75 Glorious Products On Amazon That Are Under $10


Remember when a single dollar could buy you a pound of coffee, a men's dress shirt, or ten movie tickets? Neither do I. But I do remember wandering into Limited Too with $10 and coming out with lip gloss and a neon inflatable chair. Now, finding awesome products for less than $10 is way more of a challenge (thanks, inflation), but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of Amazon products under $10 you'll want to buy right now, and that includes more than just inexpensive beauty products — though you can definitely get a ton of those, too. See, Amazon now has a tool that allows you to set a minimum and a maximum for any search and any category. That means you can find incredible (but affordable) buys in beauty, kitchenware, electronics, phone accessories, office supplies, and health and wellness items.

Essentially, it's like letting yourself loose in the clearance section of a department store — except this one's massive, filled with stuff you'll actually want to own, and doesn't even require you to leave your computer chair. Intrigued? Who wouldn't be?! Here are 76 of the best finds on Amazon this week — all under $10.

1. This Flexible Brush That Helps Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps

Exfoliating Body Brush, $10, Amazon

Because it has flexible but effective bristles, this body brush exfoliates sensitive areas to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It's waterproof, so it can be used in and out of the shower, and it also has an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in your hand. " I have suffered from ingrown hairs all my life and this brush was a game changer," one reviewer says.


2. This Super Portable Power Bank For A Battery Boost Anywhere

AGS™ Mini Power Bank, $9, Amazon

Even though it's roughly the size of a tube of lipstick, this mini power bank features a 2600mAh battery. That's enough for a significant power boost on any device, from your phone to your small camera. It also has a lightweight aluminum design that's durable but easy to carry anywhere.


3. This Hair Tie That Won't Knot Hair Or Cause Breakage

invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

The invisibobble traceless hair ring is called as such because it holds your hair back without any trace of kinks, breakage, or split ends. It uses a spiral cord to secure a ponytail or bun on any type or texture of hair, though people with curls really love it because (unlike other scrunchies or ties) it doesn't tangle.


4. This Cool Color-Changing Jelly Lipstick

Pro Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick, $9, Amazon

Made with ultra-moisturizing plant extracts, this Pro Kailijumei jelly lipstick changes colors on your lips and has a real flower inside. It's available in four different shades, and reviewers say it's "moisturizing, glides on easily and gives just enough color for satisfaction." It's also made with cocoa butter and lavender oil for some extra hydration.


5. This Highly-Rated Silk Sleep Mask (With Free Ear Plugs)

kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask, $6, Amazon

If you sleep better when you block out the world, here's a great deal for you: this sleep mask is made from real and natural Mulberry silk, and it's adjustable, blocks out all light, and won't put uncomfortable pressure on your face. It even comes with noise-canceling earplugs and a portable travel bag.


6. A Tool That Makes It Way Easier To Use Fresh Herbs In Your Cooking

Chef'n LooseLeaf Herb Stripper, $8, Amazon

The Chef'n LooseLeaf herb stripper removes the stems from kale, collard greens, chard, and herbs in seconds, leaving behind only the deliciously tender leaves. It also doubles as a safety chopper for faster meal prep, and it's dishwasher safe, too, and it's BPA-free.


7. This Genius Massage Stick For Sore Muscles Anywhere On The Body

REEHUT Muscle Roller Stick, $9, Amazon

Roll away aches and pains with the REEHUT massage stick. Its textured surfaces and individually-moving rollers stimulate pressure points, improve circulation, and massage away sore spots anywhere on the body. It's also lightweight, ergonomic, and has reviewers saying things like "awesome tool to have," and "feels amazing" whether you use it before or after a workout.


8. This Soft Scalp Brush Massages, Deep Cleans, And Increases Circulation

Zyllion Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush, $5, Amazon

This scalp brush can help you improve circulation, stimulate hair growth, and get a deeper clean from your shampoo. The secret is the two different types of silicone bristles, which gently massage your head without getting tangled in your hair. It also just feels incredible, so it's a great way to unwind in the shower.


9. This Cult-Favorite Bentonite Clay Mask For Skin (Or Hair)

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $9, Amazon

Because it's extremely absorbent, the Bentonite clay in this Aztec Secret Indian Healing mask draws impurities out of the skin. Not only does it cleanse pores for a clearer complexion, but it absorbs excess sebum for particularly oily skin types. Some people even use it on their hair to detox it, improving curl definition — and it's definitely a cult-favorite on Amazon, with over 12,000 reviews.


10. This Bear Claw Back Scratcher That's Been Called The "Best Ever"

WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher, $8, Amazon

"Pure heaven when the wife doesn't want to scratch my requests," one reviewer posted on this WOVTE Bear Claw back scratcher. "My kids fight over it, too." Not only do the stainless steel nails provide just the right amount of satisfaction, but the rubber handle extends or collapses for hard-to-reach places and easy travel.


11. These Healing And Protective Pimple Patches

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches, $4 (24 Patches), Amazon

For overnight blemish healing, there are these COSRX Acne pimple patches. They act as a protective cover while absorbing pus and oil, so the pimple looks flatter and clearer in just a few hours. It's also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and comes in multiple sizes — so it's great for small breakouts and big ones.


12. Make Breakfast Prep A Breeze With This Banana Slicer

Hutzler Banana Slicer, $5, Amazon

Save some serious time while prepping yogurt, fruit bowls, and cereal. The Hutzler slicer cuts your banana into even, bite-sized pieces with one quick motion. It's even dishwasher safe for convenient clean-up. The uniform cuts are a big deal with Amazon reviewers, too — this nifty little device has over 5,000 reviews.


13. This Great Pair Of Compression Socks With 1,000+ Reviews

BLITZU Compression Socks (Sizes S-XL), $7, Amazon

These compression socks have a graduated design to promote optimal blood circulation and oxygen flow from the toes to the upper calves — which is great for long plane rides, pregnant people, those with swelling, or workers who are on their feet all day. They'll keep your feet dry and fresh with their moisture-wicking material, and they help to prevent muscle fatigue with their vibration-reducing fabric.


14. This Notebook That's Resistant To Water, Dirt, Sweat, And Impact

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook, $8, Amazon

Whether you're a student, traveler, or fitness enthusiast, the Rite in the Rain notebook ensures that your notes and drawings stay in tact no matter what. The pages won't turn to mush when wet, and the special paper repels mud, dirt, grease, and sweat. It's also made with impact-resistant binding and a tough but flexible (also waterproof) cover.


15. If You Love The Feeling Of Someone Running Their Fingers Through Your Hair

Body Back Company's Scalp Massager, $6, Amazon

"This thing feels incredible. If you like the feeling of other people's fingers running through your hair, this is a miracle product," one reviewer comments about this scalp massager. It uses 12 tines to reduce stress and increase circulation. Best of all, it's easy to control and only costs $6.


16. Take This Eye-Friendly Rechargeable Desk Lamp Anywhere With You

Tranya Portable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp, $9, Amazon

This touch-control portable desk lamp is rechargeable, foldable, and eye-friendly. The three light settings use a quality conductor that prevents glare and vision strain, and its battery lasts up to three hours on the highest setting when fully charged.


17. This 18-In-1 Multi-Tool That Stores In Your Wallet Like A Credit Card

Wallet Ninja, $8, Amazon

It fits right in your wallet like a credit card, but the Wallet Ninja is actually a highly portable 18-in-1 multi-tool. You can use it to open boxes, crack beers, tighten screws, measure stuff, and even prop your phone up. Since it's made from heat-treated steel, this thing is super durable and stands up to a ton of wear.


18. These Sheets Absorb Excess Oil Without Ruining Your Makeup

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues, $7 (100 Sheets), Amazon

These oil-absorbing blotting tissues are made from natural linen fibers and infused with bamboo charcoal. As a result, they soak up excess sebum gently and without disturbing your makeup. Because they come in a one-at-a-time dispenser, they're also really easy to bring to the gym or keep in your work desk.


19. This Tool Is A Life-Saver When You Have To Prep Lots Of Fruits

Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller, $7, Amazon

This StemGem hulls strawberries (and other soft fruits and vegetables) in seconds. Simply insert the stainless steel claw into the top, gently push, and twist out the stem. You can even fill the fruits with fillings, and it's top-rack dishwasher safe. "Perfect for when I'm needing to prep lots of berries for breads, cakes, fruit salad, etc.," says one reviewer.


20. This Smart Kitchen Tool That Combines Your Knife And Cutting Board Into One

YD YD XINHUA Two-In-One , $10, Amazon

Why dirty a cutting board and a knife when this genius kitchen tool combines them into one? The premium stainless steel blade won't rust and tackles everything from veggies to meats, while the attached board holds things stable while you prep. It even has an ergonomic spring grip that makes cutting easier and safer, because your fingers are always out of the way.


21. This Towel Is Fast-Drying, Extremely Absorbent, And Prevents The Growth Of Bacteria

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel, $9, Amazon

Ideal for sports, travel, and beach days, this Rainleaf towel is made from a special microfiber that's super absorbent and unbelievably quick to dry. It prevents the growth of germs and mildew (so it stays smelling fresh), and it feels like velvet against your skin. It even comes in a reusable and waterproof carrying bag with a little pocket to store your keys or wallet in.


22. This Anti-Chafe Balm To Use Wherever Skin Is Rubbing Together

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $8, Amazon

Whether they use it on their thighs, underarms, neck, or even bra straps, reviewers are loving this Body Glide balm. The hypoallergenic and non-greasy formula creates a moisturized barrier on skin, preventing chafing and irritation. It's also long-lasting and stays put despite sweat. One reviewer raves: "This is by far the best product ever! I always have the uncomfortable rubbing of my thighs when I wear swimsuits, skirts and dresses in the summer and on vacation. This balm completely saved me!"


23. This Non-Slip Headband That You Can Wear Multiple Different Ways

MoKo Multi-Use Headband, $7, Amazon

Wear this soft MoKo multi-use band on your head, around your neck, as a helmet liner, or as a bandanna. Due to its special design, it fits most people and stays put during every activity from yoga to running. It also wicks moisture to keep you dry and comes in multiple colors — some of which are double-sided and reversible. It also won't give you headaches the way other bands can.


24. This Collapsible Finger Grip And Phone Stand In One

PopSockets, $9, Amazon

Because they double as both a stand and a finger grip, PopSockets are a super convenient way to ensure stability and comfortable viewing with any device. They attach easily with a reusable adhesive, and have three possible "positions" — including flat against your phone when you're not using it. Best of all, they come in tons of different colors and designs and are the number one best seller in phone stands.


25. This Smart Way To Get A Mess-Free Manicure At Home

yueton Nail Polish Stencil, $7 (Pack of 26), Amazon

To ensure that your polish gets on the nail and nowhere else, there are these genius yueton stencils. They're made from a reusable soft plastic that covers your cuticles and fingers, so your manicure comes out mess-free and professional-looking. They're also easy to wash and come in ten different sizes to fit most fingers.


26. This Sweet And Bubbly Birthday Bath Bomb

Birthday Cake Bubble Bath Bomb, $8, Amazon

It turns the water pink, it smells like a cupcake, and it makes bubbles as it dissolves. What more could anyone want from a bath bomb? With ingredients like witch hazel, Epsom salts, and olive oil, it's also nourishing for your skin. Reviewers say it smelled incredible and left their body feeling "like silk."


27. This Classy Rose Gold Charging Stand For Your Phone Or Tablet

ToBeoneer Aluminum Phone Stand, $8, Amazon

Simple, universally compatible, and secure, this aluminum phone holder works well on any desk or bedside table. Its weighted base can handle everything from small devices to larger tablets, and it has a cable management slit so you can organize your wires and charge your electronics while they're on the stand. (If you don't love the rose gold, it also comes in black, gold, and silver.)


28. This Must-Have Cream If Your Hands Get Dry And Cracked In The Winter

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, $6, Amazon

My dad is a musician whose fingers split in the winter (which is particularly painful when you need to press on guitar strings), and he swears by this O'Keeffe's hand cream. Unlike other moisturizers, this one creates a protective layer over the skin that heals, relieves, and repairs all while trapping in hydration. Reviewers call it a "blessing," "magic," and the "best hand cream ever for overworked and chapped hands."


29. This Brilliant Little Gadget So You Can Read A Book With One Hand

Thumb Thing, $8 (Set of 3), Amazon

Wear Thumb Things like a ring to keep a book open and readable with just one hand. You can also use it to mark your place when you're done for the moment. People love it for reading on their commute (when they have to hold a subway pole with one hand) or for keeping library paperbacks open without damaging the spine.


30. This Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Apparently Whitens Really Well

Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $5, Amazon

"Love that it makes my teeth whiter without harsh chemicals," one reviewer says about this Organic Dentals toothpaste. Instead of fluoride and synthetic ingredients, this stuff uses activated charcoal to absorb stains and odors — and harbors the power of real essential oils to destroy bacteria. Despite the fact that it comes out of the tube black, it promises whiter teeth in just three uses.


31. This Refreshing Facial Spray With Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

Mario Badescu Facial Spray, $7, Amazon

Reviewers say that after trying this Mario Badescu facial spray, they "honestly can't live without it." Aloe, herbs, and rosewater nourish and hydrate dry skin while simultaneously toning pores. You can use it under cosmetics as a non-oily primer, or over it as a throughout-the-day refresher that won't disturb your makeup.


32. This Effective Natural Deodorant For A Great Price

Schmidt's Deodorant Stick, $9, Amazon

With its warm, woody scent, reasonable price, and totally natural (but extra effective) ingredients, reviewers are turning away from deodorants with aluminum in them for good. Schmidt's absorbs wetness and neutralizes odor with safe but bacteria-blocking ingredients like minerals, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder. It's also non-greasy, won't be sticky, and absorbs well into skin.


33. This Sponge Will Change The Way You Clean Everything In Your House

Scrub Daddy, $8, Amazon

I have one of these for washing my dishes, one for cleaning my bathroom, and one for cleaning every other room. Unlike other sponges, the Scrub Daddy is made from open-celled foam that rinses clean of bacteria instead of absorbing it. It's extra-durable when it comes to grime and stuck-on food, but won't scratch your things, and it softens with warm water and gets firmer with cold water. The eyes serve as little finger holes, and the mouth is great when it comes to washing utensils.


34. This Knife Sharpener Thousands Of People Are Obsessed With

KitchenIQ 2 Stage Knife Sharpener, $6, Amazon

This seemingly simple knife sharpener has over 8,000 rave reviews because it's reliable, effective, and really well-designed. It has both coarse and fine slots for everything from damaged knives to minimal polishing, and it has a patented edge grip that allows for sharpening on the edge of the counter without the knife slipping or dragging.


35. This Satisfying Peel-Off Cucumber Mask For Clearer Pores

Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask, $7, Amazon

Artfully blended with cucumber, melon and, ginseng extracts, this Freeman Cucumber facial mask helps you peel away impurities for a clearer complexion. Reviewers say it's safe on sensitive skin, smells incredible, and even helps with exfoliation. It's also great for any skin type.


36. This Cloth Removes Makeup Using Only Water, And Even The Skeptics Are Impressed

Makeup Remover Cloth, $7, Amazon

Instantly remove makeup (yep, even waterproof mascara) using just water with this brilliant cloth. The soft microfiber effortlessly gets rid of dirt and makeup residue without any harsh chemicals, and since it's reusable and machine-washable, it's better for the environment, too. "I was skeptical at first," one reviewer comments. "Well, I was wrong! Not only did it work, but it works better than any makeup remover I have used."


37. This Cat-Ear Headband For All Your Beauty Needs

ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Etti Hair Band, $2, Amazon

This adorable headband is a cult favorite among Korean beauty lovers. Not only is it extra soft and comfortable, but it effectively holds back your hair while washing your makeup off or applying face masks. Most importantly, though, it gives you cat ears.


38. These Ergonomic Makeup Brushes That Are Durable, Dense, And Super Soft

Duorime Makeup Brushes, $9 (Set of 7), Amazon

Silky soft, dense, and suitable for any type of makeup, these Duorime brushes have people saying, "hands down the best set for a very reasonable price." The raw synthetic fibers make for effortless application and blending, while the magnetic handles and upright design offer a more ergonomic and comfortable way to put on everything from foundation to shadow. It will also need less product to give full coverage, saving you from wasting your makeup — and your money.


39. This Smart Way To Ensure That Everything Fits In Your Suitcase

M-jump Packing Cubes (Set of 6) , $9 (Set of 6), Amazon

These packing cubes are breathable, durable, and help you save space in your suitcase. (They're also made with two-way zippers and can be washed.) Because everything from clothing to toiletries can be organized and compacted into these six compartments — and you can take one cube out without disturbing everything else — you'll be way less likely to end up with a heap of wrinkled clothes when your vacation's over.


40. This Essential Oil Blend To Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Good Sleep Essential Oil, $9, Amazon

After putting this Good Sleep essential oil blend in their diffusers, reviewers say they "really can calm down and fall asleep quickly!" It combines a therapeutic-grade mixture of essential oils like chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and French lavender, all of which calm nerves and help encourage a restful night's sleep.


41. These Natural Sponges For Facial Exfoliation Without Irritation

Mother's Vault Konjac Sponges (3 Pack) , $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

These 100 percent natural sponges are made from the konjac root, which softens to a cake-like consistency when wet. As a result, it's great for gentle exfoliation without irritating the skin. These are also infused with activated charcoal (to pull impurities out from pores) and various minerals (which enhance absorption of your creams and serums). They even have strings so you can hang them up to dry after a shower.


42. This Adorable Silicone Facial Brush With Two Distinct Textures

Etude House Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicone Brush, $6, Amazon

With tiny silicone bristles on top and thicker ones on the bottom, this Etude House facial brush exfoliates, cleanses, and stimulates skin. It's also waterproof and washes free of germs due to its durable material. The little brush helps to work any cleanser into a thicker, creamier lather, too.


43. This Avocado Storage Pod Helps Keep That Other Half From Going Brown

Joie Fresh Pod Avocado Keeper, $7, Amazon

Keep that other half of your avocado from browning with this brilliant Joie Fresh Pod keeper. Its BPA-free plastic creates a protective cover that slows down oxidation in the fridge, so your snack is green instead of brown the next morning. It's even top-rack dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.


44. These Mesh Produce Bags That You Can Use And Wash Over And Over Again

Natural Home Reusable Produce Bags, $5 (5 Pack), Amazon

Save the environment one grocery store trip at a time with these Natural Home reusable produce bags. They're made from a durable mesh that can handle a surprising amount of weight, and they store well in the refrigerator to keep your fruits and veggies organized. Best of all, you can wash them whenever they get dirty, and they come equipped with a drawstring to keep your produce from spilling out.


45. A Little Dino Infuser For The Cutest Cup Of Tea

Baby Dino Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, $10, Amazon

Made from BPA-free food-grade silicone, this Baby Dino tea infuser keeps the loose tea leaves in while releasing all the flavor. He stands flat on the bottom of your cup and pokes his head out to say hello. You can also toss him in the dishwasher when you're done.


46. These Cute Little Snails That Hold Your Tea Bag String Out Of The Way

eBoot Snail Tea Bag Holders, $5 (Set of 10), Amazon

Tea drinkers know how unfortunate it is when the tag gets all soggy. These cute little snail holders are there to ensure that doesn't happen. They're made of a soft silicone material that clings onto the edge of your mug so you can wrap the string around it. They're also color-coded, so if you're with a group, you can easily find the cup that belongs to you.


47. This Color-Changing Light For Your Toilet That Senses Your Presence

Domini Toilet Night Light, $10, Amazon

Now you can pee in the middle of the night without blinding yourself with the overhead light. This Domini toilet light clings to the side of the bowl and automatically turns on when it senses movement. It even filters through eight bright LED colors, and only needs batteries every six months.


48. This Spoon Scoop That Doubles As A Colander

Joseph Joseph Scoop Strainer, $7, Amazon

This Joseph Joseph kitchen tool is a scoop and a strainer in one, and it's available in four colors. It's large enough for your pasta, vegetables, and fried foods, and it rests on the side of the pot while it drains using its integrated hooks. The handle is made from easy-grip silicone, and it's heat resistant up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


49. This Before-You-Go Toilet Spray That Traps Odors Under The Surface Of The Water

Mask Bathroom Spray, $8, Amazon

Using a blend of five different quality oils, Mask bathroom spray traps odors under the surface of the water after you use the toilet. Simply spray some into the bowl before you go, do your thing, and flush down any sign of smell. "This really works," says one reviewer, who also adds that the rose scent "adds a nice touch when you're done." This particular one smells like rosewater.


50. These Silicone Makeup Sponges That Rinse Clean And Won't Absorb Bacteria

Nylea Silicone Makeup , $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

Unlike other sponge blenders, these silicone sponges transfer and blend your makeup without absorbing any product. They're also waterproof and non-porous, so if you're concerned about the spread of bacteria, they're super easy to keep clean. The teardrop shape is especially great for hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and around the nose, while the square sponge is ideal for full coverage everywhere else.


51. This Gorgeous Crystal File That Actually Seals The Nail Layers

Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Glass Nail File, $8, Amazon

Because it's made in genuine Czech glass, this Bona Fide Beauty crystal file leaves nails smooth and polished without any jagged edges. That's because, as it files, it actually seals the keratin layers for stronger, healthier nails. Plus, since it's non-porous, it's extra hygienic and prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria. "This nail file is not only beautiful but it works so well," one of 2000+ reviews raves. "It's the smoothest finish on my nail I've ever had."


52. This Detangling Brush With Innovative Bristles That Separate Instead Of Pull

Nayoo Detangling Hair Brush, $7, Amazon

This Nayoo Detangling brush works with any type of hair, wet or dry. The secret is the cone-shaped bristles that separate the hair sideways instead of down to prevent pain, snagging, and breakage. "Worked like a charm," says one reviewer who's tried tons of other brushes. It's even available in five bright colors.


53. The Handy Applicator For Those Hard-To-Reach Places

Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator, $6, Amazon

To apply lotion anywhere on your body without recruiting someone else, there's this Aquasentials easy applicator. Its easy-reach handle has a PVA sponge on the end of it, which won't absorb your moisturizer or sunscreen and washes easily when done. It's easy to clean off, and reviewers say that it's a game-changer.


54. The Foot Massager That Reviewers Call "One Of The Best Things Ever Made"

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller, $7, Amazon

Even though it doesn't require any batteries or power, reviewers say this TheraFlow foot massager roller "totally works" for relaxation, Plantar Fasciitis, and arch pain. The stable base holds it in place while the textured rolling wood increases blood flow, stimulates pressure points, and works out any sore areas. The high-quality Theaceae wood makes it a super durable option, too.


55. This Unique Travel Pillow For Optimal Neck Support

FMAB Travel Pillow, $8, Amazon

Unlike your typical U-shaped travel pillow, this one from FMAB has a unique shape that prevents neck discomfort with pressure customization. It's inflatable, breathable, lightweight, and easy to clean. It even comes with a free eye mask, carrying bag, and ear plugs. It also condenses down to be about the size of a grapefruit, which is great for travel.


56. This Tea Infuser That Just Wants To Hang Out With You

Fred Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser, $8, Amazon

Great for loose teas, this sloth infuser hangs on the edge of your mug and releases flavor without residue. The holes are small, the BPA-free silicone is heat-resistant, and the whole thing can be put in the dishwasher afterwards. (This company also makes cats, dogs, llamas, narwhals, elephants, bunnies, and hedgehogs, among several other designs.)


57. These Highly Rated Non-Slip Socks For Yoga, Pilates, Or Dance

GetUp Yoga Socks, $9, Amazon

These comfy yoga socks feature a heel-to-toe non-slip grip for yoga, Pilates, ballet, dance, or any kind of floor exercise. It stretches to fit many sizes, and reviewers say they're "easy to get on and off," "truly non-slip," and "seem to mold to the shape of your foot." The soft silicone sole also works great for hot yoga, and prevents exposure to bacteria that causes foot fungus.


58. This Cute Battery-Operated Vacuum For Tiny Desk Messes

Honbay Ladybug Desk Vacuum, $9, Amazon

Clean up crumbs, dust, and eraser shavings in a pinch with this Honbay ladybug desk vacuum. It's lightweight, easy to store, and runs on AA batteries so you don't have to worry about cords. "Surprisingly well built and functional," says one reviewer. "Quiet and cute."


59. This Intense Therapy Lip Balm That Reviewers Absolutely Love

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm, $8, Amazon

Loaded with antioxidants and containing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm does more than just provide moisture — it penetrates for instant relief and even shields your lips from sun and wind. The mint flavor keeps breath fresh, and the shea butter hydrates like no other.


60. This Bag-Holding Kitchen Gadget That's Like Having An Extra Pair Of Hands

Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack Clip, $7, Amazon

The Jokari Hands-Free clip helps with cooking, food storage, and even snacking. Using its weighted base and adjustable arms, it holds plastic bags open (from snack bags all the way to freezer bags) and steady while you're filling them — or it dries them quickly if you like to reuse them. It also folds flat for easy storage.


61. This Smart Tool To Keep Food-Puddles Off Your Counter

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip, $7, Amazon

There's no need for a spoon rest — or a puddle of sauce on your counter — with this Trudeau flex pot clip. It's heat-resistant, holds any tool with its non-slip silicone claws, and ensures that any residue drips right back into the pot. The material won't scratch your pots, either.


62. This Charcoal-Infused Cloth That Prevents Odors And Bacteria Growth

Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth, $9, Amazon

Because its fibers are actually infused with binchotan charcoal, this Nawrap dishcloth is antibacterial and resistant to odors. It's also six-ply for extra absorbency and durability, and it has a soft side and a rough side for different jobs around the house. The fabric starts out stiff but gets pliable and soft in hot water.


63. This Moisturizing And Healing Bar Soap Made From Natural Ingredients

Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap, $9, Amazon

With ingredients like rose clay, charcoal, and — you guessed it — Himalayan salt, this Himalayan salt bar soap exfoliates, cleanses, and detoxifies without harmful chemicals. Unlike other soaps, it won't leave skin dry and flaky. Instead, your face and body feel moisturized, soft, and clear. Some even say it got rid of their acne.


64. This Tiny Inspirational Book For Anyone Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up Throughout The Day

You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job, $7, Amazon

This pocket-sized book is loaded with encouragement and reminds you that You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job. Created by more than 20 different artists and designers, each page offers uplifting and inspiring quotes, lyrics, and words of advice alongside original hand-lettered art.


65. This Unique Diffuser Sock For Defined, Healthy Curls

Diane Ionic Mesh Diffuser, $10, Amazon

For defined curls while traveling (or at home), put this mesh diffuser on the end of your hair dryer while you style. Not only does it prevent damage, but it offers even heat-distribution and minimizes frizz with negative ions. Because it has an elastic band, it fits most hair dryers without an issue, and people say it really helps with volume and definition.


66. This Extremely Fast Charger For The Galaxy 5S, Note 3, Or TabPRO 12.1

AUKEY USB Wall Charger, $10, Amazon

If you're looking for a new brick for any of your devices, this might just be the best deal around. The Aukey wall charger has two USB ports, a super fast charging speed, and a built-in protection system that prevents over-heating and over-charging. Reviewers say, "It definitely charges a lot faster than the [standard] charging block."


67. These Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Washable And Easy To Store

Axe Sickle Silicone Pinch Mitts, $7, Amazon

These little pinch mitts are made from heat-resistant silicone, so they protect your hands and fingers when you're working in the kitchen. Not only are they small, lightweight, and allow for more control than bulkier gloves, but they're also totally washable to prevent stains and the spread of bacteria.


68. This Smart Hanger For All Your Accessories, From Scarves To Handbags

InterDesign Classico Hanging Closet Organizer, $8, Amazon

Everyone has that "etcetera drawer" filled with hats, scarves, belts, and purses. No longer. The InterDesign Classico hanger holds all of your accessories in a space-savvy way that won't wrinkle or crease them. It's made of durable steel and has six hooks that reviewers say "can hold a lot of weight."


69. This Natural 2-In-1 Dry Brush With A Removable Handle

HOMEIDEAS Dry Brush, $9, Amazon

The HOMEIDEAS dry brush is made with an all-bamboo handle and 100 percent natural boar bristles. Reviewers say it's really effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin, increasing circulation, and moving lymph. It's also has a hemp rope for extra grip and a hand strap if you choose to remove the handle.


70. This Wine Pump That Keeps Opened Bottles Fresh For Up To 2 Weeks

Vacu Vin Wine Saver, $9, Amazon

When it comes to unfinished bottles of wine, hundreds of reviewers swear by this Vacu Vin wine saver. It pumps out all the existing air to slow down the oxidation process, keeping opened bottles fresh for two weeks. In addition to the pump, you also get one free bottle stopper.


71. This Practical Brush That Keeps All Your Bottles Clean

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush, $5, Amazon

This OXO Good Grips brush is great when it comes to thoroughly scrubbing the inside of bottles, jars, and glasses. Its stiff bristles reach every corner while its flexible neck bends for rounded pitchers and carafes. It's also dishwasher-safe and won't scratch your glass or crystal.


72. This Variety Pack Of Korean Facial Sheet Masks For Any Skin Type

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask, $10 (Pack of 10), Amazon

These Nature Republic Real sheet masks are made with natural plant extracts and suit just about every type of skin. It comes in a pack of ten different types with all different uses — everything from tea tree for fighting acne to avocado for nourishing moisture. "My large pores were noticeably smaller and I had a radiant glow," one reviewer says.


73. This Unique Tooth Powder To Polish, Whiten, And Freshen Your Mouth

Frau Fowler Mouth Medic Tooth and Gum Powder, $9, Amazon

Using its extremely unique formula of food-grade and sustainably-sourced ingredients, this Frau Fowler Mouth Medic powder polishes teeth and keeps gums healthy. Not only is it alkaline to keep bacteria at bay, but the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic essential oils are great for oral health. "My teeth haven't felt this clean since a hygienist's cleaning," one reviewer comments. It's also has a pleasant taste and aroma of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom.


74. The Beer And Wine Saver That Also Keeps Bugs Away

ScivoKaval Little Bird Silicone Stoppers (Pack of 8), $9 (Pack of 5), Amazon

These beer- and wine-savers are made from food-safe silicone that keeps drinks fresher for longer — and they'll also keep bugs and dirt away if you're drinking outside. Since they come in a set of eight assorted colors, you can also use them to mark which drink belongs to who. Reviewers say you "can't beat how adorable they are."


75. These Unique Hangers That Can Hold 8 Strappy Garments At A Time

Strappy Closet Organizer Hangers, $9 (Set of 2), Amazon

These unique strappy organizers combine eight hangers into one space-saving solution. It works for anything with thin straps, like tank tops, bras, bathing suits, or summer dresses, and it's even great for drip-drying delicate clothing without wrinkles. Plus, because it's made from powder-coated steel, it's rust-resistant and can handle a lot of weight.

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