8 Acclaimed Movies & Shows To Watch Over The Holidays That'll Make You An Awards Season Pro

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Although 2018 may be coming to an end, awards season is only beginning. There are the Golden Globes on Jan. 6, followed not long after by the SAG Awards, Grammys, and the Oscars, not to mention the many other smaller shows happening all throughout January and February. It's finally time to honor the previous 12 months' best movies and television shows, but if you didn't get around to seeing too many new releases this past year, don't fret. We've compiled a list of eight movies and shows that'll definitely be big contenders this awards season, so you won't be too lost when the ceremonies roll around.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive; there are dozens of films and TV series that are up for honors this awards season that are worth checking out when you get the chance. But the ones that are noted below are the favorite picks of Bustle's Entertainment Editors, so if you're totally behind on your 2018 pop culture and are simply looking for a place to start, try this list. There are some seriously great movies and television shows here, and you'll be glad to know that you've seen them all before they start picking up trophies.

'The Favourite'

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"Catching up on prestigious movies can sometimes be a chore. Not when it comes to The Favourite, however. The Lobster director Yorgos Lanthimos' anachronistic envisioning of Queen Anne's court made me laugh, cringe, and (at least once) silent-scream in shock. Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz are all on top of their game, and even better for going toe-to-toe-to-toe with each other. It's a bizarre, delicious movie that, despite its historical roots, feels more like recess than homework."

— Sage Young, Movies Editor


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"You're forgiven if you missed the debut of Homecoming amid the crush of Fall TV. But if you want to be up on the awards conversation in TV — the series was nominated for three Golden Globes, including Best Drama, Best Actress for Julia Roberts, and Best Actor for Stephan James, and will likely nab some Emmy nods — it's well worth a watch. Based on the scripted podcast of the same name and directed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, Homecoming is a well made, well-acted, thrillingly austere mystery. It's worth watching for so many reasons (it's one of the rare half-hour dramas, which helps too) but keep a special eye out for James, who's sure to have a big year — he also stars in awards season darling Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk."

— Samantha Rollins, TV Editor

'Eighth Grade'

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"Eighth Grade already earned Elsie Fisher a Golden Globes nom and it's no surprise why. The movie will take you right back to all the very uncomfortable ups and downs of middle school — in a really heartfelt way. You'll cringe, you'll cry, and you'll be so glad you're past this stage in life. (Oh, and you'll probably start ending every conversation with 'Gucci!')"

— Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor

'Crazy Rich Asians'

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"I probably don't need to tell you how great Crazy Rich Asians is considering it earned like nine bagillion dollars in the box office and you probably have already seen it. But, just in case you didn't catch it while it was in theaters, I highly recommend you see it before award season takes off. While my math is probably a little off by a bagillion dollars or so, Crazy Rich Asians is the top-grossing romantic comedy in 10 years, and is already being recognized for awards at the Golden Globes. It tells a beautiful story, is rich with culture, and genuinely just stunning to look at. Plus, you'll have MAJOR closet-envy."

— Allison Piwowarski, Deputy Entertainment Editor


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"This stunning film comes from Alfonso Cuaron, the incredible director behind Gravity, Children of Men, A Little Princess and more. It's unlike anything else you'll see this year, a movie based on vivid memories and told in powerful black and white."

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor

'The Good Place'

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"Even three seasons in, The Good Place continues to keep viewers on their toes. It’s both impossible to predict and an utter joy to watch, mixing Mike Schur’s offbeat comedy with complex questions about ethics, morality, and fate. There’s genuinely nothing else like it on television."

— Dana Getz, Associate TV Editor


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"Blindspotting might be one of the films overlooked by the Oscars this year, but it deserves all the awards, in my opinion. It's a timely, heartbreaking look at police brutality, race, gentrification, and friendship, as well as a love letter of sorts to Oakland. Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal both wrote the screenplay and star as the two leads and their chemistry is electric. It's the kind of movie you're going to want to talk about days later with someone else, so make sure you get someone else to watch it with you."

— Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor

'A Star Is Born'

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"Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born launched a hit soundtrack and a set of omnipresent memes, but you still need to watch the whole film in order to fully appreciate it all. Lady Gaga turns in a stunning performance as Ally, Cooper's direction is impressive, and, watching 'Shallow' in context makes the song even better. Even if you've seen the movie already, this is one you just might want to take another look at during the holidays."

— Mallory Carra, Associate Entertainment Editor