9 Books About That ONE Summer That Changed Everything

June is right around the corner, and you can probably taste the sweet tang of summer already. Every book-lover knows that summer is a time for discovery and transformation. When school gets out and everything is shifted around for the season, you never know what new friends, new loves, and new experiences are around the corner. And of course, you'll need an amazing summer book to guide you through all these life changes.

From The Great Gatsby to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, literature has shown us time and time again that a lot can change in one single summer. Summer may only be June to September, but you know that a character can have their life completely flipped upside down in that amount of time.

Summer is filled with hope, possibility, and a special brand of magic. Maybe you're starting a new summer job, or you've fallen for a new person, or you're headed out on a big trip. Even if you're just planning to lay low and hang by the pool, you never know what surprises this summer may have in store.

So, here are some books that show how even just one summer can change everything. As we settle in for another season of sun, surf, and beach reads, it's time to get excited for all things summer:

'This One Summer' by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki

Every year, Rose's family visits their lake house, where she pals around with her friend Windy. But this summer, everything is different — and more than one person in town has secrets that could be dangerous.

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'That Summer' by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen's books are classic summer reads. In this one, 15-year-old Haven can't keep up with all of life's changes: Her father just got remarried, and her sister is getting married, too. But when one of her sister's old boyfriends reemerges, she finds herself on an unexpected path.

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'The Summer That Melted Everything' by Tiffany McDaniel

The summer of 1984 was an unforgettable one for Fielding Bliss. After Fielding's father puts an ad in the paper inviting the devil to town, a 13-year-old boy mysteriously shows up claiming to be him. But who is this boy really? As tensions in their community rise, you won't be able to turn away.

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'Second Chance Summer' by Morgan Matson

Get the tissue box ready for this one. When Taylor's family gets devastating news, they decide to go to their lake house to spend one last summer together. As Taylor reunites with old friends and her family grows closer, she discovers some profound truths about how life moves forward.

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'The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)' by Amy Spalding

Fashion-obsessed Abby is finally taking the first step in her dream career with a summer internship at a boutique. For the first time in her life, she doesn't feel like a sidekick. Plus, she's falling for one of her fellow interns, Jordi Perez. But both girls are competing to land the same paid job at the boutique, which makes their blossoming relationship all the more complicated.

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'It Started With Goodbye' by Christina June

This modern Cinderella story will definitely hook you. Tatum is certain this is going to be the worst summer of her life. She's been falsely accused of a crime and placed under house-arrest by her stepmother. But she's been running a secret graphic design business by night, and she soon discovers that she's not the only one in the house keeping secrets.

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'Alex, Approximately' by Jenn Bennett

Bailey has been crushing for months on Alex, a fellow film geek she only knows online. But then, she moves across the country to live with her dad — and it just so happens to be the town that Alex lives in. But should she tell him she's here and risk not liking him IRL?

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'The Summer of Broken Things' by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Avery and Kayla used to be BFFs when they were kids, but they couldn't be more distant now. So of course, Avery is horrified when her father invites Kayla along on a family trip to Spain. But while on vacation, the two discover a secret about their families — and all of a sudden, everything is different.

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'The Gypsy Moth Summer' by Julia Fierro

It's 1992, and Avalon Island has been blanketed by an invasion of gypsy moths. As caterpillars cover everything, Leslie Day Marshall —the only daughter of Avalon’s most prominent family — has returned to the island with her black husband and their biracial children. Every islander has an opinion about the family, and tensions rise to a dangerous height when Leslie's son and a local girl fall for each other.

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