9 Little Ways To Help Your Partner To Be More Vulnerable With You

If you're looking to strengthen your relationship with your significant other, but notice your partner is feeling a bit scared to open up, realize it's totally natural for them to have those nerves. But, to help further that connection there are a few ways to get your partner to open up and be vulnerable with you, where they'll feel more comfortable sharing. And, getting closer to each other now may mean your partnership has a higher chance of building and surviving down the road.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on improving their relationships and accepting vulnerability, on both sides. This holds especially true for intimate relationships with a significant other, because this type of partnership depends on true acceptance, unconditional love, and a willingness to open up and share emotions. Of course, you'll want to be vulnerable yourself (and if you do, you'd be surprised at how relieved and happy you might just feel), but you'll also want your partner to reciprocate that vulnerability. When they do give in and embrace a softer side, it means the relationship has approached a new level, one that'll build that foundation for the future. Here are nine little ways experts say can help your partner to be more vulnerable with you.