8 Songs You Need On Your Strong Woman Playlist

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Whether you're into R&B divas or Top 40 powerhouses, riot grrrls, or acoustic songstresses, every woman needs her own strong woman playlist. And when I say "strong woman playlist," I'm speaking specifically about a collection of songs by female musicians that make you feel confident, in charge, and unstoppable. Some examples of the type of songs you find in this canon: the "I'm A Badass Warrior" jam, the "All My Exes Were Idiots" rager, and the "Boss Gals Joining Forces" anthem.

Speaking from experience, I have about five designated strong woman playlists, each for different moods. There's (of course) "Bad Bitches," an unlikely collection of female rappers and bubblegum pop that I can rage-run to. There's "I Own 51 Percent of This Company," R&B jams intended for triumphant life events and strutting down the street like I own it. Lately, I've been hitting up Spotify's "Feminist Friday" playlist; they switch up the theme every two weeks to keep things fresh. This week, the theme is festival performers — all your favorite touring ladies are there, from hip-hop stars to your favorite '90s rockers.

With March (aka Women's History Month) wrapping up, now is the time to update your female empowerment anthems to help you stay motivated for the rest of the year. We've teamed up with Spotify to bring you a list of the kinds of songs you need on your "strong woman" playlist.

1. The Song About Linking Up With Your Homegirls

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In the words of our many wise foremothers — "bitches get stuff done."

2. The Song That Launched A Thousand Dance Parties

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There's serious power in looking silly and not giving a sh*t. Particularly when you're grooving along to a song that makes you want to lose control.

3. The "I Am Not Here For Your Amusement" Song

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"Smile," they say. "Be a lady," they say. "Put on some pants," they say (well, if you're leaving the house, maybe put on pants). Those seemingly "harmless" comments build up, and we all need a song or two on our Spotify playlist that says, "Excuse me if you saw me as your little doll. I'm actually a fire-breathing dragon."

4. The Singalong Staple

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Of course you and your girls know every word, and the fact that you're not necessarily on key makes the song even better.

5. The One About How You Contain Multitudes

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When the world tries to put you into a pretty little box with a pretty little bow, this is the song you throw your fist up to and shout "I can NOT be contained!!!"

6. The One That Takes You Back

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Everyone has that one song that allows them to pleasantly regress to lady teen-hood, bringing back all the glory and weirdness that went with it. And when that song pops up on Spotify, so do the memories and inside jokes that still have the power to make you snort-laugh 'til it literally hurts.

7. The Song That Sticks It To Your Exes

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Take it from a girl who's told off former lovers with such choice zingers as, "I'm one of the future leaders of the free world!"; it feels good to stick it to those who have broken your heart — especially those who after the fact you're like, "What was I even thinking?!" Lucky for us, there are plenty of songs dedicated to this paradigm.

8. The One About Your Unwavering Queenliness

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Otherwise known as the "blind and unconditional self-confidence song." It's the kind of jam emphasizing the scientific fact that you are the best and everyone should bow down to your regal superiority. Long live you.

For all the songs you need on your own strong woman soundtrack, listen to Spotify's "Feminist Friday" playlist. Also, check out the Women's History Month hub on Spotify for plenty of other playlists to help you channel your inner warrior goddess.

This article is sponsored by Spotify. Check out the playlists devoted to Women's History Month on Spotify all March.