8 Medical ID Bracelets That Are Stylish & Can Be Personalized To Your Needs


If you suffer from any life-threatening medical condition, then you know: Wearing a medical alert bracelet is often not optional. But, that doesn't mean you have to wear a piece of jewelry you don't love. Nowadays there are plenty of stylish medical alert bracelets you can buy.

When shopping, keep your own style preferences in mind. A medical alert bracelet is only useful if you actually wear it, so style is important. There are a lot of designs in either a classic metal like gold, silver, or rose gold to match your existing jewelry. But, if you know you're going to be sweating a lot or want one you can wear in the water, consider a silicone band that's waterproof.

Since medical alert bracelets have plaques attached that declare any existing health conditions or life-threatening allergies you might have, you'll want to get yours personalized. While these plaques can also include additional information like emergency contacts, experts recommend limiting the amount of writing you include to just the necessities in order to make it easier for emergency medical personnel to clearly read your bracelet. If you're not sure, American Medical ID has more information on what to include on your medical alert bracelet.

As you scan the list of the stylish medical alert and ID bracelets below, you'll see options ranging from a chrome cuff to a wood beaded bracelet to cater to all styles and preferences. Bonus: All of the options below offer complimentary engraving, so you can include your personalized identification free of charge.


A Classic Metal Medical Alert Bracelet Available in 13 Tones & Six Lengths

Available in 13 different metal tones, this stainless steel medical alert bracelet is a chic option that'll seamlessly blend with any other metal jewelry you have on. It comes in a range of lengths, from 7 inches to 9.2 inches, so you can get the best fit for your wrist. And, because the interior side of the plaque is custom-engraved using high contrast lettering, all the information you include there will be legible and easy-to-read in an emergency. It even comes with a medical alert card and a waterproof card holder you can fill out and put in your wallet for extra identification.

What reviewers say: "I bought a [silver] one and a gold one so I will do one review for both. This ID tag is beautiful! The info on the back is easy to read and unless you look hard you [don't] know its a medical ID bracelet. I got the white symbol. Do not be shy about the color, EMTs know we wear [our] tags as jewelry and they check all our bracelets carefully. This is feminine but very sturdy. You can shower with it on if you like. If you keep the bracelet part and fit it tight to your wrist it looks like a watch at first glance."


A Medical ID Bangle Made Of Stainless Steel

This basic cuff is a different take on a medical alert bracelet. Made from durable stainless steel, this bracelet comes in gold-, silver-, and chrome-plated tones (the latter is pictured above). It can be designated with one of several given conditions, or you can personalize it with specific information engraved into both sides, free of charge. While it's only available in one size, reviewers say it has a little bend to it that allows you to shape it to your wrist. Like other bracelets on this list, it comes with a medical ID card you can fill out with additional information and put in your wallet.

What reviewers say: "Very sturdy and actually it's pretty. I love this product. Doesn't look like an Medical ID bracelet cuff. This company makes them like a piece of fine jewelry. I recommend this company to anyone looking for one. I bought 2 different stainless steel bracelets. They will last forever; [the] engraving stands up to anything I do."


A Beaded Medical Alert Bracelet In A Bunch Of Different Colors

Unlike other metal or silicone options on this list, this medical alert bracelet is made with wooden beads for a more natural look. The beads are strung together with an elastic cord, allowing this bracelet to stretch to fit most wrists. However, this is a bit less durable than a stainless steel or a silicone bracelet, particularly if you plan on getting it wet. It comes in seven different bead colors, including neutral black and white patterns as well as bright colors. It can also be personalized so the back of the plaque has all the information you need.

What reviewers say: "Nice quality. Might need to re-string eventually because it's on a clear stretchy cord but so far so good. Legible writing is clear but does not stand out excessively. Beads are good and not painted or anything weird. Overall very happy with purchase."


A Closed Metal Bangle That Can Be Engraved On Both Sides

This closed metal bangle comes in a bunch of different tones, as well as a few multi-packs of three bangles (perfect for swapping out to match your outfit of the day). You can get them either in a 7.4-inch length or an 8-inch length to match your own wrist. The brand offers engraving for a few different specific medical conditions, but you can also choose the custom engraving option and personalize both the inside and outside to your needs. Over 450 Amazon reviewers sing the praises of this medical alert bracelet, saying it's, "exactly what I was looking for!!" Bonus: It comes with a medical ID card you can fill out with extra details and keep nearby.

What reviewers say: "Our soon to be teen needed an alert bracelet but everything we looked at was unattractive. Even though it's a bangle and more "dressy," the message is clear to see and read and will work in an emergency situation. It's true to size so make sure you order the correct length or size. We did order a slightly larger size so that the bracelet would dangle a little and be more comfortable for our daughter. How the bracelet sits on the arm is subjective. Some want a snug fit, others don't. The bangle completely opens from the side so there is no issue with the bracelet going over the fist. It came in a cloth pouch for protection. We are happy with the purchase."


A Silicone Medical Alert Bracelet That's Waterproof & Adjustable

For a waterproof option, look no further than this silicone medical ID bracelet. Not only can it stand up to water, but also the stainless steel and silicone construction of this bracelet makes it resistant to high temperatures and thus more durable in the long run. While it is 9 inches in length, you can easily adjust this with the buckle on the back. This bracelet even comes with a two-year warranty in case you run into any issues. You can choose which band you like best from a bunch of fun colors and the plaque even comes in a few different metal tones. You can customize this with up to three lines of text to clearly include all the information you need.

What reviewers say: "I was really impressed with the quality of this bracelet. The type is very crisp and clear and easy to read. The contrast with black/metal looks really nice. It arrived with a cleaning cloth in a gorgeous gift box. I haven't take in off since I received it and it looks as shiny and new as the day it arrived. Was shipped and delivered earlier than promised."


A Minimalist Alert Bracelet Available In Silver, Gold, & Rose Gold

This minimalist metal alert bracelet has a narrow band that is nearly invisible during daily wear but has enough space for crucial medical information. This bracelet is made with stainless steel and coated with either no plating, or rose gold- or gold-plating, depending on your preference. The chain is adjustable from 8 to 9.5 inches in length, and can be clasped in a few different places so you can customize the length to your wrist. Word of warning: There isn't a lot of room for medical information, so this bracelet might not be right for everyone. But reviewers are happy with how beautiful it looks on and how easily it matches with their other jewelry.

What reviewers say: "It is beautiful and it doesn't look childish like most medical bracelets I've looked at. The script is clear on both sides. The clasp is a larger oddly shaped lobster clasp, so it is somewhat easy to put on by yourself. It will fit almost all adult wrists."


A Thin Chrome Medical Alert Bracelet With Inlaid Magnets To Reduce Dizziness

This stainless steel medical ID bracelet offers a minimal look with easy-to-read information. With a white font on the chrome-colored band, this bracelet is particularly legible, but it's still narrow enough to look discreet when you wear it. It measures 7.8 inches in length, but the links can be adjusted or removed using an included tool. You can easily customize this to have the exact information you want on both the inside and the outside of the plaque. The band even has magnetic stones that are designed to improve your circulation and minimize any dizziness you may feel.

What reviewers say: "I have only had this product about a week, but I really like the bracelet. It is comfortable and fashionable. My son is an EMT/Firefighter and I asked if this bracelet would be ok, if first responders would notice it, and he said yes."


A Metal Medical Alert Bracelet That's Easy To Adjust

This adjustable-length medical ID bracelet features a unique clasp that allows you to shorten the chain from 5 inches to 8.5 inches in length. Simply pinch the clasp and move it closer or further from your wrist for a comfortable fit. The bracelet is made of stainless steel with a gold-plating that's waterproof and won't easily rust. It also comes in silver- and rose gold-plated tones, and you can customize the interior engraving to your exact needs. You'll also get a medical ID card you can fill out and place in your purse or wallet with your purchase.

What reviewers say: "I purchased this for my mom. She loves the style and likes how easy it is to put on by herself. She says it's comfortable to wear. The medical information is on the back and is easily readable."

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