The 9 Best Fast-Drying Blow Dryers

by Taylor Fuller

Who has the time to treat themselves to a blowout? I know I don’t. And I dread drying my own hair because it takes too long and I end up leaving the house with sore arms and half-dried hair. But no more. With today’s advanced technology, there are blow dryers that dry hair faster and even reduce damage while they’re at it.

If you’re looking to upgrade your old dryer, there are a few key things to look for if you want a faster, safer model. One of them is wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster and hotter the the blow dryer will be. Professionals say you should be aiming for a dryer with at least 1800 to 1850 watts but professional-grade dryers can reach up to 3600.

Another way to boost speed is to look for hair dryers that feature ionic technology and/or far-infrared heat. Ionic technology means the hair dryer creates millions of negative ions, which helps to break down the water molecules. The latter — far-infrared heat — gives off heat that has a longer wavelength than conventional heat, which enables it to penetrate the cell membrane cortex of your hair cuticles to essentially dry your hair from the inside out. Both of these technologies can cut down your drying time, and because they cut down on heat exposure, they also reduce damage caused by dryers, so it’s a win-win.

Blow dryers that dry hair fast can be budget-friendly or splurge-worthy and help you get the look that you thought you could only get at the salon (in half the time).


A Professional Dryer For Less Than $100

RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer, $80, Amazon

Get professional results at home for less than the price of a visit to the salon. This professional 2000-watt dryer is infused with ceramic and tourmaline which dramatically reduces time spent drying hair. The dryer uses far-infrared heat and natural ions to dry hair and is perfect for thick, coarse hair.


A Drugstore Buy That Gives You A Salon Style

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance Dryer, $35, Amazon

Who says you have to break the bank for a flawless do? Conair makes some amazing hair tools at drugstore prices. This dryer has high wattage and ionic technology (the two things that ensure a speedy dry). With three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cold shot button, you’ll be left with dry, smooth, frizz-free hair in minutes.


A Blow Drier That Dries AND Styles

Conair 1875 Watt 3-In-1 Ionic Styler, $19, Amazon

It’s great that you can dry your hair faster with all of these hair dryers, but what about styling it? Enter: the Conair 3-in-1 Ionic Styler. The 1875-watt hair dryer quickly dries your locks and the included attachments help you achieve your desired style.


A Quick Ion Dryer For Curly Hair

Devacurl Devadryer And Devafuser, $142, Amazon

This diffusor/dryer doesn't just dry your hair, it also enhances your curls. Featuring a unique diffuser attachment that is specifically designed for curly hair, it's able to deliver a 360-degree airflow so your curls are completely surrounded by air (even your roots) for a crazy fast dry time.


A Super Fast, Lightweight Dryer That’s Worth The Splurge

BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer, $200, Amazon

This super light dryer weighs less than two pounds and it is extremely quiet. While the wattage might not be super high (it’s only 1400), it uses nano-ionic minerals to hydrate dry, damaged hair and smooth fly-aways, giving you a radiant style.


A Miniature Ionic Dryer Perfect For Travel


SEPHORA COLLECTION Mini Blast Travel Ionic Blow Dryer, $49, Amazon

This powerful mini ionic blow dryer which has dual-voltage and is ideal for travel. It’s compact, lightweight, and delivers awesome results. It uses a DC motor to emit negative ions into hair to dry hair faster and eliminate frizz.


An Award-Winning Dryer For A Salon Quality Blow-Out

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer, $130, Amazon

This award-winning hair dryer is way more powerful than a standard one for a few reasons. It doesn’t just dry your hair incredibly fast with it's 1600-watt AC motor, it also uses ionic technology to lock moisture into your strands for soft, shiny results that can last as long as a salon blow out.


An Iconic Conditioning Dryer With An AC Motor

Berta Professional Hair Dryer, $36, Amazon

When you purchase beauty tools for lower prices, you might expect them not to last as long. But that’s not the case with this hair dryer. It’s built with an 1875-watt AC motor which means that it has three times longer of a life than competitors built with DC motors. It also features ionic ceramic drying system to dry your hair faster and leave it frizz-free.


A Highly-Reviewed Ceramic Hair Dryer For A Quick Dry And Frizz-Free Hair

Remington AC2015 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer, $25, Amazon

Sealing off the hair cuticle is what eliminates frizz and gives you shiny hair and that’s exactly what the technology found in this dryer claims to do. This dryer uses both ceramic pearl and ionic technology to leave you with smooth strands. The even heat distribution, which comes from the ceramic technology, helps hair dry faster (40 percent faster than a standard dryer) and feel much softer.

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