9 Autobiographies By British Reality TV Stars That You'll Actually Want To Read


Celebrity autobiographies are often stereotyped in three key ways. One: that they are never written by the celebrity. Two: that they are always short of the things you want. And three: that they're just a bit rubbish. Books written by those who found fame on a reality show, however, receive even more flack. But they're not all bad. In fact, some are serious page turners. And the following UK reality TV star autobiographies prove it.

Although, as the Guardian notes, real-life memoirs are seeing a surge in popularity, there's nothing like a good celeb read to keep you occupied by the pool on holiday. Easy to take in and full of stories that will leave you laughing, crying, or hysterically cry-laughing, books penned by reality stars are the ultimate relaxation read.

Individuals like Katie Price and Jade Goody arguably kickstarted a publishing passion for reality TV star autobiographies. And when this particular entertainment genre exploded into a smorgasbord of county-based drama, the books just kept coming. TOWIE, Geordie Shore, and Made in Chelsea stars took the opportunity to lay out their lives for the world, resulting in some pretty decent books. Not to mention the ones coming from stars of The X Factor and Great British Bake Off.

It doesn't matter whether reality stars have help getting their thoughts and experiences onto paper. It's the end product that counts. Here's a few of the best down-to-earth autobiographies to inhale right now.

1. 'Being Jordan' by Katie Price

No reality star autobiography list is complete without the one that kicked the trend off. Katie Price's first book, Being Jordan, once held WHSmith's record for the most autobiography copies sold in one week. And, in 2013, the Guardian revealed that it was one of the bestselling autobiographies since 2001. In it, Price reveals literally everything about her career and love life. The paperback version even includes a Peter Andre-filled update.

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2. 'The Life Of Rylan' by Rylan Clark-Neal

Published in 2016, Rylan's tell-all is still an Amazon bestseller three years later. The book starts with his East End roots and takes readers through his slightly laughable music career to becoming a true national treasure. It's super honest, but what else did you expect?

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3. 'Finding My Voice' by Nadiya Hussain

Winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015 gave Nadiya Hussain the chance to tell her story. Warm and full of heart, Finding My Voice considers the experiences that Hussain used to find her place in the world. The personal recipes are a yummy bonus.

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4. 'Me Life Story' by Scarlett Moffatt

Several Geordie treasures unsurprisingly feature on this list. A Sunday Times bestseller, Scarlett Moffatt's autobiography is a journey through her life in seats. Obviously, there's her famous Gogglebox sofa and I'm a Celebrity throne. But there's also bus seats and the glorious toilet. Readers have apparently laughed and cried, so expect a mixture of highs and lows with this one.

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5. 'Mouthy: Unfiltered, Uncensored & Honest As Ever' by Megan McKenna

Another Sunday Times bestseller, TOWIE star Megan McKenna's book is both vulnerable and funny. Dealing with diagnoses of anxiety and coeliac disease, incidents of bullying, and heartbreak, it's not completely what you'd expect from one of the loudest women on television.

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6. 'Zayn' by Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik may now officially be an A-lister, but his beginnings stem back to a talent show. After spending five years with one of the world's biggest boybands, Malik quit to join the solo life. This book is a diary of that time, complete with never-before-seen photos, song lyrics, and anecdotes.

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7. 'Me Me Me' by Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby's book has received over 500 reviews on Amazon with an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars. Going from her eventful teenage years to her 2011 appearance on Geordie Shore and subsequent antics, nothing is off limits here. It proved to be so popular that the star penned a sequel.

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8. 'Jade: Fighting To The End' by Jade Goody

2019 marks a decade since Jade Goody sadly lost her battle with cancer. This updated autobiography charts every step of her life, from her childhood and reality TV fame to her controversies, family, and eventual cancer diagnosis. A truly moving story, according to readers.

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9. 'Nothing But The Truth' by Vicky Pattinson

Vicky Pattinson's "brutally honest read" (according to one reviewer) goes from a call centre job to a party-filled and filmed life, including all the struggles that come with it. It was even updated to include the latest gossip and drama.

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Better make room on your bookshelf.