9 Surprisingly Sexy Date Night Ideas

by Carina Wolff

When you think of a typical date night, most people envision dinner and drinks. Those dates can be fun, but they tend to get repetitive, and not all date nights have to involve a fancy restaurant or a glass of wine. There are a number of other date nights that are surprisingly sexy, and it's nice to switch up what you do when you go out with a partner, whether it's someone you have been dating for years or a new person that you're just trying to get to know.

"The key to creating a date that is surprisingly sexy is to get out of your comfort zone," says dating and relationship expert Megan Weks over email. "The arousal from doing so will be attributed to one another and will set the tone for a fiery and exciting evening together."

It can be hard to rack your brain for some new ideas that are both fun and romantic, but luckily, I've consulted a number of dating and relationship experts to do the work for you. Here are nine date night ideas that are surprisingly sexy — for those times when dinner and a movie is really beginning to feel stale:


Sunset Swim


Whether you're going to dip in a pool, paddle board on the bay, or swim in the ocean, heading out to the water around sunset can be very thrilling. "Any small adventure like this in the dark can be completely surprisingly sexy," Weks says. "It doesn't get any more romantic than two lovebirds swimming under the sunset."


Bonfire And S'mores


Try having a s'mores dessert night date. "Just the act of building the fire together will ignite the fire for one another," Weks says. "If you haven't had s'mores lately, they are mind-blowing. Feeding anything that good and sticky on sticks to one another is a surefire way to set the tone for a sexy evening."


Taking A Long Drive


Taking a road trip — even just a mini one — can give you and your date some uninterrupted time to talk and connect, not to mention take in some scenery. "Take a long drive up and share stories," says relationship expert Audrey Hope over email. "The crazy and funny things that you have done on your long road to where you are now brings you closer together."




Yoga sounds daunting to many people, but it can be a new way to connect and destress. "There is nothing sexier than seeing your potential lover or spouse stretching and sweating their anxieties away," Remy Boyd, professional matchmaker at Tawkify, says over email. "The two of you have the perfect opportunity to get close, touch, meditate, and loosen up to the point of arousal, which sets the stage for some additional steamy stress relief later."


At-Home Dance Party


Get together a playlist, adjust the lighting ahead of time, make a few exotic mixed drinks, and dress up for the event. "Get moving — at home," says relationship expert April Masini over email. "You don’t have to drive to a club, deal with club goers, and have hot sex in a dirty, public bathroom. Yours is clean. If your neighbors are peering through their windows or your apartment neighbors are banging on your door because you sound like you’re having too much fun, you’ve succeeded."


Costume Party


Invite your partner to a themed costume party. "There is something very exciting about seeing each other in new clothing," says online dating consultant Stacy Karyn over email. "The costumes don't even have to be revealing. Just by participating in such a party, you show that you are fun to be around, and that’s sexy."


Skill Exchange


Showcase your best attributes with a "skill exchange." "If you have different strengths and skills, play 'student/tutor' and learn something new from your partner," Karyn says. "This also puts you and your partner into new roles, kind of like mega-light role playing. This also works great if one of you happens to speak a foreign language."


At-Home Spa Night


"Transform your personal space into a sensual spa by lighting candles and incense, turning on some meditative tunes, and creating a palette of plush blankets and pillows," says Alyssa Bunn, professional matchmaker at Tawkify, over email. "Bring out the chocolates, massage oil, your favorite bottle of wine, and even some fresh flowers. Then, treat each other to relaxation and play with your desires."


Amusement Park


Consider going to an amusement park or a local fair. "Rides and attractions increase arousal, and this arousal will be attributed to one another by the brain," Weks says. "Bonus points if one of you are scared and can be comforted by the other one."