8 Cheap Scary Halloween Masks

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday to prep for (I typically start mid-August with my costume design), but I understand that other people have, y'know, a life. The truth is, you don't have to have to go cosplay-level hard for your costume to be awesome. There are tons of cheap, scary Halloween masks that provide the whole effect without much effort on your part — and you don't even have to stand in line at the Halloween store to get them.

When you're looking for something easy and creative that'll take no time to put together, these creepy masks check all those boxes and more. For one, reviewers can't stop raving about the quality — especially when considering that all of them come in at under $25. For another, they're designed for convenience, so all you need to do is pair them with a few pieces from the local thrift store and you're set for your Halloween festivities.

Believe it or not, Amazon is one of the best places to find everything you need for Halloween, masks included. Plus, for those of you reading this a week before the big day, don't worry; you're covered. Almost all of these masks are Prime eligible, so Prime members can reap the benefits of free two-day shipping to help them out with their last-minute costume ideas.

1. This Creepy Mask That Comes With The Wig Built Right In

This AOBOR grimace ghost mask covers so many of your costume bases, including creepy witch, undead child from a horror film, vampire spawn, etc. It's made from 100 percent natural latex, so it's non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, but the best thing about it is the fact that the hair comes pre-attached, so you don't even have to worry about getting a wig. Reviewers say it's high-quality and easy to breathe out of — and it's also available with white hair, too.

2. Reviewers Are Raving About The Quality Of This Old-Time Plague Doctor Mask

So simple, yet so terrifying. The iconic bird mask was worn by doctors in the 17th century to supposedly protect them against the plague while treating patients, as they believed it to be airborne. Reviewers say this Raxwalker plague doctor bird mask "really upped the quality of [their] costume." It's made from faux-leather material and features air holes as well as an adjustable head belt. It covers your whole face, but according to buyers, it allows for "easy breathing" and you "can see through the lenses perfectly fine."

3. This Clown Mask Comes In Six Different Designs For Any "It" Fan

Personally, clowns scare the crap out of me, but if you have an affinity for them, take your pick. This horrific clown mask comes in six different designs, all made from non-toxic latex: red flame clown (pictured above), bat clown, black hat clown, green flame clown, red haired clown, and red hat clown. They're all equally creepy in their own way, and feature built-in hair and accessories to make your costume prep even easier.

4. Since It Covers Your Whole Chest, This Zombie Mask Looks Especially Realistic

Zombies are trendier than ever, but whether you're going for the Left 4 Dead type, the Shaun of the Dead type, or the Walking Dead type, the COOBL zombie mask makes your job extremely easy. Unlike most options that stop at your neck, this full-coverage mask hides the back of your head as well as the majority of your chest for a more realistic effect. Throw on a ripped tee and your favorite distressed jeans, and you're done.

5. This One’s A Step Up From Your Average Hockey Mask, Thanks To The Built-In LED Lights

Fashioned after the masks from The Purge series, this one from Ansee is so much more than your average horror hockey mask. That's because, unlike Jason or the members of Slipknot, this mask has built-in LED lights with three modes: steady, slow flash, or fast flash. It's available in three colors and two designs, and reviewers say it's "bright, comfortable, and creepy AF."

6. Throw On A Suit And This Mask, And Your Billy The Puppet Costume Is Done

Want to play a game? The wellin international Billy The Puppet Mask features Billy's iconic red eyes and swirl cheeks and even has the black hair built right in. One size fits most teens and adults, and reviewers say it looks "just like the picture." The best part? All you need is a black suit and a red bow-tie, and you're good to go. (But bonus points if you're able to procure a tricycle.)

7. Buyers Say These Monster Masks Look Even Better In Person

If you're looking for a vague, unnamed monster instead of a specific character, the Hophen brand has seven different types to choose from, and reviewers say they look "even better face to face." Each one is comfortable, breathable, easy to see out of, and "really creepy" because they're extremely detailed and made from quality latex. The available options are gas mask, chef, tongue, ghost baby, devil, chained, and gremlin (pictured above.)

8. If You Wear Glasses, This Alien Mask Is Especially Roomy Inside

Finally, if you're looking for something that's a little roomier inside, there's this CreepyParty alien mask. Because the head is spherical, there's plenty of space for glasses or those who tend to feel a little claustrophobic in masks. The mouth is also bigger to make it easier to breathe and talk. Because of its spacious size, it might be too big for kids, however. Multiple reviewers said it was "a big hit" at Halloween parties; another said, "It's so different and freaky looking you definitely get double takes." It even glows in the dark and has exposed brain detailing on the back.

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