9 Drugstore Peel-Off Masks To Add To Your Skin Care Routine

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

If there's one beauty truth that pretty much everyone can agree upon, it's that there's nothing more satisfying that a good peel-off face mask. And when it's an affordable drugstore peel-off mask, that's even better. There's just something so satisfying about applying a cool gel mask, waiting for it to dry, and then slowly peeling it off and unclogging your pores. As much as I love a good sheet mask, I have to admit that peel-off masks are my go-to when I want an extra squeaky clean feeling.

Although experts have mixed thoughts about whether peel-off masks actually remove blackheads, if you don't use them too often, they're a great addition to your beauty routine. Just make sure you're reading the directions properly, and you'll be in business.

Although I love the luxe packaging and great smells of high-end beauty products, I have to admit that drugstore products are more up my alley in terms of budget right now. These nine drugstore options I've rounded up are affordable (they range from $2.99 to $15.99), and they have various ingredients and formulations depending on what you want to get from the mask. Here are all the options.

1. Blackhead Removing Mask

Pilaten Blackhead Remover, $13, Jet

This inexpensive option is designed to purify.

2. Skin Brightening Mask

Formula 10.0.6 Skin-Brightening Mask, $7, Target

If you're looking to brighten your skin, this is a good option.

3. Detoxifying Mask

Enlite Super Face, $7, CVS

Want to detoxify your pores? This inexpensive option from CVS works.

4. Pore Purifying Peel

Alba Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel, $5, Target

This mini peel from Alba will get your pores squeaky clean.

5. Hydrating Mask

Masque Bar Hydrating Peel Off Mask, $4, Target

Want to hydrate while you peel? This one uses cucumber extract to do that.

6. Refreshing Peel Off Mask

Que Bella Refreshing Peel Off Mask, $10, Target

Want some tingling with your mask? Go for this refreshing pomegranate one.

7. Cucumber Mask

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask, $4, Rite Aid

I personally love the smell of cucumber, so this mask is right up my alley.

8. Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Peel Off Mask, $14, Target

Charcoal is known for its purifying properties, so this mask will give you a super deep clean.

9. Sweet Tea & Lemon Mask

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask, $7, Walmart

Love an Arnold Palmer? This lemon and tea mask will remind you of drinking one.