Kate Moss Is Beautiful In Any Decade

Kate Moss has been modeling for, well, literally decades. So it's no surprise that in her 20 plus years of being a world famous (maybe the most world famous) supermodel, she's done photo shoots that have made her look like she would fit perfectly into just about any other decade you could think of (this includes the future — because it's Kate Moss, and she looks good no matter what weird thing she's wearing). Moss has been called a timeless beauty, and whether that's because she is the most famous supermodel of our time or the fact that she simply does not age (no, really, it's scary). Who knows? But one thing is for sure — Moss looks good in every single decade, no matter what.

In her most recent campaign with Kérastase Paris, Moss channeled the one and only Brigitte Bardot and looked (dare I say it?) almost better than Bardot herself. Only Kate Moss is capable of something that amazing. From '40s glam to '70s mod to even Renaissance romance, Moss has proved that she would easily be considered the hottest thing on the planet no matter what time period she had been born in. Check out some of her best out-of-this-decade looks from recent photo shoots below. The award for most impressive, versatile 40-year-old supermodel goes to...

1. 2014 Kérastase Ad

Brigitte, is that you? One of Moss' most recent campaigns, the Kérastase photos look like something straight out of the '60s.

This looks like it could be right out of a scene from Titanic, but it also has Grecian vibes as well. The Oscar de la Renta gown is timeless in itself, and combined with Moss' look, it's easy to place this photo in almost any decade.

2. 2013 Stuart Weitzman Ad

Stuart Weitzman

Oh, hello, late '60s, early '70s Kate Moss. The topless thing just works here. If you weren't already amazed by the fashion power which is Kate Moss, I think this photo pretty much proves my point.

3. 2003 Party

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This image totally looks like it could be from the '70s, '80's, or '90s. Timeless? I think yes.

4. 2013 Centrefold Cover Shoot

Centrefold Magazine

Velvet. Heavy cat eye. Hello '60s.

5. 2011 Vogue Cover


I give Kate Moss, renaissance fashion princess.

6. 2013 i-D Magazine Shoot

i-D Magazine

Kate Moss as a hippie is very Kate Moss in general, and it just works.

7. 2005 Shot

David Westing/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pure. '90s. Glam.

8. 2018 Harry Winston Event

Studio Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This dress definitely looks like something Rose could have worn in Titanic, so... yeah, timeless.