8 Interesting Things Happy Couples Do Before Bed That Can Improve Their Relationship


Happy couples have a number of habits in common, but what they do during the day matters just as much as what they do come evening time. If you feel like your nighttime habits with your partner are dull, you might want to pay attention to the interesting things happy couples do before bed. Imitating these habits might help you improve your relationship — or maybe just make your bedtime a little more enjoyable and your sleep a bit more peaceful.

"Being conscious of what your partner is thinking and feeling at bedtime is a relationship enhancer," says relationship counselor Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH over email. "Couples who check in with each other about feelings and concerns are more likely to have an active and healthy connection which translates into a good sex life. Couples who live in their own little world and are all wrapped up in their own issues and problems might find themselves sleeping all alone on the other side of the bed."

Whether you're trying to keep the spark alive in your relationship or you're just trying to go to bed more relaxed and connected to your partner, consider copying some of these eight interesting things happy couples do before bed.