The Bookish Accessories You Need For Your Summer Vacation

by Julia Seales

Summer is the most wonderful time for book-lovers: the weather is perfect for reading outside; all that vacation time means more reading time; tons of new movies based on books are released; and readers can finally swap their cappuccinos and hot teas for iced coffee and smoothies. Plus, do I need to even mention that reading by the side of the pool or on the beach is total paradise? Honestly, all I need to have a perfect summer is a hammock, a stack of books, and a glass of iced tea. What more could I possibly need?

Well, as it turns out, there are tons of bookish accessories out there that can enhance any summer reading experience. After all, I do need a place to store all my books.... and a container to hold that iced beverage... and a swan floatie to lay upon as I enjoy the latest thriller. So, if you – like me — want to take your bookworm status to the next level this summer, add some of these items to your checkout bag. I promise they will make the warm-weather months ahead a little bit sunnier:


The Little Prince Tote

Out of Print

The Little Prince Tote, $18, Out of Print

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye," — true, but having a great tote isn't bad. Store your beach reads in this one, inspired by the whimsical book The Little Prince.


Beach Reads Mini Candle

Beach Reads Mini Candle, $5, Etsy

If you can't make it to the beach, let this candle transport you to a warm, sandy vacation.


Wonderland Koozie

Geekazoid on Etsy

Wonderland Koozie, $5, Etsy

Keep your drinks cold even when the weather is hot in this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-inspired koozie.


Anne Of Green Gables Print

Anne of Green Gables Print

Anne of Green Gables Print, $14, Etsy

Add some warm weather cheer to any room with this Anne of Green Gables print, featuring a quote that will keep you optimistic all summer long.


Middle Earth Map Flip Flops

Middle Earth Map Flip Flops

The Hobbit Middle Earth Map Flip Flops, $25, WB Shop

One does not simply walk into the beach without sporting these amazing LOTR flip-flops.


Jane Eyre Tumbler

MadAboutZ on Etsy

Jane Eyre Tumbler, $13, Etsy

Keep your coffee or smoothies cool in this tumbler, which features one of the most iconic Jane Eyre quotes.


Austen Men Tank

Brookish on Etsy

Austen Men Tank, $14, Etsy

So many Austen heroes to fall in love with, and you can show your appreciation for all of them with this soft summer tank.



AquaReader, $50, Amazon

Read in the pool with this flotation device — no need to worry about leaning against the side of the pool in order to stay cool and read at the same time. The AquaReader has you covered.


Pegasus Pool Float


Pegasus Pool Float, $46, Amazon

Channel your favorite ancient stories with this Pegasus pool float.