9 Dates To Take Yourself On When You're Newly Single

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For some people, spending time alone comes really naturally — they excel and feel comfortable in their own company. But others may really struggle to spend time alone, which can be particularly difficult if you've just gone through a breakup are are newly single.

"People may have difficulty spending time with themselves for several reasons," Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D., M.S., M.A. tells Bustle. "This can include concerns about missing out. ... However, it can be beneficial to go solo sometimes, as it provides a break from external influences and allows an individual to reconnect with their values and goals." This is especially true if you're newly single. If you've gotten used to doing everything with a significant other, proving to yourself that you can do things alone — and enjoy them just as much — is a great way to start moving on from the relationship.

Once you get used to it, you might find that spending time alone is a great confidence booster. If you're newly single and want to have more fun going out solo, here are some dates you should try taking yourself on. After all, alone time can be just as decadent as any couple's date night.


Go To A Movie

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A movie is a great way to break into solo dates. Even though you show up by yourself, you can then just zone out to a movie for the rest of the time, without having to feel self-conscious or awkward. And, as a bonus, you don't have to compromise on the movie choice.


Go For A Hike


Getting outdoors and moving is the perfect way to clear your head. And, it's a good way to get moving if you're feeling low or lethargic after a breakup. Pack your favorite snacks and head off.


Go For A Weekend Away

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If you really want to go big, take yourself away for the weekend — or even for a day trip. Discovering a whole new place and getting lost with yourself is a lot of fun, as well as a good reminder that you can do anything solo.


Try A Cooking Class

Learning to cook a great meal is not only a fun activity, but one where you can definitely reap the benefits at home.


Hit Up A Spa

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Whether you want to go for a massage or just find a place to chill in a sauna and jacuzzi, a spa is a good way to get used to being alone with your own thoughts — and have it still feeling like self-care.


Take Yourself Out For Dinner


Learning to eat out by yourself can be such a great thing. Once you get over the initial awkwardness, you'll discover an awesome date night and, more importantly, one where you don't have to share your fries.


Go To A Gallery

For a little bit of culture, spend a weekend afternoon or an evening at an art gallery. Going solo means going at your own speed, being able to listen to music if you want, and seeing the kind of exhibitions you're really interested in.


Find A Cozy Bar

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A great glass of wine and a great book? Going to a bar solo, especially one with cozy chairs, can be a really decadent experience.


Find A New Park (Or Planetarium)


If you live in a city but want to get in touch with nature, finding a new green space can be a lot of fun. Or, dream bigger and find a planetarium to spend some time feeling a little closer to the stars.

Solo dates may seem intimidating at first, but not only can they be a lot of fun, they're an awesome way to help recover from a breakup. Any date you can do with a partner can probably work just as well solo. And if you're still missing them, there's always a vibe for that.