9 Beliefs That Prove You're Liberal, Even If You Don't Think You Are

Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While partisanship runs deep in this political climate, most Americans, according to a Pew Research Center study, don't consider politics through a "uniformly liberal or conservative lenses." But whether you identify with any one label, when it comes to certain issues, your beliefs could suggest you're more liberal than you think you are.

There are beliefs that firmly go with liberal and conservative ideologies, the Pew Research Center explored in research for their political typology quiz: personal responsibility versus government action; the definition of religious freedom for different people, and more. But then there are others, too, that fall in a gap between the parties, or openly dislike both. "Young outsiders," "faith and family left," and the "hard-pressed skeptics" don't necessarily fall inside the typical left-or-right framework of these quizzes — nor do the "next-generation left" or "bystanders."

If you feel like any of those descriptors fit you, that you currently fall in the gap between the left-right framework, it must be frustrating. So forget the quiz and take a moment to consider that perhaps, you really are liberal — you just haven't realized it yet. If you already support liberal policies on these nine issues, it's time to rethink how you define your views.


Clean Air And Good Gas Mileage

Perhaps this doesn't sound like a partisan issue. Of course you want to breathe clean air — and yet, that's increasingly something the current administration opposes. Republicans are cutting the EPA budget and rolling back fuel economy regulations on cars.


Marriage Equality

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you support marriage equality — just like 64 percent of the country that agrees with the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex nuptials. Liberals support this — many Republicans still don't.


No One Should Go Hungry

Perhaps you heard Rep. Adrian Smith, a Nebraska Republican, decline to say last week that "every American is entitled to eat." That's right, he doesn't necessarily think that everyone in America deserves to eat food. Do you? Liberals sure do. Food stamps is a federal program that helps solve this issue, and some Republicans want it on the chopping block.


Public Schools Should Be Free And Good

If you agree with this, you're by default a liberal. That's because Republicans are trying to dismantle the federal agency that is charged with improving the nation's schools. They're also making it harder to pay back loans by slashing forgiveness programs. And if you agree all public schools should be funded fairly, you're a super liberal.


Corporations Should Pay More Taxes

If it seems the rich and powerful keep getting richer and more powerful, it's because they are. And the Republicans under Trump want to cut their taxes when wages for workers are stagnant and profits are up. If you think they should pay their fair share, that's a liberal view.


Society Should Support Parents

Do you think young mothers and fathers should get to take paid time off work when they have a baby? Right now, anyone who has a sick parent or child is not legally protected to be paid to take care of them. Trump is actually open to this benefit, but Republicans in Congress won't go for it because it's a liberal policy.


Net Neutrality

Again, you wouldn't think this to be a partisan issue. Everybody likes their Netflix to come in strong and clear. But the Trump administration is rolling back net neutrality regulations for the benefit of corporations, and conservative Republicans continue introducing anti-net neutrality bills.


The Government And Corporations Shouldn't Read Your Stuff

Congressional Republicans and President Trump reversed a regulation that would have kept your internet privacy, well, private. Now corporations are free to use that data to sell you things. You should not mess with people's internet — now, respecting it is a partisan issue, too.


Immigrants Make The Country Better

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Do you come from a family of immigrants? Do your friends? The fact is that you probably have a diverse group of friends means you probably appreciate diversity, and would welcome even more in your community. Well, that, too, is a liberal belief — and it has been, even as far back as John F. Kennedy's presidency.

If you have agreed with these beliefs, you're a liberal. Check again the quizzes if you must, but the values and priorities that are associated with these beliefs are inherently liberal. Take that into consideration as you vote, from now until the 2018 midterms.