8 Housewarming Gifts For The Newlyweds In Your Life

by Caitlin Morrison

Of the recently engaged couples I know, all have already been living together for at least a year. It's not just my circle: 18 million unmarried adults are cohabiting with a significant other, according to the most recent U.S. Census data. It’s sort of become a road test for marriage.

So when the actual wedding rolls around, what do I give them? Do my couple friends need more stuff to fill the apartment they already share? I’d argue that housewarming gifts are especially suitable for couples about to embark on this new journey together — even if that journey is more about legal documentation than a drastic change in their day-to-days — in that it allows them to finally curate the perfectly shared space. Typically, when couples move in together, they’re bringing together a mish-mosh of stuff from their past lives.

Case in point: I have a close friend who’s lived with her significant other for close to two years. She told me that many of the items in their apartment — silverware, kitchen appliances, and even some living room furniture — came from her partner’s previous relationship. She laughed it off and said, “Why would I have bought all new stuff? It’s expensive!” It's true. Who can afford a new $1,000 couch when they’ve just laid down a security deposit?

So whether the housewarming is literal or figurative, here are some thoughtful wedding gifts for the newlyweds in your life.


Barware Essentials

Give the newlyweds everything they need to mix their favorite cocktails at home, like a set of stainless steel bar tools including strainer, jigger, stirrer, garnish knife and ice tongs. Then shamelessly invite yourself over for their next evening in.


Super-Soft Towels

Fancy bath towels definitely fall under the list of things that would be nice to have, but also feel a bit superfluous. In other words, they make the perfect gift. Short of gifting your friends a bathroom renovation, towels are the best way to give the space an instant upgrade.


A Reminder Of Home

If the couple has moved across state borders since shacking up, give them a gift that commemorates home. This state-shaped magnetic key holder is both decorative and functional. If they’re from different places, choose the state where they first met.


An Espresso Machine

An espresso machine gives them the luxury of making lattes, cappuccinos, and the perfect shot of espresso all from home. The couple that caffeinates together, stays together, after all.


A Unique Piece of Art

Not something couples typically register for, framed art pieces are a great way to help them really make the space their own. Choose something that speaks to their tastes. (It’s a bonus that they’ll now think of you every time they walk into that room.)


Items For At-Home Entertaining

What better way to chase the post-wedding blues away than by immediately hosting another party? Items like a festive drink dispenser, serving tray, or cocktail glasses will help them entertain guests in style.


Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream tastes just a little sweeter when you have to work for it. Give the couples the gift of dessert — and a fun little at-home project — with an ice cream maker.


A Grill

If the couple is lucky enough to have a backyard, help them maximize its potential with an outdoor grill. A word to the wise: Have it shipped directly to their place.