80 Unique Gifts Under $25

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Time management gets all the recognition on resumes, but sometimes, procrastination is where it's at. Sure, waiting until the last minute can wreak some havoc, but the best gift givers let inspiration strike — even if it doesn't strike until three days before that special occasion. Take these amazing gifts under $25, for example. You never would've wowed anyone like this if you'd settled for that first pair of slippers you saw in the department store.

Now, let's take this topic one step further with the best gifts under $25 that you can buy on Amazon. Tons of websites have clever, unique gifts, but few are this convenient. In addition to loads of user reviews that outline basically everything about the product, Amazon also offers fast shipping on most things — and if you're a Prime member, that means you can procrastinate up until two days before that wedding, birthday, or anniversary. That's a pretty big window for inspiration if you ask me.

So before you impulse-buy the first thing you see out of desperation, check out these super clever gifts that all fit your budget. You'll have saved some money, and they'll be over the moon — and blissfully oblivious about the price tag.

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