weird Tray That Turns Potatoes Into Chips In Your Microwave

For those nights when your potato chip cravings are through the roof (but the stores have already closed), there's this weird but brilliant potato chip baking tray. It works alongside your microwave to turn raw potato slices into crispy chips, and because it doesn't use any oils or additives, it's way healthier than the bagged ones.

This Angled Pencil Makes Filling In Brows Easy

This brow pencil has an angled tip to fill in eyebrows and create perfect hairs easily, and it has a spoolie tip that brushes everything to help keep it in place. Reviewers love that it's very natural looking, and that it's "absolutely amazing."

A Shaving Cream That Invigorates Skin With Naturally-Derived Caffeine

Made with safe ingredients that won't cause irritation, this Pacific Shaving Company shaving cream lubricates the area, moisturizes the skin, and prevents cuts and nicks. It's even loaded with naturally-derived caffeine, which supplies the skin with nourishment and antioxidants, and reduces redness as well as inflammation. It's also made with aloe and spearmint essential oils for an extra kick.

These Gorgeous Zipper Cases For Makeup, Pencils, Or Change

These gorgeous canvas floral cases are great for pens, pencils, cosmetics, glasses, or loose change. Reviewers say they're "well made from sturdy canvas" and the zippers are "quality." Best of all, you get all three for two dollars, and the cute little quote reminds you to smile (but it's way less creepy than that dude in the grocery store).

These Makeup Remover Cloths That Are Reusable And Work With Water Alone

The plush microfiber on these makeup remover cloths gently lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup. You can use them with water alone (which reviewers say works like "magic"), or for extra stubborn makeup, they're great with remover or soap. They're way more eco-friendly than disposable wipes, and they're super gentle on skin.

This Silicone Sponge That Resists The Growth Of Bacteria

Because this kitchen sponge is made of silicone, it dries faster, cleans more thoroughly, and resists the growth of bacteria. It can even be used to insulate heat while carrying hot dishes, and it won't scratch your most delicate dinnerware. It won't leave a residue behind, either.

This Cat Ear Headband That People Are Obsessed With

People are obsessed with this ETUDE HOUSE hair band. It's a Korean beauty favorite because it effectively holds your hair back and gives you cat ears while doing so. Plus, it's super comfy and makes your face mask nights way more fun.

These Affordable Insulated Picnic Bags So You Can Carry Your Lunch In Style

These travel picnic bags are insulated to keep food cold (or hot), and sturdy enough to handle all your adventures. In comes in four different colors, and is a great way to bring your lunch to work, too.

This Fragrance Oil That Smells Like A Sandy Beach Vacation

For a mental getaway in a pinch, there's this Instant Vacation fragrance oil. It smells like a sandy beach on a tropical island with its blends of pineapple, creamy coconut, sweet peach, white musk, and smooth vanilla. It can be used in aroma diffusers or air freshener sprays, and you can even make candles and soaps with it. It also comes in an amber glass bottle to prevent light from getting in the bottle, and the dropper is easy to control.

This Facial Brush Makes It So Much Easier To Apply Masks

Whether applying facial masks, eye creams, peels, serums, or clays, this facial brush makes the whole process easier and more hygienic. The soft synthetic bristles spread the product evenly without irritating skin, and since it's easy to wash and you don't have to use your fingers, clean-up is a breeze.

This Toothbrush Holder And Toothpaste Dispenser Is A Brilliant Way To Save Space

The holder stores and organizes up to five toothbrushes while protecting the head from germs, and the dispenser automatically squeezes out an appropriate amount of toothpaste in one touch. Together, this holder and dispenser can help clear your bathroom counter of clutter. They even come with adhesive pads so you can mount them easily on the wall.

This Charcoal Powder That Whitens Your Teeth Without Causing Sensitivities

The main ingredient in this Creazy teeth whitening powder is activated charcoal, which uses its impressive absorbency to soak up stains on the surface of teeth. It also helps to get rid of odors, and reviewers say they saw a difference after the first use. Best of all, it doesn't taste like anything, and won't cause sensitivities.

A Genius Reading Light That Suspends Itself With Its Flexible Gooseneck

Whoever invented this reading light is a genius. It plugs into any USB port and has a flexible cord that holds it up, so you can bend it or point it any which way. It's great for a laptop, but works with power banks, tablets, and e-readers as well. One fan raves, "[A] great deal at 3 bucks. its very bright and serves its purpose."

A Shoe Organizer That Fits Over Your Door To Save Closet Space

Save precious closet space and make the most of unused space with this clever over-the-door shoe organizer. The hanging organizer has 24 clear pockets that fit up to 12 pairs of shoes, so you'll never have to rummage around shelves in your closet again to locate a matching stiletto or sneaker. It comes with everything you need to mount the piece to your door.

This Old-World French Soap That's Great For Dry, Sensitive Skin

Using old-world methods from France, this Pre de Provence shea butter soap creates a creamy lather that softens your skin with great ingredients. It fills your bathroom with the smell of lavender buds, and reviewers say it's hypoallergenic and "the very best for dry or sensitive skin."

These Collagen Under-Eye Masks That Help With Puffiness And Dark Circles

Loaded with collagen and other minerals, these gold collagen eye masks help to moisturize sensitive under-eye areas, reduce dark circles, improve circulation, and increase elasticity for firmer skin.

These Refrigerator Liners That Are Reusable, Waterproof, And Extra Durable

These smart refrigerator mats minimize messes and make cleaning out the fridge a breeze. Even though they're lightweight and thin, they're also waterproof, resistant to stains, and non-slip as well as non-stick. You can cut them to any size or shape you need, and the EVA material wipes clean in case of spills. Some reviewers even use them to line their pantries or drawers, or as colorful placemats.

This Structured Hat Tool So You Can Wash Them Without Damaging Their Shape

Use this Geyou cap washer to clean, store, dry, or even wash your caps in the dishwasher. Its structured plastic cage keeps your hats from getting damaged, and it's the easiest way to stop them from getting bent in the washing machine.

A Tongue Cleaner For Fresher Breath And Better Oral Health

You already know how important it is to brush your teeth frequently, but good tongue health is actually equally important — especially if you want the freshest breath possible. Remove food particles, bacteria, and germs that cling to your tongue with this dual-action tongue cleaner, which has a narrow head that makes it easier to use and works to remove more plaque than blushing alone.

This Jade Facial Massager That Shrinks Pores And Eases Puffiness

Because natural jade stays extra cool, this jade roller massager eases puffy skin, increases circulation, and shrinks pores. It's got double-sided rollers for big areas and for smaller ones, and it's extra gentle against all different skin types. It's also great to use with night cream or moisturizer to more effectively sink products into the skin.

This Awesome Peeler To Help You Make Impressive Garnishes

Looking to wow your dinner guests with impressive garnishes? This Bestwishes2u peeler is the way to do it. It cuts all types of vegetables into a flower-like spiral or a jagged-edged explosion (depending on the blade you choose), both of which look incredible in salads or as side dishes. The blade is also made of durable stainless steel, so the whole thing can go in the dishwasher.

This Peel-Off Blackhead Mask At An Unbelievable Price

This peel-off blackhead mask dries into a stretchy film on your face to pull out all the oil and dirt in your pores, and also helps clear up skin. Reviewers say it's super satisfying to peel off, and you can actually see the results on the mask after you're done. Plus, it leaves your skin fresh and smooth.

These Gorgeous Minimalist Hair Pins That Are Actually Sturdy And Reliable

Made of metal alloy, these Minimalist Triangle hair pins come in a set of two — one gold and one silver to match any outfit. They can be worn as an accent or a practical way to keep your hair back out of your face. "These are way sturdier than I imagined," says one reviewer. "They have a good clasp so they don't randomly open and fall out like other cheaper products. The colors are very nice and these give a great minimalist touch to everyday outfits."

This Professional-Quality Heat Glove To Prevent Burns While Styling Your Hair

For that iron that didn't come with a glove (but judging by the burn marks, badly needs one), there's this Kiloline heat resistant glove. It's got over 1,500 reviews because it's reliable, stretches to fit basically every hand, and actually insulates well enough to stop burns. Reviewers use it with everything from wands to irons, and it won't cause static or interfere with dexterity while styling.

These Ergonomic Pencil Grips For Better Habits And More Comfortable Writing

These pencil grips are made of durable silicone, and they correctly position fingers around writing utensils, helping children to learn and adults to correct old habits. They also just make note-taking and drawing way more comfortable when doing it for an extended period of time, and they fit around both pens and pencils.

This Volume-Boosting Fiber Mascara So You Can Build Your Ideal Lashes

Build falsie-level lashes with this 3-D fiber mascara. The bottle contains a black liquid formula that coats the lashes, creating a full dramatic look that lasts all day. What's more, the wand pushes up and separates lashes for complete volume. Even though it's sweat-proof and won't smudge, it comes off easily with warm water.

Add Water To These Magic Sponges And Remove Stains From Any Surface

These TRIXES Magic Erasers apparently remove stains from just about any surface. They don't require any additional cleaning solutions, either — just add water and rub. They can also be used dry for dusting, and can be cut into smaller pieces to spot clean or make them last longer.

This Wine Spout That Aerates While It Pours

Infuse the optimal amount of oxygen into your wine while you pour with this Aerial aerating spout. It fits right into the neck of most bottles, and reviewers say it effectively "improves the taste of the wine" while helping to prevent drips. It's also insanely affordable, and many wine pourers are priced much higher — and this one is made of high-quality stainless steel and acrylic.

This Mesh Bag To Keep Your Delicates Safe In The Laundry

Keep your delicates safe in the laundry with this IEason mesh bag. It's slightly structured to protect pieces like bras from snagging and stretching, and it's also great for tights, lace clothing, and underwear. It's even got a zipper and drawstring to keep everything secure.

This Simple Must-Have Tool For People Who Cook With A Lot Of Garlic

Drop your garlic cloves into this silicone peeler and then roll it between your palms. When the cloves drop out, they'll without their skin and ready to chop and dice up. "This is unbelievably handy," says reviewers who cook a lot, and since it's dishwasher-safe, clean-up is just as easy.

This Set Of Tweezers Specifically Made For Applying False Eyelashes

This false eyelashes applicator is ergonomically designed to help you grab, place, and adjust your fake lashes, all while keeping your hands totally glue-free. They're made of durable stainless steel and alloy, so you can wash off the mess afterwards, and they even make removal easier and less painful.

A 4-In-1 Screwdriver That Fits In Your Pocket

You never know when you’re going to need a few trusty tools for odd jobs — so why not make things as easy on yourself as possible by owning this pocket-sized 4-in-1 screwdriver? It contains a set of precision screwdrivers that will work on any project, from assembling a toy to fixing a broken pair of sunglasses, and has four different sizes and magnetic bits that attract and hold onto small screws to help keep all of the fix-it materials you need in one place.

This Scalp Massager Brush That Helps To Clean And Reduce Flaking

It might seem like a simple addition to your shower routine, but this Scalpmaster shampoo brush has more than 2,000 reviews. That's because it evenly distributes the shampoo, resulting in a more thorough clean, as well as increases circulation to help hair growth and prevent flaking. Its waterproof design and finger hole make it easy to use, and on top of all that, it just feels incredible.

This Mushroom Night Light That Turns On Automatically When It Gets Dark

As if there's nothing more genius than mushrooms growing out of your wall, this LED night light turns off and on automatically when it senses darkness. Not only does that save energy, but it ensures that you've always got something lighting your way in the middle of the night.

This Brilliantly Designed Key Mount And Safety Whistle In One

I'm in love with this birdhouse key ring, which is made of all recycled materials, and keeps you safe as well as organized. The house mounts on the wall, and the bird clips onto your keys. From then on, your keys always have a home, so you can find them in a pinch. The bird even doubles as a safety whistle to alert others when you're in trouble.

These Orange Peelers That You'll Actually Find Yourself Using Constantly

These CJESLNA orange peelers belong in fruit baskets and lunch boxes everywhere. They make it simple, quick, and pain-free to peel citrus anywhere. Not convinced? "I thought the concept was a bit ridiculous to use something other than your hands to peel a fruit," says one reviewer, "but honestly, they make it really easy to segment the skin and get it off."

This Double-Sided Pumice Bar With Two Levels Of Coarseness

Because of its double-sided design, this pumice bar is suitable for any part of the body. The dark purple side is extra course for stubborn callouses, while the lavender side is gentler for more sensitive areas. "They will take all of the dead skin off and leave you with soft, new skin," says one reviewer. "For real. You will be amazed." It also stands up to moisture, so it's fine in the shower.

This Cute Infuser That Looks Like A Leaf Sprouting From Your Tea Mug

This cute little leaf infuser is made of silicone and stainless steel, and the top pokes out of your cup for easy retrieval when your tea is done steeping. It even sits on the bottom of your cup due to its flat bottom, and reviewers say it's cute, practical, and "won't get lost in my kitchen drawers with its bright color." To prevent drips, it comes with a matching silicone tray.

This Brilliant Squirrel Rice Paddle That Stands Up

I'd love to shake the hand of the person who created this squirrel rice paddle. First of all, it stands on its legs when not in use to keep food off your counter tops. It's non-stick, so rice won't cling to it, and it's specifically designed to stir and serve without damaging your cookware. Reviewers also say they've put it in the dishwasher without any mishaps.

These Insanely Cute Fruit Slice Coasters For Summer

These adorable fruit slice coasters belong on every table come summer – or when you just want to remember the sunshine. They're made of high-quality BPA-free silicone that won't slip or scratch your surfaces, and each set comes with a pineapple, orange, kiwi, tomato, lemon, and lime. They're also really easy to wash should something spill, and they're bigger than your average coaster to handle small dishes and larger mugs.

This Quality Body Brush Made With Vegetable Fibers

Made of vegetable fiber bristles with a wooden body and comfortable strap, this Fantasea natural body brush helps exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation. Reviewers love it for dry brushing after a shower to give skin a healthy glow, and some even use it in the shower to scrub feet and legs.

This Cute Leaf-Shaped Strainer That Clips Onto Your Pots

Clip this adorable Drhob leaf onto small pots and pans to effortlessly drain out the water while keeping your rice, pasta, or noodles inside. It comes in one of four random colors, and it fits easily in any drawer. Reviewers say it even clips onto cast iron pans.

These Durable Makeup Brushes That Come In A Set of 20

This Cinidy Set is $3.69, and you get 20 non-shed brushes with soft synthetic bristles and attractive aqua handles. It comes with all shapes and sizes, from shadow brushes to foundation, and they all work well alongside powders, creams, and liquids. "I've had these for almost a year and they're still in good shape!" says one reviewer.

This Bottle Cleaner With All The Right Features

Whoever designed this bottle brush was seriously using their brain. In addition to its oblong shape, it's also got a sponge at the end to effectively clean the bottom of hard-to-clean shapes like baby or water bottles. The fixed chevron channels clean the caps without damaging them, and the suction cup stand means you can store it upright next to the sink.

A Natural Odor-Absorbing Gel That Comes In A Portable Jar

Neutralize bad odors in any room of your house without adding nasty chemicals to your environment with this natural odor-absorbing gel, which comes in a compact jar and doesn’t require plug-ins or sprays. Place the jar where you need it and allow its ingredients to slowly, but effectively get rid of unpleasant smells like smoke, cooking, pets, garbage, and musty odors. This gel gives off a subtle citrus smell (it comes in a variety of scents that also include tropical and vanilla bean) lasts about 90 days before it needs to be replaced.

A Metal Eyelash Comb Designed To Make It Easier To Get Rid Of Mascara Clumps

Whereas some mascara combs seem to be designed as an afterthought (and most really do look the same), this metal eyelash comb stands out for its ergonomic shape and the fact that you can simply brush upward on your lashes without twisting your arm to do so. This comb is curved to mimic the shape of your lashes and each thin metal comb does an excellent job of getting between lashes to remove any and all mascara clumps.

A Magnesium Oil Spray That Relieves Muscle Ache

Relieve achy muscle pain naturally with this magnesium oil spray, which you can apply directly on your skin for fast and safe relief. Using magnesium sourced from the Dead Sea, this oil contains no artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals.

This 100 Percent Bamboo Spoon That's Eco-Friendly And Practical

This Helen’s burnished bamboo spoon is made of 100 percent natural bamboo, which means it's more eco-friendly, sustainable, and lightweight than traditional wood. It also absorbs less of your food, and won't scratch your metal or nonstick pots and pans.

An Avocado Sheet Mask That Adds Serious Hydration To Skin

You are probably already well aware of the health benefits of avocado, but as a skincare ingredient, this superfood provides hydrating vitamin E and skin-repairing antioxidants that can make your complexion smoother and softer. This affordable Korean beauty sheet mask is rich with avocado goodness and will moisturize and revitalize skin in as little as 20 minutes.

A Neat Little Bottle Opener And Carabiner Clip In One

You’re far more likely to have that bottle opener you’ll need on camping trips if you score one that performs double duty as a carabiner clip. This nifty little gadget can be used to carry keys, water bottles, and attach lanterns to trees while camping under the stars. But it can also, of course, be used to open a bottle of beer or a drink when you need it the most.

This Handy Scrub Brushes For Your Nails (Or Your Chores)

Effortlessly clean under your nails with this scrub brush. Made from lightweight wood, it has a non-slip grip and is double-sided: use the larger bristles to clean your hands and the smaller ones for your nails. You can keep it in the shower, or even use it for household chores like scrubbing grout or cleaning vegetables.

The Gel Toe Separators & Bunion Pads That Relieve Foot Pain

Whether you suffer from a chronic foot condition like plantar fasciitis or are a dancer, runner, or yoga practitioner whose feet are constantly fatigued, try wearing these therapeutic gel toe separators for a few hours each night and they’ll make an amazing difference. The separators naturally stretch and separate your toes to improve circulation and realign joints for less foot pain. Depending on your needs, you can wear them at night while relaxing, or in wide-toed athletic shoes while going for a walk or jog.

This Smart Way To Keep Your Leftover Avocado Half Green Overnight

Because avocados brown in half a second, there's the Evriholder Avo Saver. It greatly reduces a cut avocado's exposure to air, which slows the destructive oxidization process. That means your leftover half will still be green when you take it out of the fridge the next day. It's even top-shelf dishwasher safe.

A Fidget Toy For People Who Need To Keep Their Hands Busy

For those who can't focus or have trouble sitting still, there's this fidget toy. It's got nine sides with all different kinds of buttons, textures, joysticks, and gears, and since it's made of durable plastic, it'll stand up to all your fidgeting, day and night.

This Affordable Way To Sample An Incredible Moisturizer

People love La Roche-Posay balm because of its rich, creamy texture that soaks into a non-oily matte finish on skin. It's free of parabens and fragrances and instead uses shea butter and glycerin to deeply nourish dry patches without causing irritation. This one is a sample size, so you can try it out before committing, but granted reviewers are using phrases like "miracle cream" and "nothing works this well," odds are you'll be hooked.

These Rubber Stoppers That Keep Wine Fresher For Longer

These wine stoppers are made of rubber and work alongside a pump to create an air-tight seal, preserving your bottle for longer. They're made for all standard sized bottles and can be rinsed clean using warm water.

These Organic And Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls For Lint And Static-Free Clothing

Safer for the environment (and pets and children) then traditional dryer sheets, these wool dryer balls are effective at preventing static and lint from making a mess out of clothing in the dryer. They’re hypoallergenic natural fabric softeners made from New Zealand premium wool and handmade in Nepal. And they’re an economical choice, to boot: Each large wool dryer ball lasts for over 1,500 loads of laundry.

This Concealer That Covers All Your Bases (And Blemishes)

This L.A. Girl Pro HD concealer does it all — it evens skin tone, covers blemishes, hides dark circles, and minimizes lines. It's also blendable, buildable, and is made with a soft brush tip for easy application. "Been looking for a affordable concealer and I’ve found it," says one reviewer. "Been using this for the past 2 years and it’s never once disappointed me." It comes in 26 versatile shades, too.

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