9 Totally Genius B&M Bargains That'll Change Your Life For Under £10

by Aoife Hanna
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B&M is one of those British institutions that is prized highly among keen bargain hunters. And who would blame them because it sells absolutely everything. From food items you didn't even know actually existed, to impossibly reasonable tech items, interiors, and of course — bits. You know exactly what I mean by bits don't you? They tend to come along with bobs. And this home store is effing full of them. And with a lot of B&M buys for under £10 your home, you might not be able to deal with the value.

For under ten quid you might be about to change not only your interiors but also your life. You heard me, I am not being dramatic. Some of these items are low key life changers. Think I'm wrong? Well wait until you have taken a scroll through their website and seen the potential greatness awaiting you.

Or maybe you could take your ten quid, gamble it, make a killing, and buy yourself an actual inflatable hot tub. For £225. Don't worry, you can also get the chlorine tabs for it from them because yes, they really sell everything. And no, you don't want to be letting that hot tub water get too funky. Read on for the gems.


Philips Bluetooth Speaker

Take your music outside with you with this handy wireless speaker. It has a rechargeable battery and will provide you with up to six hours of music fun. Yes, a tiny but powerful bluetooth speaker for under a tenner.


Rolson Home Tool Kit

Live your butch queen dream and be the person who can say "Don't worry, I have just the tool for that."


Oversized Picnic Cooler Bag

Hell no, nobody has time for warm beer or gone off food. This bag will keep it cool on those sweltering summer days.


Cat Bed Igloo

Trying to get your cat off your bed? Why not get it this adorable leopard cat igloo. Not that you can make a cat do what you want it to, but at least the fabric is cute.


Mason & Jones Micro LED String Lights

These lights will make any outdoor space look utterly magical and because they are solar powered you won't even have to get batteries for them.


Marble Effect Kitchen Canisters

Play the "guess how much these cost" game with these bad boys and win every time. They are cute, sleek, stylish, and look heck of a lot more expensive than they actually are.


Leo Shoe Rack

Finally become the organised person of your dreams and have everything a specific way and be super smug about it. I believe in you and your ability to do these things. And at £3.99, you won't feel like a complete failure is the shoes end up on the floor anyway.


Boombeatz Karaoke Microphone

Be that person who drives everyone wild at a party. At such a bargain basement price, who needs friends anyway?


Downtown 2-in-1 Popcorn & Pancake Maker

No, you don't need it. You do however want it and being an adult means you can go and buy that right now.


With all this good value available, looks like it's time to clutter your house right up. YOLO.

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