8 Eco-Friendly Desk Products That Can Make Your Workday More Sustainable

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you think about your environmental footprint, do you consider how earth-friendly (or not) your office habits are? The truth is, many common items you bring to the office, or use on a daily basis, probably aren't made of sustainable or reusable materials. Everything from single-use coffee cups, plastic food wrappers, and printer paper adds up quickly, and can have a detrimental impact on the environment. So, if you want to be more environmentally-conscious, it may be time to replace some of the everyday items you keep at your desk with products that can make your day more eco-friendly.

Though it may not seem like a big deal to try and be more green at the office, research has shown we produce a lot of waste at the workplace. According to Boston College, the annual amount of wasted office paper in the state of Massachusetts alone would "fill Fenway Park to the height of the Prudential Building." Upstate Medical University's environmental magazine Think Green News also reported in 2016 that Americans, on average, use 10,000 pages of copy paper every year. Not to mention, those of us in the U.S. create a huge amount of trash just because of disposable coffee cups and their lids.

Fortunately, living a more environmentally-friendly life doesn't have to come with a huge price tag — especially when it comes to your space at work. Here are eight things that you can buy that will help you effortlessly be more eco-friendly.

1Reusable Water Bottle

Fifth Ave. bkr Water Bottle


Making the switch from single-use plastic water bottles, or plastic water cooler cups, to a reusable bottle is one of the easiest ways to lead a more eco-friendly life. The minimalist bkr water bottle is a little pricey, but it's a cult favorite because of its quality.

2A Pen That Lasts For Years

Seltzer Goods Seven Year Pen

Seltzer Goods

It may be a hard to believe a pen could hold enough ink to last seven years, but according to Seltzer Goods, their Seven Year Pen does just that. Not only is this pen sustainable, but they come in a number of cute AF styles. The real challenge is to not lose the pen before the ink runs out.

3Switch To An Eco-Friendly Notebook

Lemome Eco-Friendly Cork Notebook


When picking out your next notebook, try to find one designed with Mother Earth in mind. Amazon notes this Lemome notebook uses acid-free paper, which is "environmental, recyclable, pollution-free, and has no fluorescer." It's the perfect desk addition for anyone trying to be more environmentally-conscious.

4Recycled Sticky Notes

Post-it® Super Sticky Recycled Notes


A super simple way to make your desk more green is by using recycled sticky notes for when you need to brainstorm, or jot down quick notes. The adhesive on sticky notes can be bad for the environment, but these recycled ones from Post-It are made with 67 percent plant-based adhesive.

5Or, Use A Whiteboard

Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board


If you want to forego adhesive from sticky notes altogether, consider buying a desktop dry erase board like this one on Amazon. You can save paper without forgetting any important reminders or thoughts during the day.

6Reusable Food Wraps

Lunch Pack In Bees And Bears Print

Bee's Wrap

Another way to be more conscientious about the earth at work is by investing in a reusable lunch bag, as well as eco-friendly food storage set like this adorable one made by Bee's Wrap. If you tend to be more of a grab-and-go kind of person when it comes to your midday meal and snacks, choosing something like a banana or apple is more green than buying plastic-wrapped treats.


Anthropologie Staggered Vase


Keep a plant on your desk can liven up your workspace by bringing a little bit of nature indoors. Beyond that, plants can help purify the air around you of pollutants. Filling up this Anthropologie vase with foliage and flowers can make your space feel greener and cleaner.

8A Solar-Powered Lamp

Solvinden LED Solar-Powered Table Lamp


If your desk at home or work sits in direct sunlight, a solar-powered lamp that can sit on your desk may be a worthwhile purchase. It's energy efficient, and way more environmentally-friendly in the long run than both battery-operated or plug-in lamps.

Being eco-friendly at work doesn't have to be costly investment, and really only requires you be a little more aware of the products you use, and how they are made or sourced. By making a few simple switches, your workspace can be more green.