These Photos Of Young Trudeau Are Just Too Much

by Kelly Tunney
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's probably an understatement to say that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets a lot of attention for his looks. Not only that, but his progressive policies and his willingness to stand up for minorities and gender equality combined with his excellent genes make him an irresistible target for internet adoration. And the more we learn about him, the better he gets. New photos of a young Trudeau are currently taking over the internet, and they will not disappoint you.

Not since photos of young Joe Biden and young Tim Kaine leaked have we seen such a thirst for a politician on social media. Trudeau was elected as prime minister from the Canadian Liberal Party in November 2015. His father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister for 16 years in the late '60s to the early '80s, so serving the country is in his blood.

And he's certainly made some impressive moves as PM. His approach to gender equality started from the beginning of his administration by selecting 15 women for his cabinet, the same amount as the men. He has stood up for LGBTQ rights and was the first sitting PM to attend the Canadian Pride Parade in Toronto. He's also been vocal about welcoming Syrian refugees into Canada, unlike the current leadership in America. But before he accomplished all of this, he looked great.

With the upsetting activities of President Donald Trump's administration as of late, the photos of Trudeau couldn't have arrived at a better time. Bask in the glory of Trudeau before he became Canada's most wanted.

1. Trudeau Looking Good Without Smiling

He looks like the kid in your class who didn't try at all but still made straight As.

2. Trudeau Looking Effortlessly Handsome

The big, windswept hair only ads to the mystique.

3. Trudeau Smoldering For The Camera

He's expressing a lot of emotions without saying anything.

4. Trudeau In A Plaid Unbuttoned Shirt

Truly, he could have gotten away with a lot.

5. We'd Forgive Him For Anything

Even if he was a little fiscally irresponsible, it'd be OK.

6. Looking Like He'd Totally Be Camron Diaz's Co-Star

He does have that Matthew McConaughey look going on.

7. He Could Run Our Country Any Day

But really, can he just oversee North America?

8. It Became Too Much For The Internet

The blazer and the shirtless pic are just too much.

9. Just Look At That Wavy Hair

Even in a sweatshirt, quilted vest, and necklace, he somehow makes it work.

Justin Trudeau, thank you for the momentary distraction from the horror show that is our government.