What To Read Next, Based On Your Favorite Bestseller

by Melissa Ragsdale

There are some books that are bestsellers for a reason. Those books that you — and all your friends — just want to read over and over because they're so darn life-changing. Those books that have you counting down the minutes until the author's next release. Those books that everyone's talking about. The books that you need to read otherwise you're behind.

Sometimes, I close a book and I just want more of it, and re-reading isn't always enough to satisfy my craving for more. If only there were a word in English for that hunger for another book like the one we just finished.

Of course, it wouldn't be very interested if you just read the same books over and over again. But you can use your favorite bestseller as a stepping stone discovering a completely new book to fall in love with. And who knows, maybe you'll surprise yourself at what you end up falling for. The possibilities are endless!

This list is filled with dazzling debut authors, leaps across genres, and maybe even a few books you've heard of but haven't realized you should pick up. For me, reading is the most fun when you're making a discovery. So hop in and find your next favorite read:

If You Love 'The Hunger Games,' Try 'Bitch Planet' By Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro

Fair warning: Bitch Planet is a definitely more R-rated than The Hunger Games, but in my opinion, that makes it even better. Set in the not-distant-enough future, this comic series follows a group of insubordinate women who are sent to a prison planet where they are forced to fight for their life. But let me tell you, the women in these books are tough as nails, and they're not going down easily.

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If You Love 'The Girl on the Train,' Try 'The Last Place You Look' By Kristen Lepionka

Fifteen years ago, teenager Sarah Cook disappeared — and her boyfriend was convicted of the murder. Now, as he's on death row, but PI Roxane Weary thinks there might be more to the crime than authorities previously realized.

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If You Love 'Ready Player One,' Try 'Guy in Real Life' By Steve Brezenoff

If you want to immerse yourself in another gaming world, try Guy in Real Life. Lesh is obsessed with an MMO, but his secret is that his online persona is a girl. Svetlana is a table-top RPG master, whose gaming club is in trouble. The two literally collide, spinning into each others real and fictional worlds. This book can best be described as Ready Player One meets Rainbow Rowell.

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If You Love 'Me Before You,' Try 'All the Ugly and Wonderful Things' By Bryn Greenwood

Me Before You is just one of those stories that gives you the feels. So if you need something on that wavelength, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things is my number one recommendation. This is the unbelievably heart-wrenching story of a relationship that blooms between a young girl from a broken home, and a grown man who becomes the only anchor in her life.

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If You Love Harry Potter, Try 'Shadowshaper' by Daniel José Older

Of course, we're all looking for the next book to cure our Potter cravings, and, well, this award-winning urban fantasy is just fantastic. Set in Brooklyn, this is the story of a young woman who discovers her family is part of a secret, magical order who connect with spirits through paintings, music, and stories.

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If You Love 'The Fault in Our Stars,' Try 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' By Milan Kundera

This may seem like a huge jump, but trust me, you'll love this classic. Kundera draws on philosophy to tell a complicated love story. Though it's not a quirky teen love story like you would expect, this book is filled with all of those beautiful musings about life that give TFIOS its spark.

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If You Love 'Fangirl,' Try 'Eliza and Her Monsters' By Francesca Zappia

Another adorable book about fandom, Eliza and Her Monsters is perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell. Eliza is the creator of a popular webcomic, Monstrous Sea. Online, she has an enormous fan base and tons of friends, but IRL, she's a bit of a loner. But everything changes when a new boy comes to her school, and she discovers that he writes Monstrous Sea fanfiction.

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If You Love 'Wild,' Try 'Pull Me Under' By Kelly Luce

This hypnotic novel is certainly darker than Wild, but it also features a woman discovering herself by taking a journey by foot — this time, in Japan. When she was 12 years old, Rio fatally stabbed her school bully. Now, after building a life in the United States, far away from the horrific incident, she has returned to the country and must confront her past.

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