8 Words Trump's Butchered With His Pronunciation

by Cate Carrejo
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This weekend marked Yom HaShoah, the Israeli day of remembrance for the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. But during his speech at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Donald Trump's tendency to mispronounce words once again landed him in hot water, as it has many times throughout his brief political career. Trump mispronounced the word "Nazis," making it sound more like "Nazzies." These other times that Trump has mispronounced words at unfortunate moments aren't quite as bad as mispronouncing "Nazis" in front of a crowd of Jewish people on a day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust, but they were still bad nonetheless.

As a public figure and global leader, POTUS is generally expected to be eloquent, so as to reflect well on the nation as a whole. Trump has pretty much blown that standard out of the water, as he's proven time and time again. From his personalized diction of "bigly" and "yuge" to the times his ramblings about important issues like foreign policy have been just incoherent, Trump's mispronunciations in speeches and interviews more often provide material for a good laugh, rather than an inspiring sentiment. The saving grace is that they are indeed hilarious, as shown in these seven times that Trump mixed up his words.



The BeyHive isn't a group Trump should mess with.



Ironically, he was criticizing others for mispronouncing it, but he ended up being the one who was wrong.



It sounds SO WRONG.


"Two Corinthians"

It's Second Corinthians, not Two Corinthians.



It wasn't right, Donald. That word doesn't exist.



Jump to the 41:30 minute mark to see Trump embarrass himself in a room full of astronauts (and Ted Cruz).



This one is truly remarkable. He must have heard other people say this word a million times in his life, yet somehow, he still mispronounces it. Amazing.


Bonus: China

Trump doesn't exactly mispronounce it, but his emphasis within the word is highly idiosyncratic, and consequently hilarious. Please enjoy this supercut of Trump saying "Ch-eye-na."