8 Extremely Chill Races You'll Actually Want To Sign Up For — Even If You're Not A Runner

Peter Bernik/Fotolia

If you're not a runner, running events can seem super intimidating. Luckily there are some easy running races you'll actually want to sign up for, even if you're only just starting out on the track. Even though you might be running a half marathon or a 5K, many of these races aren’t timed because the goal of the event is to just have fun. After all, when you’re a newbie runner, you should just celebrate the fact that you’re putting yourself out there to do something good for your body, right? It can be hard enough to just get yourself moving with all the other challenges you have to face in your daily life, so getting up and putting on a pair of sneakers is an amazing success for lots of us.

There are a ton of running races out there that can make running a little less intimidating and a lot more fun. Racing event organizers are starting to get more creative and inclusive with the types of events they’re putting together. They’ve got obstacles, community-building, parties, and food (and sometimes, booze). Some will bring out the kid in you, and some will bring out your fun competitive spirit. These are just a few easy fun runs that’ll give you a different kind of running experience.


Black Girls RUN! Sweat With Your Sole Remix

Sweat With Your Sole is the signature event of Black Girl's RUN! and is touring 10 cities through October this year. It features a balance of mental and physical wellness events, including a 5K, cardio hip-hop classes, and a mindfulness and nutrition workshop. The event is designed for all ages and fitness levels, so it's a great event to go with a group of friends.


Disney Princess Half Marathon

Run right alongside your favorite Disney characters during the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. The event takes place at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, February 29, 2019, and you can choose to run a half marathon, a two-day running challenge, 10K, or a 5K. There's also kids' races, a race retreat package, and a health and fitness expo. For a little extra magic, you can also choose to dress as your favorite Disney character, too.


Blacklight Run 5K

Is there even running involved in this one? The event organizers say they don't really care how far or fast you can run; they just want you to have a "glowing good time." The Blacklight Run takes place at night at various locations across the country, otherwise you wouldn't get to enjoy all that blacklight funness. There are blacklight zones along the race course to enhance your glowing power and a rad after party at the end of the course.


Insane Inflatable 5K

You guys, this is basically bouncy houses for adults! Like multiplied by a jillion! The Insane Inflatable 5K is a race full of inflatable obstacles. And just not slides and walls. We're talking ball mazes, wrecking balls, and this thing called the "Waverunner." This race takes place at various locations across the country and still has several 2018 dates coming up.


Murder Mystery 5K

In this "race," your intellect actually beats your speed. During the Murder Mystery 5K, teams of two to five people use an augmented reality app to collect clues around the race route to solve the murder. The teams with the most points at the end win the race. This event takes place in a few cities across the country, so see if there's a murder to solve in yours!


6 . Shamrock Beer Run

Beer and running. What more could you ask for? The Shamrock Beer Run is a 5K that takes place around Saint Patrick's Day in Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago; Rockford, Illinois; and Indianapolis, Indiana. Because it's a beer-filled event, there's no kiddos allowed to run in this one. Doggos are allowed to run with you, but obviously no beer for them either. You, however, get to enjoy five 3-ounce beers for a total of 31 ounces. Cheers!


Superhero Half Marathon

Not all heroes wear capes, especially during the Superhero Half Marathon. You can dress as any super hero you want during this half marathon that started in New Jersey in 2010. Next year's event is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Sunday, May 19, in Chatham, New Jersey. It can feel pretty empowering to dress as your favorite butt-kicking hero for a day.


The Bubble Run

Bubbles, you guys. BUBBLES. You get to pass through what the event organizers call "bubble bogs" throughout the race course, which are basically big sections of colored bubbles. How is that not fun? Even though the Bubble Run is technically a 5K, the event organizers say you are welcome to get to the finish line any way you want. That means you can run, walk, skip, dance, basically whatever you want to do. This event tends to sell out, so register early is you plan to participate.


With a few fun runs under your belt, running might not seem so intimidating anymore. Or maybe it'll always be something you do just for fun. There are options for you either way.