9 Items To Help Protect Against Bedbugs While You Travel

Akos Nagy/Shutterstock

Few things are more gross to think about than imagining teensy little bed bugs crawling all around your bed while you're sleeping soundly. It's a traumatizing ordeal no matter where you are, and unfortunately, it happens often. It doesn't only happen in the comfort of your own home, either: you can experience the nightmare of bed bugs when you're traveling. Bed bugs frequent hotel rooms (people are going in and out, they aren't clean enough, etc.), and no one wants to deal with that infestation when they're supposed to be traveling and having fun. There are some ways to watch out for bed bugs, but also some items to help you protect against bed bugs while traveling.

Before you put these items to good use, though, you should always check your hotel room for signs of bed bugs when you check in. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends checking the mattress, sheets, headboard, and luggage racks for signs of bed bugs. If you notice any signs, try getting a different room or staying elsewhere. But even if you don't, it doesn't mean there aren't any around.

If you're nervous about it, it's always better to be safe than sorry. The below products will probably bring you some comfort, even if they are kind of a pain to lug around while traveling. They'll help ensure you don't deal with bed bugs... or, even worse, they'll prevent you from bringing them home. Here are a few items to buy if you're worried about bed bugs when traveling:


A Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors or encasements won't exactly prevent bed bugs, but they will kill them off by basically trapping them and starving them. If you plan on staying in a hotel for a long period of time and want to take this step, bring along a mattress protector like this one.


An Insect Interceptor

Freaked out by the possibility of bed bugs or other little critters climbing up into your bed with you? Bring these interceptor cups. They're small enough to pack in your suitcase and easy enough to set up, if you can get them under the legs of the bed. They prevent bugs from crawling up there.


Laundry Bags

Bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothes, so prevent them from coming home with you by keeping your dirty clothes sealed away. These nylon bags are easy to take with you and are machine washable. Keep your dirty clothes tied tightly in there instead of just throwing them in your suitcase.


A Bug Heater

If you are unfortunate enough to run in to some bed bugs and now you're freaking out about bringing them home, this little heater might be good to have on hand. You basically place your items in there and it uses heat to kill any bugs that might be on them. Better safe than sorry!


Insect Repellant

This might not work for bed bugs, but it will keep any other insects that might be in the hotel room far away from you. Simply plug this into the wall socket and it will ward off creepy crawly things you want nowhere near you.


A Travel Sheet

If you're very worried about the possibility of bed bugs, bring your own sheets. This set zips up to keep you enclosed and safe, and just lays on top of the bed so it's super easy to set up.


Bed Bug Traps

It certainly doesn't hurt to place these traps around your hotel room if you're worried about bed bugs. They're inexpensive and easy to travel with because they're small.


A Pillow Protector

Your sheets aren't the only thing that could be infected by bed bugs - your pillow could be too. Bring your own bed bug pillow protector to ensure you sleep soundly.


Luggage Liners

Keep your suitcase bed bug free with these luggage liners. They zip up to keep everything extra enclosed and safe, and it's just nice to have that extra security.