75 Kylie Jenner Selfies That Will Completely Mesmerize You

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Once upon a time Kim Kardsahian was known as the selfie queen, but I’d definitely say her younger sister has given her a run for her money. Because this teen has become quite the social media mogul. At the very least, she’s picked up a few tips from Kim K along the way. When it comes to taking photos, Kylie Jenner sure knows what she’s doing. These 75 Kylie Jenner selfies will completely mesmerize you. From always managing to find the light to posing with extravagant cars, this girl brings selfie-taking to a whole other level.

If you follow Jenner on Instagram (and you know you do!) you’ll see there’s no shortage of incredible posts. Seriously, I could scroll through her feed for hours on end, because like it or no, this girl leads one interesting life. She’s been in the spotlight ever since she was young, and I don’t get the sense that people will tire of viewing her life from afar anytime soon. I know I certainly won't!

It’s not easy working keeping up with Jenner, but somebody’s got to do it. And if you’re new to the game, well, these pics are a great place to start. If there were a hall of fame for this kind of thing, these photos would definitely be in the line-up.

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