These Dogs Will Love Coming To Work With You As Much As You Love Having Them There


Its one of those things you dream about, isn't it? Getting it all together enough to have a dog. Is it the pinnacle of success and settling down? Who knows but having a dog is like, the best. Having a lil pooch comes with a lot of expenses and one of the main ones is doggy day care. If you are lucky enough to be able to take your best friend to work, what are the best breeds of dog to take to work?

Research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests that bringing your dog to work can reduce stress and increase productivity, so hopefully more and more companies will take paws for thought (pun fully intended) and allow dog owners bring their little buddies to work.

The best breed for a work environment will of course vary on what kind of work you do, but generally there are common traits you want if you are going to have your side kick not let you down in the work environment. What makes for a professional pooch? I reckon you want it to be easily trained, calm, not a shedder, sociable, and docile. Let's take a look at some breeds that are suitable considering these aforementioned traits.



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These lovely gentle beasts are definitely man's best friend. Remember poor little Isis in Downton Abbey? Ugh, such a lil babe. Anyway there are many reasons a lab makes an ideal office pal. Let's begin with how gentle and loyal they are. This gentleness is not only with humans but also with other dogs. A must if Maisie from finance has her dog in as well. They are also super chill, as long as they get their walks in. That's cool though, you can pair that up with your Fitbit so you're alerted every time you need to get your butt off the chair.

Important to note though that labradors are notorious eaters and often get over weight. So it's worth watching out to make sure Fido's waistline isn't getting too extra along the way.



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Yes, those fluffy little bundles of joy are a great companion. Oh and those haircuts! Poodles are very intelligent, friendly, and loyal. Bonus points for a beautiful thick coat that does not shed. Miniature poodles are slightly more aggressive than the bigger ones (cough, small dog syndrome) so they have to be socialised from a young age. Socialising with my little angel? Easy as pie.


Poodle Cross Breeds

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Cockapoo, Italipoo, Maltipoo, Yorkipoo... I can go on and on. Poodle cross breeds have proven increasingly popular in the last few years. Apart from their super hilarious names, they have many office friendly traits that cannot be denied. Focusing on the Cockapoo in particular (mainly because the name is lit and also my BFF has one), this dog is an ideal office buddy.

They are friendly, gentle, and well behaved, working well with adults, children, and other dogs. If you want to see a dog with perhaps the happiest little face and super waggly tail? Here's your dog.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Don't believe all the bad press, staffies are great dogs for so many reasons. Poor staffies have been given such a bad rep that they have even become known as "Britain's most unwanted dog." The RSPCA even championed a campaign to show people that it's not the dog, it's the owner at fault in many of the widely reported cases of incidents with them.

Staffies are easily trained, gentle, docile, and playful dogs, great with kids (being known as the nanny dog) and adorable to boot.


German Shepherd

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If it's good enough for the po-po, its good enough for me. Famously utilised by the police for generations, the German Shepard is a very easily trained and well behaved dog. Insanely loyal, these dogs are some of the best working dogs around.

I wonder if you could train it to go pick up coffee for everyone?



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This funny little dog is always a crowd pleaser. Not only do their squishy little faces warm even the coldest of hearts but also they sleep a lot, meaning less yapping and more cute little pig snores.

Pugs are very dependent on you and as a result they will always want your attention. As well as this, they need short bursts of exercise as opposed to long walks, meaning you wouldn't have to get out of work for too long when the bae needs to do its business, leaving you to do yours.


Basset Hound

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The Basset Hound is a super chill, not so energetic breed. They love to walk around and use their noses, sniffing everything around them from dog butts to human butts to just abutt everything.

They sleep like a lot so if you are in an office that can't deal with an extra awake pair of ears? This cute floppy eared breed is the one for you.



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Beagles are not only cute as a button but also considered to be good with other pets and children. They are just about one of the cheeriest dogs and the love lots of affection. They are not great on their own, meaning not only are they well suited to an office environment but it's actually better for them too!

With the evidence that having dogs at work is a good thing ever increasing, maybe you might be able to bring your pooch to work. Or maybe you might consider finally taking the plunge and getting a dog. If you do, remember that adopting a rescue dog should always be your first port of call. Countless charities are available to help you rehome a dog as well as advise on dogs that are suitable for your lifestyle, so don't make a dog's dinner out of it.