8 Genius Father's Day Gifts From Startups That'll Make Any Dad Say, 'Thanks, Kiddo!'

I'm not sure why my dad is always the hardest person to shop for, but every year I find myself texting my mom at the last minute asking her to recommend a tie that I can give my dad for Father's Day. Now, thanks to me, my poor dad is the proud owner of a cheesy tie for every imaginable holiday, which of course he wears like a badge of honor because dads are the cutest and will do anything to make us happy.

While ties are wonderful presents and have an important place in this world, this year I'm challenging myself to get my old man something that won't just upgrade his outfit, but can upgrade his whole life. Luckily, Bustle has teamed up with Amazon Launchpad to list some of this year's best Father's Day gifts from startups, making it that much easier for me to narrow down my gift selection to something truly original, useful, and fun.

In case you haven't heard, Amazon Launchpad is a destination on Amazon that curates the coolest products being sold by today's most promising startups. Poking around their site will surely lead you to find a life-changing gadget, snack, or home item, but for now, we'll keep the focus on their greatest gifts for Dad.

The Homebrewer's New BFF

What better way to show Dad that you support his eccentric hobby than by helping him track down only the finest accessories? Homebrewers will go wild for this pressurized growler that keeps your brew fresh for up to two weeks, plus promises to keep it nice and cold.

A 360 Degree Camera That Puts Your Smartphone To Shame

Remember watching old school spy movies and thinking that those tiny pocket-sized cameras were the absolute best? Well, they've got nothing on the Rylo 360 Video Camera. Just like its name promises, this gadget can capture stunning 360 degree video on even the bumpiest adventures, giving your dad beautiful footage to look back on that includes both his point of view and his priceless reaction.

A Robot That'll Teach Dad A New Skill

This little guy may say it's recommended for ages 8 and up, but that doesn't mean it's just for kids. Evo meets users at the intersection of art, music, and technology to not only teach beginners the basics of OzoBlockly code, but also connects them with an entire community of coders who will inspire Dad to get moving on his next brilliant idea.

A Desktop Aquarium That's More Efficient Than You Are

I'm not kidding — this thing is seriously cool, and it's such a great gift for the nature-loving dads of the world. All you need to do to get your EcoQube C up and running is add some water to the tank and plug it in. From there the plant, fish, and built-in filter work together to keep the tank clean and the fish fed. It's an easy and sustainable way to bring a bit of the outdoors right to your desktop — and who wouldn't want that?

A Sleek Tracker That'll Help Dad De-stress

One downside of always being on the go? Always having something to stress about. Help your dad take it easy with this cool stress management and activity tracker that sends gentle notifications to your phone reminding you to take a quick breather when you start showing signs of stress.

A Toy Plane That Takes Imagination To A New Level

Fair warning: Once you gift this to your dad, everyone else who sees it is going to want one as well because it is awesome. Part drone, part video game, and part paper airplane, this smartphone-controlled toy plane turns the player into a true guardian of the neighborhood with the plane's live video stream. It doesn't get much more fun than this.

This Party Game That Any Kid At Heart Will Love

Meet the party game you're going to be playing at every family function for the rest of your life. The premise of this game of debates is to sway a judge in your direction on various random and hilarious topics. To up the ante, there are challenge cards that make the debates all the more entertaining, like having to make your case while speaking in a southern accent.

Creative Candy Fit For A Culinary King

Yes, it's candy, but Cocomels are also everything you want your candy to be: delicious, sweet, and not a total guilt trip. These vegan confections are made using coconut milk and don't contain any gluten or dairy, so feel free to buy good ol' dad more than one bag.

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