83 Clever Gifts Under $30 For People Who Are A Pain To Shop For


Whether the person you’re shopping for this year is just slightly picky, or falls into what I'd call the “high maintenance AF” category, it can be stressful trying to find them a gift. Nothing seems quite right and every option you consider runs the risk of getting that polite smile that screams, “Thanks, but I'll be re-gifting.” If you’re on a budget, this process is even more daunting. Coming up with clever gifts under $30 for these types of people is a Herculean task.

Fortunately, I've put together a list of budget-friendly finds on Amazon that are proven crowd-pleasers. But before you jump in, I have a few pro tips that might help you narrow down the perfect pick.

First, think about your recipient's personality. Are they foodies? If so, try looking for things like new styles of cookware or unique kitchen gadgets — stuff like ergonomic herb mincers or miniature waffle makers. Or are they more into things like travel and the outdoors? In that case, try a TSA-approved organizer pouch or a portable Bluetooth speaker.

You can also consider what they do for a living. Folks who work at desks might like office gadgets whereas people who are on the road a lot might prefer car accessories. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with self-care products. Things like bath oils, facial masks, and massage tools are small bits of luxury that even the toughest-to-shop-for people love. Scroll on through this list to find the best gift ideas under $30 for the most "discerning" people in your life.


This Blissful Aromatherapy Mist That Melts Away Stress

Whether you want to de-stress or you simply enjoy the delightful scent of rosemary extract, patchouli, aloe vera, jojoba oil, bergamot, and witch hazel, this relaxing aromatherapy mist will feel soothing and sweet to your senses. Formulated by meditation gurus, the light mist is meant to invoke calm and peace through its aromatic properties. On top of the stress-relieving health benefits, it hydrates your skin and leaves you with a vibrant glow.


These Eco-Friendly Straws That Look Stylish While Saving The Planet

Made with high-quality stainless steel, these reusable straws are both stylish and eco-friendly. The strong, crush-proof design makes them super portable and they're compatible with almost any travel cup that has a built-in straw feature. The straws feature chic rose and gold colors with a modern metallic look that's both scratch-proof and rust-free. As a bonus, they come with two extra long cleaning brushes.


A Simple Sandwich Maker That Creates Hot Lunches In Minutes

Whether it's gooey grilled cheese or melted Ruebens, this wonderfully easy-to-use sandwich maker creates savory sammies within minutes. Simply put the bread and fixings into this little contraption, press down the lid, and voilà — instant lunch. The device seals the edges of the sandwich and features smooth, non-stick plates for hassle-free cleanup. When not in use, it can be locked with the handle to tuck away for compact storage.


This Convenient Purse Hook That Lets You Hang Your Bag Literally Anywhere

This handy purse hook, which can hold up to 35 pounds, allows you to attach your bag to any table, counter, bar, doorway, or other flat surface when you're on the go. It stays on the strap of your purse and when you want to hang it up, simply press down and watch it create an instant hook. The device is especially convenient for places like bathroom stalls or airports where you don't want to place your bag on the ground.


This Innovative Travel Pillow That Lets You Sleep Upright

Rather than twisting your neck to the side and waking up with kinks and achy muscles, this unique travel pillow features a clever upright design. The result is that you can sleep in a fully ergonomic position without your head constantly falling forward. The pillow is made from soft fleece and features sturdy internal support. It's available in red, grey, coral, and black.


A Set Of Clever Packing Cubes That Organize And Compress

Constructed with rugged yet soft nylon, this four-piece packing cube set is a superb way to stay organized when you're traveling. The cute, compact cubes help you keep things compartmentalized and prevent your belongings from turning into a tornado in your suitcase. Whats' more, the water-resistant pouches have brilliant double zippers that let you compress them, allowing you to pack twice as much. The set comes in seven color choices and each one features four different-sized cubes.


An Exfoliating Facial Scrub That Removes Blackheads And Impurities

Made with an earthy mix of marine plant extracts, black mud, and charcoal, this exfoliating stick lifts dirt and grease from deep inside your pores, leaving you with smooth, blemish-free skin. The hydrating scrub, which is formulated with cellulose beads, extracts blackheads and whiteheads alike, pulling excess sebum while cleaning your skin.


A Two-In-One Device That Includes A Makeup Brush Cleaner And The Soap

This awesome makeup brush gadget is a brush cleanser and scrubber all in one. The unit's full of soap made from coconut and palm oil that's specially formulated for makeup brushes. Simply dip your brushes into the solution and the soft, silicone scrubber at the bottom will lift residue from the brush hairs. The bottom of the case features suction cups, so you can stick it to your counter to keep it in place while you scrub.


This Produce Container That Keeps Your Veggies Fresh Longer

Constructed with a built-in crisper, this innovative produce saver helps keep your veggies fresh for longer in the fridge. On top of its elevated tray that keeps moisture away, the container has a vent that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to prevent things from spoiling. It's made from strong, durable material and the lid filter never needs to be replaced.


This Bamboo Cheese Board With A Hidden Knife Compartment

This dreamy bamboo cheese board has everything you need for the ultimate snack platter. It features built-in grooves on each side to hold crackers or meats like salami, prosciutto, and other savory cuts. The main block has plenty of room for a variety of cheeses, as well as fruits. Best of all, there's a secret tray that slides out to reveal three styles of cheese knives and a cheese fork, all made of stainless steel with bamboo handles.


This Relaxing Foot Massager That's Covered In Acupressure Beads

Designed with dozens of stress-relieving acupressure beads, this wooden foot massager is a wonderful way to relax after a long day on your feet. On top of feeling amazing against your skin, the luxurious device increases blood flow, reducing soreness and promoting overall better health. It's lightweight and portable with strong, sturdy wood that won't break.


A High-Tech Desk Lamp With Four Lighting Modes To Fit Your Mood

This dimmable LED desk lamp isn't your ordinary office light. The touch-sensitive, five-level dimmer offers four customized lighting modes depending on your mood or activity: "reading," study," relax," and "sleep." The strong LEDs can be recharged via USB so you don't have to deal with a cord. Plus, the high-tech device has a convenient, automatic shut-off function that kicks in after one hour.


This Highlighting Makeup Kit That Accentuates Your Favorite Spots

Rather than contouring, this highlighting set helps you direct light to the areas of your face that you want to accentuate. It includes four shimmery pressed powders, as well as a liquid strobe cream in your choice of either rose and gold hues or pink and gold tones. You can layer the shades together or apply them alone for a bolder look.


This Brilliant Popcorn Popper That Doubles As A Bowl

This genius invention is one part popcorn popper and one part collapsible bowl. Use it to make instant, microwavable popcorn with any types of kernels, whether they're regular or microwave-specific, and then carry it straight to the couch and eat directly from the large bowl. When you're all done, you can collapse the whole thing for easy storage without taking up a ton of space.


This Set Of Camping Sporks That's Perfect For Picnics

For folks who love camping, this convenient spork set is the perfect accessory for meals in the woods. The eight-pack of colorful sporks features sturdy utensils made from top-grade, BPA-free plastic. Unlike some sporks which are prone to wiggling and bending, making them difficult to use, these ones are strong and stable. They make great utensils for picnics, potlucks, backyard barbecues, and more.


This Versatile Food Spiralizer That Lets You Turn Veggies Into Pasta

Whether you're on a paleo diet or you just love the taste of zucchini noodles, this veggie spiralizer will turn your produce into all sorts of fantastically curled shapes. Use the different attachments to make things like imitation angel hair pasta, curly fries, noodles, or other shredded delights. Its sharp blades are made with cutlery-grade stainless steel, and the reinforced plastic casing allows you to cut up tougher vegetables, such as turnips and sweet potatoes.


This Cable Caddy That Keeps All Your Cords Tidy

Never deal with a frustrating pile of tangled cords and cables again. This simple and convenient cord management system offers tiny slots to run your electronics cables through, keeping them neat and tidy. The small gadget features seven slots that will fit most cables. The device, which comes with a double-sided adhesive, is compatible with practically any surface — even metal.


An Electric Makeup Brush That Applies Blush, Powder, And Liquid Foundation

Made with soft, synthetic fibers, this electric makeup brush has a strong, reliable motor that rotates a full 360 degrees to distribute your makeup smoothly and evenly. The device comes with three different heads — one for blush, one for powder, and one for liquid foundation. It features a noise-reducing design where the brush and the handle meet and two speed settings to choose from.


This Garment Steamer That's Faster Than An Iron And Fits In Your Suitcase

This powerful 700-watt clothes steamer is super lightweight and fantastically portable. The device weighs about the same as an iPad and fits into your suitcase with ease. To use it, simply put your garment on a hanger and run the steamer up and down, holding it a few inches away. Your shirts, slacks, and other nice clothes will be beautifully pressed and wrinkle-free almost instantly without the hassle of setting up an ironing board.


These Travel Bottles That Are 100 Percent Leak-Proof

Made with a bottleneck design and a leak-proof valve, these LiquiSnugs travel bottles ensure you won't open your suitcase to find a shampoo explosion. They have handy adjustable labels and convenient suction pads on the bottoms so you can attach them to the bathtub, shower, mirror, or other easily accessible places. They're made from soft, flexible silicone and 100 percent TSA-approved.


These Relaxing Gua Sha Massage Tools That Help Improve Blood Flow

These sleek wooden gua sha massage tools offer tons of health benefits, including increased blood flow, enhanced circulation, and the breakup of myofascial and soft tissue adhesions. They feature smooth edges made from camphor wood that's been shaped into intentional massage-friendly designs. The versatile tools reduce muscle soreness, improve post-workout recovery time, and relax both your body and mind.


A Tea Tree Oil Foot Wash That Fights Fungus Naturally

Made with natural tea tree oil, this foot and body wash is specifically designed to reduce body acne while treating fungus and bacteria. The hydrating wash helps with things like itchy scalp, dry cuticles, nail fungus, ringworm, athlete's foot, and other ailments that commonly affect the hands, feet, back, chest, arms, and scalp.


This Genius Salad Container That Keeps The Lettuce From Wilting

If you love bringing salad to work but hate how the lettuce gets gross and soggy before you can eat it, this BPA-free salad travel container is the perfect solution. It comes with a special compartment on the top where you can put all of the fixings so they stay separate and don't wilt the greens. It has a dedicated container for dressing and comes with a sturdy reusable fork that attaches to the lid.


A Useful Cable Winder That Protects Your Laptop Cord From Fraying

Instead of having your laptop cord bunch up in your bag, this handy cord winder keeps it neat while also protecting it from damage. Compatible with 45, 60, and 61-watt Apple MacBook power cords, it only takes five seconds to wind up and saves tons of space in your bag. You can adjust the length anywhere from 1 to 12 feet, so it's flexible, too.


A Versatile Hair Tool That Can Straighten, Curl, And Comb

This multi-tasking hair styler can comb, straighten, and curl your tresses with ease. It features five temperature settings that range from 140 to 428 degrees, so you can set it to whatever works best with your hair type. In addition to detangling, the comb's teeth act as a safety buffer to keep your skin from getting too close to the heated plates — so you don't have to worry about burning your scalp.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Creates A Relaxing Ambience

Handcrafted from beautiful salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains, this calming salt lamp purifies the air while creating a peaceful, soothing ambience. The technology works by releasing negative ions into the air that absorb dust. The device also emits a natural electromagnetic wave when it lights up that provides radiation protection, adding to the relaxed, stress-relieving atmosphere.


This Game-Changing Device That Makes Gourmet Omelets In Minutes

Get the savory goodness of your favorite brunch restaurant from the comfort of home with almost no work at all. This omelet making contraption is simple to use — just toss in your ingredients, press down the handle, and wait for the green light. Minutes later you have a delicious homemade omelet ready to devour. The gadget clicks together with a convenient handle so it's easy to carry and store.


This Head-To-Toe Wash That Looks Like Top-Shelf Whiskey

Perfect for anyone who's a fan of fine spirits and low-maintenance self-care, this 18.21 wash can be used as an all-over cleanser and conditioner. Sulfate-free and suitable for any hair type, this wash will leave skin and hair feeling healthy and hydrated.


This Powerful Plug-In Device That Neutralizes Odors In Any Room

Made with a high-tech carbon filter that traps odors and instantly neutralizes them, this robust plug-in odor eliminator is a great way to keep any room smelling fresh and magical. It's compatible with any 110-volt outlet and equipped with an indicator light that tells you when the filter needs replacing. It also features a night-light and has a removable "green meadow" scented cartridge.


An Eco-Friendly Makeup Eraser That Removes Cosmetics With Just Water

Rather than dealing with sticky facial wipes or greasy solutions, this low-maintenance makeup eraser removes cosmetics with nothing but water. Just run it under the faucet and wipe away any makeup, including tougher products like liquid eyeliner or waterproof mascara. On top of being convenient, it's eco-friendly, too. You can wash and reuse the cloth up to 1,000 times, meaning you'll never have to buy disposable wipes again.


This Cozy Knit Robe (It Has Pockets!)

This soft robe features loose-fitted sleeves, a belt, and (best of all) pockets. Available in nine different colors, it has an impressive four-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer in particular wrote, "So soft, great length, and by far my favorite robe. Definitely thinner material but perfect for spring/summer. And the robin’s egg blue color is GORGEOUS."


An Impressive Travel Cup That Keeps Coffee Or Tea Hot For Nine Hours

Featuring strong stainless steel with double wall insulation, this travel tumbler will keep your coffee or tea hot for nine full hours. If you're drinking a smoothie or some other chilled beverage, it will keep it ice cold for up to three hours. The vacuum-sealed to-go cup comes in 15 different colors, including choices like mint, lavender, matcha green, carnation pink, and pearl.


These Intensely Purifying Bath Salts For Soothing Soaks

Formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt crystals, these soaking salts offer soothing aromatherapy combined with intense detoxification. As you soak in the hot water, your body absorbs the nourishing minerals and floral essential oils, leaving you feeling peaceful and relaxed. In addition to the salt crystals, which contain magnesium, selenium, zinc, and iron, the mixture is infused with ylang ylang and vanilla oil.


This "Tree Of Life" Necklace That Doubles As An Aromatherapy Diffuser

This oil-diffusing necklace will soothe your senses with all-day aromatherapy. The sweet-smelling gift set comes with four mini-bottles of essential oil blends that feature anise, lime, orange, patchouli, clove, and more. The high-end stainless steel necklace features a "tree of life" with a clasping locket and 24-inch chain.


This High-End Cold Brew Maker That Works In 12 To 24 Hours

Unlike regular coffee, which can often taste bitter, this cold brew maker creates perfectly blended java with 70 percent less acidity than traditional iced or hot coffee. It features a high-quality, precision-cut filter made from premium stainless steel, as well as a shock-resistant borosilicate carafe. The silicone rings are BPA-free, and it's built with a clever non-slip base so it doesn't slide around on the counter. It's simple to use — just pour in the coffee grinds, add water, and 12 to 24 hours later your java is ready to drink.


These TSA-Approved Cosmetics Bags That Are Perfect For Travel

These clear toiletry bags are specifically designed for dealing with airport security and are sized in accordance with TSA's "three-one-one" rule (which allows 3.4-ounces of carry-on liquids placed in 1-quart bags at one bag per passenger). The transparency of the bags lets you skip the plastic Ziplocs in favor of these, which are reusable and attractive. The waterproof bags are leak-resistant with sturdy zippers and durable PVC material.


This Clever Fragrance Atomizer That Lets You Travel With Perfume

If you like to travel with perfume but hate lugging around a giant bottle that you have check under the plane and monitor for spills, this clever fragrance atomizer will change everything. The tiny bottle is compatible with any standard perfume bottle, allowing you to transfer the fragrance without any spills or exposure to air. It offers up to 65 sprays per fill and is fully TSA-compliant for carry-ons. Just one tip from reviewers: if you have multiple perfumes, you'll want to purchase separate atomizers for each one so the scents don't mix.


A Pizza Cutter Wheel That Makes Slicing Pies Effortless

Instead of dragging all of the cheese and toppings with you every time you try to cut pizza, use this cleverly designed pizza cutting wheel for a mess-free job. The sharp blade will slice through the toughest crusts with total precision, cutting all the way through so you don't have to roll it back and forth over and over again. The ergonomic design of the curved handle lets you apply more pressure without any extra effort, leading to cleaner cuts and less exertion. It's easy to clean and 100 percent dishwasher safe.


These Brilliant Sandwich Bag Holders That Make Pouring Easier

Rather than trying to hold the bag in one hand and pour your food with the other, these handy sandwich bag holders allow you to leave them sitting wide open on the counter for cleaner, easier pours. "I can honestly say I don't know how I would have filled the freezer bags without these ingenious baggy holders," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I was able to dump veggies, spices, meat, and cans of heavy beans and tomatoes into the bags, and they stood up the entire time without sliding or spilling."


A Silicone Sponge That's Easy On Surfaces And Doesn't Get Stinky

This versatile cleaning gadget can be used for countless tasks, including getting stains out of clothes while doing laundry, scrubbing dishes without scratching pots or pans, washing vegetables, bathing pets, and cleaning upholstery. Made from tough yet flexible silicone, it's a great way to clean sensitive items that you're worried about damaging. Plus, unlike regular sponges, this won't get mildewy or start smelling over time.


This Flexible Silicone Brush Designed Especially For Curly Hair

If you're someone with curly hair, you already know how challenging it can be to run a brush through it. Fortunately, this genius Flexy Brush features flexible silicone bristles designed to untangle thick manes of spiraling curls. The lightweight brush, which can be used on either wet or dry hair, features a combination of short and long bristles, the latter of which exfoliate while the former detangle. What's more, the open cushion layout reduces bacteria while minimizing the buildup of shampoo and other products.


This Stainless Steel Mortar And Pestle That Helps You Grind Fresh Spices

This mortar and pestle is functional and adds a classy touch to any countertop. It's made from durable stainless steel, that won't crack or absorb odors. Also, it's easy to clean. You can use this to grind up fresh spices to toss in your dishes for a welcome kick of flavor.


A Cozy Winter Hat With A Hole For Your Ponytail

The only downside to wearing a hat is that you can't have a ponytail with one — until now, that is. This clever knit beanie boasts a specially designed hole in the back that lets you wear a ponytail, as well as other cute hairdos, like a bun or braid. The warm hat is made from soft acrylic and features a stylish cable-knit design. Best of all, it comes in dozens of colors and patterns.


A Compact Travel Backpack That Folds Up Into One Of Its Own Pockets

Built with an impressive 30-liter carry capacity yet weighing only 320 grams, this Gonex travel backpack offers a great combination of lightweight functionality with lots of space to pack. It has multiple compartments with one pocket inside for storing small items and another in front for bigger accessories. It also features two water bottle holders and comfy mesh straps. The coolest part, however, is that the whole backpack folds into a small zippered pocket, so it's easy to stow when it's not in use.


A Portable Humidifier That You Can Drop Into Any Glass Of Water For Instant Mist

This convenient portable humidifier is USB-powered and easy to use — just fill the bottom piece with water and drop the top portion inside. The quiet motor can run for 12 hours on a single charge and features an automatic shut-off function. If you don't want to drag along with bottom piece, drop it into any glass of water for the same effect.


This Pastry Wheel That Makes Your Pies Look Picture-Perfect

The secret to a good-looking homemade pie is in the details, especially the ones around the edges. This easy-to-use pastry wheel helps you achieve bakery-style crusts simply by spinning the gadget around the edges. It leaves a decorative trim that makes the dessert look professionally made with hardly any extra time or effort on your part. The handy accessory is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, too.


This Miniature Waffle Griddle That Makes Sweet Treats In Minutes

This versatile mini waffle maker isn't only good for making breakfast treats; the multi-purpose machine can make paninis, hash browns, and even unique creations like biscuit pizzas. It's simple to use — just pour in the batter and press down the lid. The machine heats up almost instantly and pops out sumptuous delights a few minutes later. It comes in eight different colors and features dual non-stick plates with an easy-wipe base.


These Hydrating Bath Bombs Made With Shea Butter

Made with soft and silky shea butter combined with rich coconut oil, these vegan bath bombs morph your tub into a luxurious spa. The gift set comes with divine scents, such as raspberry breeze and summer breeze. On top of facilitating deep relaxation, these bath oils hydrate your skin and leave you with a healthy glow.


This Bluetooth Stereo That Can Be Fully Submerged Underwater

With a waterproof rating of IPX7, this high-tech Bluetooth speaker can be fully submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. The sand-proof, shock-proof stereo makes a great companion for things like pool parties, boating trips, camping, hiking, beach days, and even just sitting in the shower. It's lightweight and has 40-watt surround-sound audio, plus crystal clear bass. The device pairs quickly and has a rechargeable battery.


A Sherpa Throw Blanket That's Astonishingly Soft And Cozy

This sensationally soft sherpa throw blanket is one of the coziest things you could possibly curl up with. It's made with microfiber cashmere velvet on one side and plush faux-sheepskin on the other, offering a fully reversible design that's equally comfy both ways. You can throw it in the wash for easy care, and it comes in six colors.


This Nourishing Facial Moisturizer With Over 90 Ocean-Based Minerals

Formulated with mineral-rich seaweed complex, this Restore facial moisturizer is an incredible way to hydrate your skin while also feeding it nourishing ingredients that restore and repair. With more than 90 minerals, this moisturizer increases collagen production while also treating dry, parched skin.


This Ergonomic, Memory Foam Wrist Pad That Looks Like A Baguette

With a design that's specifically intended to conform to your wrist and hand, this foam wrist pad reduces soreness and helps prevent repetitive stress injuries. The pad, which is shaped into an adorable breadstick, adapts to the weight of your hand without losing its shape. The design also prevents your wrist from sliding down, making it ideal for gaming or other similar applications.


This Curling Iron That Heats Up Quick But Won't Burn Your Skin

This 35-watt ceramic curling iron isn't your basic hair curler. It features a fast-heating design that reaches up to 374 degrees Fahrenheit in just one minute. Not only that, it has a special plastic coating on the outside to keep the ceramic barrel covered so you don't burn your hands. "Easy to use, perfect temperature, and very reasonably sized," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I love this thing."


This Natural Soy Wax Candle That Smells Like Nostalgia

Hand-poured in small batches, this all-natural soy wax candle smells magical while invoking favorite memories. It burns for an impressive 60 to 80 hours, filling your home with sweet-scented goodness for weeks on end. The decorative candle comes in a dozen nostalgia-based scents, including beach cottage, grandma's kitchen, backyard barbecue, and summer camp.


This Hilariously Irreverent Adult Coloring Book Full Of Cocktail Recipes

As the name suggests, this silly and irreverent adult coloring book is full of animals drinking and it also features classic cocktail recipes. "Drinking while coloring? Coloring while drinking? Either way I love it!" wrote one reviewer. "The perfect goofy gift for my fun-loving sister-in-law. My personal fave is the llama drinking...wait for it... Pisco Sours, duh!"


This Rotating Makeup Organizer With Six Adjustable Layers

Not only does this convenient makeup stand display all of your cosmetics in a neat and organized fashion, it also spins in a full 360-degree rotation, so you can get a view of everything you own. The large-capacity organizer can hold up to 15 makeup brushes, 15 lipsticks, 35 to 40 bottles of skincare products, and countless other items. It features six layers, which can be adjusted according to your height preferences.


This Eyeshadow Organizer That Keeps Your Palettes Tidy

If you're into eyeshadow and other palette-based makeup products, this versatile palette organizer is a fabulous way to keep them in one place. The acrylic case can lay horizontally so you can stack your favorite palettes in clear sight. It has nine storage slots, each specifically designed to fit standard-sized palettes. "Helps me organize all of my eyeshadow palettes. Will be purchasing more soon. Love these. I love that the plastic is clear." wrote one Amazon reviewer.


This Portable Blender That's Perfect For Smoothies On-The-Go

Rather than making your smoothie in a big, bulky blender and then transporting it into a separate travel cup, this portable blender lets you blend your beverage in the same container you drink it out of. Just throw in your fruits and veggies, blend them together, and pop the cup out — you're all set to go. The durable contraption features a 400-watt motor, and its BPA-free cup is fully dishwasher-safe.


This Plush Queen-Size Topper That Morphs Any Bed Into A Luxury Mattress

Prepare to drift off to sleep in ridiculous comfort with this extra-soft polyester mattress topper. It's available in queen-, king-, and California-King-size, and it uses generous elastic straps to keep it firmly in place while you sleep. When needed, this topper is machine-washable on the gentle cycle, and it's also dryer-safe when you use the lowest temperature setting.


A Five-Year Journal That Lets You Track Your Life Over Time

This clever five-year journal tracks your thoughts, beliefs, goals, and day-to-day activities over time, allowing you to see how you've changed. The idea is to jot down a single line (or even a few sentences) each day in the space dedicated to that date. As you begin a new year and then cycle back through, you can see what you wrote in previous years and compare how you're doing now to how you were doing then.


A Handy Light For Your Purse That Doubles As A Phone Charger

If you've ever been digging through your purse, trying to find something lost in the abyss, you'll appreciate this brilliant purse light. The bright gadget, which clips inside your bag, is activated with a touch sensor. Simply tap the device and your entire purse will light up. As a bonus, it doubles as a portable power bank you can use to charge your phone.


This Ergonomic Herb-Cutter For Mincing Parsley And Cilantro

Whether it's rosemary, mint, dill, cilantro, or other fresh-smelling herbs, this useful herb mincer will help you chop up your tiny greens in seconds. It's built with a soft ergonomic handle and sharp stainless steel blades that rotate 90 degrees. On top of that, it has a protective blade cover that prevents you from cutting yourself and also keeps it from nicking other cutlery in your drawer.


This Genius Frying Skillet That Lets You Cook Three Items At Once

Rather than dirtying half your pans to make one simple meal, this multi-section frying pan lets you cook three different things in one skillet. It features a non-stick coating that's PFOA-free and stain-resistant. On top of that, it has a riveted steel handle that boasts a soft silicone grip, so it doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable in your hand.


A Lip Treatment That Hydrates, Nourishes, And Protects

Made with a soothing blend of tropical ingredients, like Hawaiian kukui nut oil, shea butter, agave, and grapeseed oil, this cruelty-free lip treatment gets rid of dry, flaky skin and leaves your lips feeling full, soft, and moisturized. "It's not like a traditional lip gloss," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "It isn't petroleum jelly, sitting on your lips and sticking to your hair every time the wind blows. It's more like a protective gel that heals your lips and keeps them in top condition. It smells amazing, isn't sticky, and doesn't leave an obvious shine on your face."


This Soothing Chamomile Night Balm That Helps You Fall Asleep

Whether you suffer from insomnia or just like to drift off to sleep to pleasant aromas, this Badger nighttime balm will send you off with relaxing, therapeutic vibes. The soft sleep balm features a blend of chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, and other essential oils that help calm the mind, relieve stress, and induce a deep state of sleep. Just dab a bit onto your temples before bed and watch it work its magic.


This Adorable Tea-Brewing Mug That's Shaped Like A Cat

Constructed with borosilicate glass, this tea-making mug is tough, durable, and honestly, quite adorable. The unique cup, which features kitty ears and a tail for the handle, can withstand temperatures up to up to 300 degrees. The kit includes a glass cup, removable stainless steel strainer, and a smooth plastic lid. It's easy to use and 100 percent "explosion proof."


This Compact Food Thermometer That Takes A Reading In Seconds

Built with exceptionally fast heat-gauging technology, this high-tech food thermometer can obtain a reading in approximately four to six seconds. The compact device features a versatile digital display that ranges from -49 to 392 degrees. It works with solid and liquid foods alike, allowing you to test the temperature of meats and pastries, as well as soups and oils. Best of all, it comes with a handy meat temperature chart on the back for quick reference.


A Precise Rolling Pin With Adjustable Height Measurements

This unique rolling pin comes with four removable discs that let you adjust the height of your crusts and pastries with total precision. To use it, simply swap the side pieces out to change the thickness to your choice of one-sixteenth-, one-sixth-, one-fourth-, or three-eighths-inch. The sturdy pin is made from high-end beech wood that's durable yet lightweight.


This Versatile Set Of Silicone Pot Holders

These soft and squishy trivet mats aren't your everyday hot pads. The versatile kitchen accessories can be used as pot holders, jar openers, spoon rests, and even oversized coasters. They're made with top-grade, stain-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 442 degrees. They're not prone to mildew or odor like most pot holders, making them stink-free and easy to clean.


This Powerful LED Light Bulb That's Motion-Activated

Designed with a high-tech motion detector, this super bright LED light bulb turns on whenever someone walks within 16 to 33 feet of it, and it turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity. The bulb makes a great security light or accessory for any spot where intermittent light is desired.


These Earbuds That Wrap Around Your Wrist For Quick, Tangle-Free Access

Instead of rolling your earbuds up or leaving them to tangle in your bag, these clever wristband headphones let you throw them on your wrist for safe-keeping. The high-quality earphones boast a 10-millimeter dynamic driver along with a universal one-button mic to connect to your phone for calls. The lanyard-style nylon keeps the wires organized, while the slider piece allows you to make easy adjustments.


This Convenient Gadget That Finds Everyone's Keys

If you're constantly losing your keys, this high-tech key finder is the solution to your absent-minded woes. Attach the small gadget to your keychain, and when you lose your keys, simply tap the corresponding button on the base to activate the locator. The device will ring loudly to help reunite you with your keys. It comes with four key-finders to a base, so the whole family can use it.


A Brilliant Smartphone Case With A Hidden Slot For Credit Cards

This sleek smartphone case has a secret compartment designed specifically for credit cards, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. During thorough testing, the tough protective shell was put on a phone and able to be dropped from 4 feet up 26 times without causing any damage. The hidden slot features an easy-slide design for effortless access.


These Dog-Themed Wine Glass Charms That Mark Which Glass Is Yours

Perfect for anyone who is equal parts wine lover and dog lover, these magnetic wine glass charms will keep your vino from getting lost in the crowd. The charms can be placed near the rim or the base of the glass. Impressively strong, they can also be used on acrylic glasses, copper mugs, martini holders, and ceramic tea cups.


A Versatile Storage Unit That Can Be Shelves, Drawers, Or Both

Made from sturdy fabric and a powder-coated steel frame, this free-standing closet organizer boasts three shelves and two collapsible drawers. The drawers can be inserted in between the bottom two shelves for pull-out storage, or removed completely for a top-to-bottom shelving unit. The lightweight stand, which has more than 300 reviews on Amazon, weighs just over 7 pounds and is super easy to set up.


This Smooth Gua Sha Roller That Reduces Eye Puffiness While Melting Away Stress

The all-natural jade stones of this gua sha face roller help minimize puffiness under your eyes while boosting blood circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. On top of these physical benefits, the smooth sensation provides a calm, relaxing energy that eases stress and tension.


This Hair Curler With An Extra Deep Barrel And Auto-Shut-Off

Constructed with an extra deep waver barrel, this versatile Bed Head hair curler creates your choice of evenly sculpted waves or messy beach curls. It's designed to reduce frizz and minimize damage from heat. The device has a temperature control gauge with settings up to 400 degrees, plus an automatic shut-off for enhanced safety.


This Book That Teaches You How To Find Balance Using The Swedish Concept Of Lagom

If you struggle with work-life balance or feel like you're always stressed out, this insightful book Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much will help you slow down and let go of the things you don't really need. The book draws wisdom from the popular Swedish concept of "lagom" that emphasizes things like simplicity, minimalism, and regular decluttering.


These Antimicrobial Makeup Sponges That Help You Get An Even Application

Whether you're working with liquid foundation, primer, concealer, powder, blush, or other cosmetics, this complete blending set will give you a smooth, even look every time. The latex-free sponges are made with premium antimicrobial foam that's thick and flexible. Each one is specifically shaped to access hard-to-reach spots and ensure an even application. The set includes three sponges in small, medium, and large sizes.


This Simple But Genius Pasta Measure That Allots The Right Amount Of Spaghetti Every Time

If you're tired of eyeballing how much spaghetti you need to use and always end up with heaps of overflowing noodles, this clever pasta gauge gives you fast and accurate measurements. It's made from sturdy stainless steel and has a compact, dishwasher-safe design. Plus, it's super simple to use — just slide your pasta into the correct hole (with clear markings for 1 through 4 cups) and fill.


This Innovative Lid Lifter That Opens Aluminum Cans From The Side

Instead of using a regular can opener that's prone to messy, uneven cuts and jagged edges, this innovative lid lifter cuts in from the side, leaving the rim of the can smooth and hazard-free. The unique kitchen gadget features a stainless steel cutting mechanism and sturdy jaws that clamp on tightly, then release with the push of a button.


A Savory Vegetarian Cookbook With Simple But Delicious Recipes

With an abundance of recipes calling for vegetables from farmers' markets and other natural sources, this vegetarian cookbook features mouthwatering recipes that both vegetarians and meat-eaters will love. Highlighted recipes include "Beet Slaw with Pistachios and Raisins," "'Herbed' Butter with Warm Bread," and "Tomato, Melon, and Hot Chile Salad with Burrata."


An Electric Milk Frother That Turns You Into An At-Home Barista

If you love nothing more than sipping on foamy lattes and other indulgent coffee drinks, this electric milk frother will morph your house into a miniature Starbucks. In as little as 60 seconds, you can make hot or cold foam — or simply heat milk up. It has a stainless steel exterior and can be removed from its base for easy serving.


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