8 Innovative Sex Toys For Couples

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More and more people are getting on board with using toys in the bedroom, and as a result, a handful of them are going viral. The internet now has a solid collection of sex toys that every couple should own. In addition to adding something new and exciting to your sex life, they can also remove some of the pressure you or your partner might feel to make the experience pleasurable for both of you.

It's estimated that only 25 percent of people with vaginas are able to orgasm through penetrative sex alone. A recent study also surveyed 230 men and found that they faked orgasms roughly 30 percent of the time, oftentimes to create the illusion of a simultaneous orgasm. What's the point of all this data? A little bit of extra stimulation could help to alter those statistics, and if you've got an innovative machine that does all the hard work for you, sex might just run way more smoothly for both partners.

Thankfully, the world of luxury sex toys is expanding, and there's been a recent boom in vibrators and toys that pleasure both of you at the same time. If you've never brought any technology into the bedroom before, I and countless reviewers implore you to give it a shot. Here are the newest and most innovative sex toys for any couple that are sure to go viral this year.


This Couples Vibrator Turns Your Phone Into The Remote Control

The IMTOY Whale Series couples vibrator has a curved shape that hugs the pubic bone, sending simultaneous vibrations to the clitoris and G-spot. The most innovative part, however, is that it can be worn during penetration to stimulate both partners at once. It syncs up to your an app on your smart phone via Bluetooth, which then becomes the remote control you need for voice, video, music, and kinetic interaction.


This Eco-Friendly Vibrator With An Intuitive Shape

Sleek, luxurious, and ergonomic, the Leaf Life is a vibrator that's small enough to use during intercourse without interference. It's made from eco-friendly materials and is totally rechargeable, so you no longer have to worry about wasting batteries. It also has an intuitive shape that's great for clitoral stimulation, and this one comes with a bottle of complimentary lubricant.


The Strange Little Monster Massager For Hard-To-Reach Places

With its four-inch height and extended antenna, the Lurepink Monster massager is becoming a fast favorite for many. It can stimulate all those hard-to-reach places during sex, it's body-safe, USB rechargeable, and pretty cute! "I love the silky smooth feel of this material, and was able to clean this with ease," says one reviewer.


A Toy With Interior Oscillating Movements And Exterior Underside Vibrations

The Hot Octopuss PULSE III massager fits around the penis and uses oscillating technology movements for a hands-free experience. However, because it has a vibrating underside, it can please your partner simultaneously. It also has a remote control and on-toy buttons to personalize your experience.


This Hands-Free Toy Stimulates During Penetration

With over 200 positive reviews, the LuLu #4 Plus has a genius design with two stimulation points—one inside the vagina, and one against the clitoris. Consequently, it can be used during sex to stimulate both partners. It's waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and comes with a remote control that changes speeds and modes. "It's very convenient because you don't have to hold it like a wand-type vibrator," says one reviewer, "and it's a great size so it stays out of the way on the outside and feels great on the inside."


The Toy That's Easy To Hold And Delivers Powerful Vibrations

The We-Vibe Touch is a favorite among people who are unable to climax through penetration alone. It has one curved end for body-hugging stimulation and another rounded end for easy grip. With eight vibration modes, a long life, and a rechargeable battery, it's the most convenient way to get toe-curling vibrations wherever you need it.


The Brilliant Two-Sided Toy For Double Penetrative Stimulation

The Utimi USB double ended vibrator has a unique shape and an innovative design that can be used for penetrative pleasure with both partners. It's got double vibrating heads, a connective handle, seven vibrations, and three speeds. Reviewers use it in place of anal beads or single vibrators, and it also charges in any USB port for convenience.


This Textured And Stretchy Penis Ring Pleases Both Partners

The Secret Velvet vibrating penis ring is getting great reviews because it pleases in all the right places. It has a soft and stretchy elastic ring to enhance performance, and a curved and textured front to stimulate your partner. It's also got 20 different vibration speeds for sensitive stimulation or powerful pulses. It's also USB rechargeable. One reviewer who uses it for both solo and couple play says, "Both experiences were incredible."

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