8 Movies & TV Shows Your Whole Family Can Agree On When You're Home For The Holidays

by Rachel Simon
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We all know how it goes: You're home for the holidays, visiting your parents and siblings and assorted other family members, and after dinner, someone suggests you put something on TV. Everyone hops over to the couch, in agreement about the plan — except no one can actually agree on what to watch. A superhero movie? Grandma's not a Marvel fan. An episode of The Haunting of Hill House? Too scary for mom. Before long, you've given up on finding anything the gang approves of, and everyone's exasperated. But fear not! That doesn't have to be the case this holiday season, as Bustle's Entertainment editors have compiled eight movies and TV shows that the whole family can agree on.

Picking a piece of entertainment that pleases a big group isn't an easy task, and of course, it's possible that even the movies and shows on the list below won't make everyone in your fam happy. But next time you're struggling to find something to watch with your loved ones, it's absolutely worth trying one of the below picks, which range from acclaimed period piece TV shows to hilarious musical comedies. Seriously, these are as close to crowd-pleasers as anything gets.

'Gilmore Girls'

Streaming On: Netflix

"Gilmore Girls is one of the few shows I can recall watching with my mom growing up — partly because we have disparate tastes, and partly because she was a busy working mother who more often that not was zonked out on the couch by 9 p.m. We’re not as tight-knit as Rory and Lorelai (realistically, who is?), but there was something about watching them navigate the push and pull of mother-daughterdom that made me feel closer to her.

Admittedly, it’s a series more for the women in your family, but some details aside, it’s neutral enough that multiple generations can enjoy it, and it’s hard not to be charmed by all of the zany antics Stars Hollow has to offer; it’s a heartwarming reminder of a 'simpler' time."

— Dana Getz, Associate TV Editor

'Eighth Grade'

Not Yet Available To Stream

"I am very excited to go home and watch Eighth Grade with my entire family. My parents haven't seen it yet, and even though I know it might be a bit awkward to watch with them, I think in the end they'll really love it, and then we can all just love it together! The movie isn't necessarily a family film, but it's definitely a movie for my film-obsessed family. Elsie Fisher is brilliant as Kayla, the most relatable middle schooler character ever to appear on the big screen. The script is great, and it's both funny and utterly devastating all at the same time."

— Olivia Truffaut-Wong, Associate Entertainment Editor

'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"This is the perfect show for my family of fast-talking, pop culture-obsessed Jews, but I'm sure the '50s-set comedy will hit the spot for people of every generation and background. I watched Season 1 alongside my parents, and I'll likely do the same for at least part of Season 2, out now."

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor

'Impractical Jokers' Season 1

Streaming On: Netflix

"Impractical Jokers is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Chances are, your family already watches these four life-long friends from Staten Island compete to embarrass each other on TruTV religiously (it's on almost 24/7, thankfully), so why not skip the commercials and tune into (TBT) Season 1 on Netflix? Sure, Sal, Murr, Q, and Joe look a little younger and a little less weathered from the years of torturing each other through pranks and punishments, but the jokes are better than ever and the camaraderie among the friends will distract any family who may or may not be waiting for your uncle to mention something upsetting about politics."

— Allison Piwowarski, Deputy Entertainment Editor

'Best In Show'

Not streaming for free; available to buy on Amazon Prime

"Not only will my entire family actually stop bickering for long enough to sit down and watch the Christopher Guest comedy Best in Show for the hundredth time, but we also speak its language. If you come to our house during the holidays, chances are you'll hear something from the relentlessly quotable mockumentary about a bunch of weirdos gathering for a dog show, whether it makes sense out of context or not.

Featuring Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Michael McKean, and other comedy pros, Best in Show only improves on rewatch, and each line is more hilarious than the last time you heard it. So if you don't know who Busy Bee is, you better stream it and recognize before you come visit."

— Sage Young, Movies Editor

'Pitch Perfect'

Not streaming for free; available to buy on Amazon Prime

"If you haven't watched this very funny Anna Kendrick movie in awhile, there's no better time for a rewatch. With music and witty one-liners, there's something for everyone. Bonus: If the whole family really loves it, there are two more Pitch Perfects you can watch to keep the marathon going."

— Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor

'Escape To The Country'

Streaming On: Netflix

"HGTV is often the great equalizer in any home: Throw on an episode of House Hunters, and everyone from your little cousin to your grandma will likely be at least moderately entertained watching a couple debate which house has the best granite countertops. It's a surefire way to please everybody, so why not shake it up a little? Escape to the Country is essentially a calmer British version of House Hunters, where couples are all looking to leave city life behind for the quiet of the English countryside. It's perfectly innocuous, and even educational — unlike its more sale-oriented HGTV counterparts, Escape to the Country prefers to languish in gorgeous shots of sheep grazing while also educating viewers about the history of the region. It might sound nerdy, but it's a safe bet that everyone will be delighted and transfixed — whether they're in an eggnog coma or not."

— Samantha Rollins, TV Editor


"Whenever I go home, we all just sit around on the couch and marathon TV all day, so I need a lot of content. When I've run out of energy trying to explain to my family that they should watch The Good Place, I usually settle on some '90s sitcom or series on Netflix. Over Thanksgiving, we watched a lot of Cheers and I have to say — it holds up!"

— Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor