8 Life-Changing Sex Toys For Couples Recommended…


Life need not be a pair of novelty sex position dice, but some people are very hesitant to venture away from just a few basic moves that get the job done. Now, there's nothing wrong with missionary — actually, it can be pretty amazing — but trying out the best couples sex toys can add a whole lot of pleasure and variety to the positions that are a bit “been there, done that” in your partnership. In my quest to find the most pleasurable sex toys that work for both of you, I enlisted the help of Jacq Jones, sex educator and owner of Sugar and a sex-positive feminist focused on helping everyone’s sex lives become better and safer – and she had tons of insights to share.

“Using toys together opens up options for pleasure and options for orgasms,” Jones says. “Seeing a partner experience pleasure, pleasure that you’re giving them by using a toy, can be deeply sexy. Using toys means listening to your partner, seeing what works, what sensations bring them to their knees. And that listening? That willingness to try something new? That’s the key to great sex.” Here are her top recommendations for mind-blowing toys that work for any couple, so both of you can experience something new, passionate, and (of course) pleasurable together.


Share Some Good Vibes Between Partners

Magic Wand

Original Magic Wand, $125, Sugar

According to Jones, “Over 70 percent of people with clitorises won’t have an orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Most of us need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. For sharing vibration, the original Magic Wand is awesome. The head is a good size, so it’s easy to hold between two people and has plenty of real estate so you can get it right where you want it.” This one also comes with a complimentary bottle of personal massage lubricant for extra ease.


This Vibe For G-Spot, Clitoral, And Penile Stimulation

We-Vibe Sync, $189, Amazon

“The WeVibe Sync provides G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation at the same time,” Jones says, and that’s why it’s one of her top recommendations. “It’s designed to be worn during vaginal intercourse, so the person with the penis is getting vibration as well! The WeVibe has been the top selling sex toy for couples in the world for years, but WeVibe doesn’t just sit around — they’re constantly improving their product. The new Sync not only has Bluetooth and App compatibility (want to design your own vibration patterns? Or let your partner control your vibe while you’re in Topeka and they’re in London — you can do that!), but also, the toy itself is adjustable. You can change the angle of both ends to make it fit your body just the way you want it!”


Adjust Your Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex

Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow, $55.99, Amazon

“Sex pillows can help you get in positions your back might not love otherwise,” says Jones. The Liberator Jaz positioning pillow is one of the most popular options out there, because in addition to being sturdy yet very comfortable, its wedge shape allows for seamless incorporation into most positions. It’s also got a removable and washable cover that makes cleanup a breeze, and it’s compact for easy travel and storage.


This Pleasurable Add-On For Hand Jobs And Oral

Hand Solo Masturbator, $22.79, Amazon

Jones also recommends the Hand Solo Masturbator to provide some extra stimulation during foreplay. “This simple toy is designed to be held in the hand while moving the hand back and forth on the penis. It provides vibration and texture to the penis. It’s a great add on to a hand job or a blowjob. Penises love vibration too!” It’s also waterproof and has a powerful removable bullet that’s sure to shake things up.


A Ring For Erection Retention And Clitoral Stimulation

SVAKOM Tyler Rechargeable Vibrating Ring, $34.99, Amazon

“Sex toys can also function as adaptive devices. If that erection isn’t super reliable, a cock ring can help,” Jones says, and if you also need clitoral stimulation, “Try a vibrating cock ring — the options are endless!” The SVAKOM Tyler rechargeable vibrating ring has ridiculously high reviews, because this toy has body-safe silicone nodules proven to keep erections harder and a wide textured surface for hands-free stimulation of the clitoris. It’s also waterproof, rechargeable, and has five different vibration settings.


For Couples Who Love Strap-Ons

SpareParts Hard Wear Joque, $115, Amazon

“For female same-sex couples who like penetration, the Spare Parts Harness is the best!” says Jones. “It has little pockets for vibrators, can accommodate dildos of a variety of sizes, and, between the two sizes, fits folks from a 24 inch waist up to a 64 inch waist!” Reviewers also can’t stop talking about how comfortable and durable it is, and since it’s so adjustable, either partner can wear it.


A Little Something For Everyone

Frisky Bunny Ring, $31.99, Amazon

“This little rechargeable vibrating cock ring has a nice price and even nicer vibration,” Jones says about the Frisky Bunny Ring. “The ring piece is stretchy and can be worn around the balls and the base of the penis for more restriction, or around just the penis for less restriction. The bunny provides vibration for the person receiving penetration. It’s a little something for everyone!”


This Cock Ring That Works Doubly For Anal Pleasure

Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring, $65, Sugar

“For male same-sex couples, I love the Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring,” Jones says. “The vibration feels great on the person wearing it and is a wonderful add on to a hand job or a blow job. For folks that choose anal intercourse, flip the cock ring around so the vibrating piece is hugging the wearer’s balls. The vibrating piece will then come up against the receiver’s perineum (also known as the taint) and their balls. Good vibes for everyone!”

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