These Are 8 Of The Best LGBTQIA+ Podcasts To Listen To In 2019

Javier Díez/Stocksy

If you have an interest, there's a podcast for that. Whether it's a particularly niche music genre, a penchant for gardening, or a TV show no one's ever heard of — podcasts are totally here for you. What's even better is that they prove that you, and your interests, are absolutely not alone. Podcasts serve to unite you and people like you, so that's why choosing the best LGBTQIA+ podcasts is no easy task — because there are literally countless excellent shows out there.

No matter what part of the pride flag you find yourself in, you are being represented in some shape or form at this very moment. Yes y'all, podcasts serve to represent all because they are DIY culture at its finest and aren't ruled by the constraints that often hold back mainstream media.

According to a study by Offcom in 2018, the number of weekly podcast listeners in the UK almost doubled within five years. Jumping from 3.2 million in 2013 to 5.9m in 2018. As it is one of the fastest growing media platforms in the world, keeping up to date with what is so hot right now can be hard work. Don't worry you guys, I am here for you with the best LGBTQIA+ podcasts.



Nancy is a podcast that looks at how people identify themselves and the journey they take to get there. They provide a safe and encouraging space for people to tell their complex and intricate stories.

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'History Is Gay'

Queer history is definitely not a part of the average school history class, nor is it really come into the mainstream in any shape or form. This podcast celebrates queer history and the raises awareness about the importance of queer spaces. History Is Gay is hosted by actual New York Times best-selling author Eric Marcus, whose book of the same name is definitely worth a read.

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'The Heart'

The Heart is kind of indescribable as each episode is a stand-alone piece. However, the description on their Facebook page says it all: "Things you whisper. Things you do in the dark — or in the light. Things you feel, but you don’t know how to name. This is a show about all of those things"

Covering all sorts of topics from consent to being a queer POC to break-ups, and a whole lot more — this show has a lot of heart. Literally.

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'BG Ladies'

BG Ladies hosts Estephanie and Lina describe themselves as "2 Bronx Dominican AfroLatinas tryna be better and make you better too!" These two are honestly hilarious and have absolutely no bones about tackling all sorts of tough topics.

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'Public Trans Podcast'

This is a podcast by trans people, for trans people, discussing all of the issues faced by trans people in our society today. Hosted by Ave and Mac, prepare to fall in love with this informative and entertaining show.

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'Food 4 THOT'

Yes, that is potentially the best play on words of all time and yes, I am very jealous I didn't think of it, but guys: this show is so effing great I just can't even.

Food 4 THOT describes itself as "discussing SEX, relationships, race, IDENTITY, what we like to read, & WHO we like to read."

Funny and thought (or should I say THOT) provoking.

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This podcast looks at the history of American gay conversion therapy in all of its hideous forms, including shock therapy and lobotomies. Unerased brings to light the dark parts of history that must be remembered in order to stop them from happening again.

This podcast is chilling and fascinating in equal measure.

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'Anzaldúing It'

Anzaldúing It is hosted by two queer LatinX BFFS, Angélica Becerra and Jackie Cáraves. They talk about everything from life, to astrology, to the intricacies of identity politics.

Excellent if you like your information with a side of hilariousness.

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No matter what part of the beautiful LGBTQIA+ spectrum you find yourself in, there is a podcast for you. So start downloading!