9 Genius Sex Toys Experts Recommend To All Their Friends

There are a lot of sex toys out there, but there are only a select few sex toys recommended by experts to their friends. Humanity has had years and years to perfect the art of the orgasm. In fact, it’s speculated that the first ever sex toy dates back 28,000 years to a siltstone phallus. And now that the Internet exists, the availability of the sex toy has increased exponentially. With all those different models, functions, and price points to choose from, how’s the layperson supposed to know which sex toys are worth your time, and which will end up collecting dust under your bed? I’d say that the first and foremost thing to do is consult the experts.

To find out the best of the best, I reached out to three sex experts and asked them one simple question: “Which sex toys do you recommend time and time again to your friends and patients?” Sex educator Jacq Jones, clinical psychologist and sex therapist Ursula Ofman, and certified sex therapist Rosari Torrisi provided all the answers. Their favorite sex toy picks weren’t just particularly intriguing, but they were really well-rounded and covered just about all the bases. From g-spot stimulators to penis-oriented toys, here are their all-time favorite recommendations.


For Folks Wanting To Explore G-Spot Stimulation

Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand, $76, Amazon

The Pure Wand is simply the best g-spotting toy on the market,” says Jacq Jones, sex educator and owner of Sugar. “For folks wanting to explore G-spot stimulation and/or ejaculation, this is exactly the right toy. G-spots like firm, rocking stimulation. Because of the weight and curve of this toys it makes getting the angle and pressure just right simple. The weight reduces the amount of pressure the user needs to give –which is great for folks with reduced hand and arm strength. Made of surgical steel, the Pure Wand will never break, never need batteries and looks like a sculpture on your bedside table!”


Quiet And Waterproof Clitoral Stimulation

Luna Bullet Vibrator, $10, Amazon

“As the clitoris is the most sexually sensitive spot for women, a lot of the popular sex toys stimulate just that,” says Ursula Ofman, PsyD., ClinicalPsychologist and Manhattan-based Sex Therapist. That’s why she suggests the Luna Bullet Vibrator — it's maybe the length of a cigarette, but a little thicker. "Driven by a regular AAA battery, it is a little quieter and has the advantage of being water proof, so it's good for play in the tub,” she adds.


This Toy Pulsates With A Thrusting Motion

Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator, $199, Babeland

According to Rosara Torrisi, Certified Sex Therapist and founder of LIIST, “Many of our clients at LIIST appreciate the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator, which is the only one of its kind! Using a genius design, this toy pulsates with a thrusting motion. The Pulsator is specifically useful for individuals who appreciate the internal sensation of a partner's thrust. This toy is also perfect for our clients who have recently undergone pelvic floor rehab or who are beginning to enjoy vaginal penetration after gender-confirming surgeries.” It’s also waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to clean.


Vibration And Suction At Different Levels Of Intensity

Womanizer Pro40, $79, Amazon

Another air-flow recommendation that uses the same technology, this time from Dr. Ofman, is the Womanizer Pro40. “Brands like Womanizer and Lelo have taken chic design and innovative vibration and suction to new levels,” says Ofman, and this one has eight adjustable levels of intensity, is entirely waterproof, and recharges in any USB port for hours of fun by yourself or with a partner.


A Groundbreaking Toy For Trans Men

BuckAngel Buck-Off Stroker, $31, Amazon

“The Buck-Off Stroker by Buck Angel is a groundbreaking new toy,” says Torrisi. “Its ingenious design allows trans men to masturbate with their penises. Our clients at LIIST have found this toy helpful whether or not they have undergone gender-confirming surgeries and for those who are gender-non-conforming and like to play with their bodies in masculine ways.”


Utilizing Air Flow For An Incredible Sensation

SatisfyerPro 2 Stimulator, $60, Amazon

“The latest thing in sex toys is using air flow for clitoral stimulation,” says Jones. “The sensation feels like a cross between vibration and suction. It’s different and lovely. Of this new style of toys, the Satisfyer is far and away our staff’s favorite. It’s powerful and easy to use alone or with a partner. It’s not the quietest toy, but, it’s worth the noise! Rechargeable and waterproof, too.”


This Classic Winner With An Upgrade

Original Magic Wand, $65, Sugar

Another recommendation from Jones, “The Magic Wand has been the classic go to vibrator since the '70s. Two years ago, it got an upgrade, went cordless, added patterned vibration, more levels of vibration and they managed to make it a bit quieter with no sacrifice in power. The intensity of the Magic Wand has brought orgasms to many, many women,” Jones says, and it can even be used by couples during intercourse. “It’s also one of the first toys I suggest to a woman who’s pre-orgasmic and has tried other vibes."


Loads Of Sensations For Both The G-Spot And Clitoris

Lyps Rabbit Vibrator, $16, Amazon

“Starting with the introduction of the Rabbit, there is now a strong line of vibrators that target the clitoris as well as the G-spot and entrance of the vagina,” says Dr. Ursula Ofman. “Some women swear by it,though for others there is too much sensation in too many places.” The Lyps Rabbit Vibrator is a little more rounded and sleek for more subtle pleasure, and since it has ten different speed settings, you can personalize the intensity to your liking.


This Toy For The Penis Or The Entire Body

Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo, $139, Between The Satin Sheets

“These toys are particularly useful for male clients at LIIST,” says Torrisi about the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo. It’s waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and made from body-safe material that’s easy to clean. “Their genius design allows people with penises to masturbate even if they have difficulties achieving erections,especially after prostate surgeries. The vibrations from these toys can be enjoyed and applied throughout the entire body — think clitoris, nipples, and so on.”

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