9 Galentine's Day Gifts For Old Friends, Because Now Is The Perfect Time To Reconnect

Ganni/Liberty London

Valentine's Day is a mere fortnight (and a bit) away, and, although the holiday is generally catered towards those in romantic couples, many of us (single or not) would rather do something with our girlfriends. And I can't think of a better time to catch up with an old friend you may have lost touch with, and make a whole day (or evening) of it. So call up a long-lost bestie, pick a place, and bring along one of these nine best Galentine's Day gifts for an old friend.

In need of ideas? Don't panic; I've got you covered. Whatever your budget, I have found some of the cutest, coolest gift ideas, including a Gossip Girl-inspired card, a bathroom wine holder, and a personalised notebook covered in the most adorable design you've ever seen. There's also a bunch to eat and drink — including chocolate and vodka — in this selection, as well as something for the beauty junkie in your life (think rose-scented luxury).

So keep scrolling to pick out the perfect present for your long-lost friend. I challenge you not to be tempted to buy one of these little treasures for yourself, too.

Central 23 exclusive XOXO BFF card



While technically not a gift, this card is too cute not to be included. And any old pal who understands this cute Gossip Girl reference is surely one worth reconnecting with.

Liberty London Damson Vodka Liqueur


Liberty London

This bottle of booze will make any drink a little more fruity and exciting. And the packaging is super cute and covetable, too.

Byredo Rose Hand Soap



Ok, so this is the boujee-est way to buy hand wash, but we guarantee a special old friend will appreciate it. Valentines-themed with its rosey scent, this leaves hands feeling soft and smelling amazing.

Everything I Know About Love, By Dolly Alderton



The ultimate book for single pals, this empowering read will remind you about the importance of female friendships. Exactly what we need on Galentine's Day.

Gannon Trenton Isoli Boss Lady Sweater


Liberty London

Spenny? Sure. But how amazing is this sweater for the freelance powerhouse or business-owner pal in your life? I'm bookmarking this as we speak.

& other stories Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace


& other stories

A slightly more affordable version of a look popularised by Lucy Williams' collection for Missoma, this cute little pendant will look great when layered and is bound to be loved by an old pal.

Charbonnel & Walker Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Truffles



It feels as though you can't go anywhere these days without seeing salted caramel, but let's be real: I'm not complaining. These luxe truffles are packaged in a decadent pink and blue box and will be beloved by all.

Papier Personalised Yoga Ladies Notebook



This notebook, which comes in paperback and hardback, can be personalised with your Galentine's pal's name and everything! There are tons of designs to choose from at Papier, but this 'yoga ladies' one is my absolute fave!

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder


Urban Outfitters

A wine holder? For your bathroom? I'm guessing you're sold already, and most of your friends will be too.

Like I said, buy for them or buy for you? Either way works, just be sure to celebrate with your gals when it matters most.