Graduation Ceremonies That Went Horribly Wrong

by Samantha Sabin

It's May, meaning that graduation ceremonies are in full bloom. The tassels are moving from right to left, and family members are buying all the tissue boxes and disposable cameras. Meanwhile, high school and college juniors everywhere sit in shock as they realize that they are only one year away from their big graduation day.

But among those who do graduate, or who attend graduation ceremonies, are the select few who are bound to mess up. They're the students who walk too quickly in new shoes and slip in the middle of the stage, or the kids who try to do a back flip after receiving their diploma and, of course, land on their faces. Or they're the speakers who just don't come prepared to give a speech.

To be the best person you can be during your graduation, please just...

1. Don't do a backflip (skip to 3:00:00)

I don't care if you were able to do one that one time on the trampoline five years ago. That does not mean you can do one now. Trust me.

2. Know where your graduation gown is at all times

Or else you'll end up like that kid.

3. Giving a speech? Be memorable.

4. Make it inspirational.

Don't be a jerk.

5. Don't run

Unless you want to fall or something.

6. Keep the robe on

Commence the eye roll.

7. Announcing the graduates? Don't mess with their names.

It's their day, not yours.

8. Again, keep the robe on.

Save it for the afterparty.

Good luck out there, Class of 2014!

Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images