8 Apps To Help You Navigate The Chaos Of Mercury Retrograde

There are apps that can help you follow Mercury's retrogrades.

While some people plan their lives around the seasons, the holidays, and their professional responsibilities, some people plan their lives around Mercury's various retrogrades and honestly, I can't blame them. If you're sensitive to the potential chaotic affects of the apparent backward motion of the mercurial planet, these apps for people who are obsessed with Mercury retrograde are worth checking out.

There are so many easy-to-navigate apps that will help you sail across the cosmos from the palm of your hand, keeping you up to date with astrological patterns, astronomical happenings, and important luminary events. Because these apps are solely geared toward astrological predictions and education, they're a great resource for people who are also new to astrology and are just trying to understand what retrogrades are and how extra planetary movement may affect us on Earth.

These apps provide information on not only upcoming retrogrades but also the ways in which your sign is affected by all astrological events, and other exciting cosmological happenings. Though Mercury retrograde can cause communication errors that manifest across the board in everything from technological issues to personal relationships, being aware of retrograde timelines allows you to prepare yourself for any mishaps. Here are the apps that will ensure you're ready:

1. Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone

The app is the brainchild of the astrology queen herself, Susan Miller, and while it's not free, there are different tiers of subscriptions, so you can find one that works best for your needs. In this app, you'll find in-depth studies on astrological happenings and what it means for you, plus lots of articles about astrology if you're looking for an education.

Download the app here.

2. TimePassages

This app offers a free daily horoscope, which will reflect Mercury retrograde affects, but you can upgrade your subscription if you want to delve more into astrology and get personalized charts.

Download the app here.

3. Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

This app includes tarot, which means you're not only getting your horoscope predictions, but you're also getting your mystical predictions, too. Find out what the future holds from multiple sources in one app.

Download the app here.

4. Co–Star Personalized Astrology

This very futuristic app has artificial intelligence writing daily horoscopes for its users daily, which is said to be freakishly accurate. It's worth checking out this app just to see the difference in a human generated horoscope and a computer generated horoscope.

Download the app here.

5. Time Nomad

This app is free and makes charting out planetary positions simple. Its graphics make the very complicated concepts very easy to digest, so you'll be able to see Mercury retrograde before you feel it.

Download the app here.

6. Sanctuary Astrology

If you want the feeling of a personal reading but don't want to leave the house or call a hotline, this app offers on-demand readings with real astrologers. If astrology is confusing for you, you'll appreciate being able to chat back and forth about these complex ideas.

Download the app here.

7. The DailyHoroscope

This free app offers daily horoscopes, compatibility information between signs, plus Chinese horoscopes if you want to explore alternative routes.

Download the app here.

8. AstroStyle Mobile

If you love reading the Astro Twins online, you'll love this app version of their site. Every day you'll get an in-depth horoscope that explains the ways in which extra planetary movement is affecting you, so you'll be able to see the potential effects of Mercury retrograde every step of the way.

Download the app here.