8 Books To Read If You Saw 'Ocean's 8' & Just Want More Cons And Heists

by Melissa Ragsdale

As someone who adores a good action flick, I was pumped to see the Ocean's 8 movie last weekend. On top of my sheer excitement for a heist movie, it was absolutely thrilling to see an action movie with women in the spotlight — from Sandra Bullock, who starred as Debbie Ocean, to the amazingly talented cast that made up her crew: Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, and Anne Hathaway.

But if you're anything like me, you walked out of that theater hungering for more. More action, more cons, and definitely more badass women. So obviously, you need some good heist books in your life to keep you riding that Ocean's 8 wave.

Whether you couldn't take your eyes away from the glitz and glamour of their Met Gala heist or you were obsessed with the schematics of their con, there's a book on here for you. Get the 4-1-1 on a real-life diamond heist, or indulge yourself in a page-turning action-adventure story with a little romance to boot. And you don't even have to steal these priceless reads — you can just check them out of the library for free!

So buckle your seat-belts, Ocean's 8 fans. Here are eight books that pack the same punches as the movie:

'The Girl with the Treasure Chest' by V.A. Fearon

If you loved Debbie and Lou's relationship on-screen, then you need to pick up this A+ thriller, set in the criminal world of London. Like Debbie, Dani comes from a family of criminals, and she's now the CEO of a company that negotiates deals between gangs. But she keeps all that separate from her private life with her partner, Marie, and Marie's young daughter. But when an ex comes back into Dani's life, she finds herself in dangerous waters.

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'Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History' by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell

This book details a real-life diamond heist that is definitely movie-worthy. On February 15, 2003, a group of thieves broke into an airtight vault to steal over $108 million dollars worth of diamonds and other valuables. Except unlike Ocean's crew, they were apprehended by the police.

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'The Assistants' by Camille Perri

This fun book is also about a band of women teaming together to pull off a con. The mark? Their high-powered bosses. Yup, a band of executive assistants band together to skim money from the companies they work for in order to pay off their student loans.

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'Heist Society' by Ally Carter

Heists run through Katarina Bishop's blood. But even though she's been stealing and scamming since as long as she can remember, she's determined to leave that life behind now that she's enrolled in boarding school. But she's forced to dive right back in when a powerful mobster has his art stolen and Katarina's father is labelled as the main suspect.

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'The Mark Inside: A Perfect Swindle, a Cunning Revenge, and a Small History of the Big Con' by Amy Reading

In this compelling read, Amy Reading traces the history of the con artistry in America, focusing on the story of Frank Norfleet. In 1919, after losing everything he had on a stock market swindle, Norfleet set out to hunt down the five men who conned him and get his revenge.

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'Uptown Thief' by Aya de León

Part crime novel, part romance, part social justice commentary, this sizzling book is sure to hook you. Marisol Rivera is a modern-day Robin Hood. A former sex worker, she now runs a health clinic for disadvantaged women. But to keep the clinic afloat, she heads a team of escorts who scam the high-powered men who use their services.

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'The Ultimatum' by Karen Robards

Bianca St. Ives is a con artist prodigy who has long worked with her father to scam people as part of the "family business." But when her father is killed on the job, Bianca tries to set up a normal life for herself. Unfortunately, the U.S. government doesn't believe Bianca's father is really dead, and soon she's caught up in a dangerous game.

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'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo

You definitely shouldn't miss this YA fantasy. Kaz Brekker is a criminal prodigy. When he's offered the chance to pull off a deadly heist that will make him richer than he could ever have dreamed, Kaz pulls together a team of outcasts and spies — two women and three men — to help him on the mission. Can they pull off the job without killing each other... or getting killed?

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