9 Extravagant Headbands To Flaunt At Your Office Christmas Party

Decorative headbands are a huge party trend for winter 2019
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Headbands have probably been a staple in your wardrobe since primary school. Fond memories of the years when your hair accessories had to match the colour of your school uniform. (Not.) But now, none of us are bound by rules and regulations. Instead, we're free to wear what we please when we please. So whether you want to wear a decorative headband to your office Christmas party or a vintage style for a regular day at work, here's a few options to get you in the mood for accessorising.

Current headband trends (yes, they are real) have revolved around humongous velveteen pieces that are noticeable from quite some distance. But several brands are pushing back by releasing much daintier designs with embellishments so intricate you have to be close up to notice them.

That's not to say that extravagant styles have fallen off the radar. No, they're very much still around and covered in pearls, crystals, you name it. Some can be bought for under a tenner, others are a little pricier, and a select few fall into the designer accessory category. (You may or may not want to add those to your Christmas wish list.)

Whatever your day-to-day taste, the following options should be added to your shopping cart ASAP.


It's time to put those barrettes away.