9 Etiquette Rules You Probably Didn’t Realize You Should Follow When Dining Out With Others


Going out to eat is a huge part of many people's social lives, so your behavior at a meal with someone is important. Most of us know to keep our elbows off of the table, but there are a number of other etiquette rules to follow when doing out with others. Whether it's a first date or a dinner party, many meals are the first time you meet someone, and you don't want to do anything that would rub them the wrong way or leave a bad impression.

"All scenarios require etiquette because it's the highest form and expression of our humanity and respect for one another," says psychologist Anjhula Mya Singh Bais over email. "Quite often etiquette suffers a reputation of being old fashioned, stuffy or beset by snobbery, where people tend to be unaware because it's not 'cool' anymore. In truth, etiquette is relevant and I would argue, more necessary than ever. Etiquette has, is, and will always be intended to facilitate ease to the other person."

Of course, eating some tacos at happy hour with friends is different than having a formal dinner with your significant other's parents, but you can use your best judgment when it comes to your manners. Here are nine etiquette rules you didn't realize you should follow when dining out with others.