9 Long-Lasting Fragrances That Won't Lose Their Scent In The Cold Weather

by Lauren Sharkey
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The internet provides us with a great many things. Like facts that may seem useless at first, but later prove to be pretty beneficial. Take this one: perfume fades away quicker in colder temperatures. Now, as I stare at the array of scents on my bedside table, that snippet of information is coming in handy. With a quick look at the ingredients list and a couple of lifestyle changes, you can ensure your perfumes retain their scent for hours. And if you need a new batch, here's the best winter fragrances around right now.

As Harper's Bazaar reports, dry skin — an unfortunate byproduct of colder weather — is not perfume's best friend. Instead of clinging onto your favourite smell, it lets it go way too soon. While keeping skin hydrated can alleviate the problem, choosing fragrances with certain base notes can also help. (Think woods, musks, and spices.) You may also want to opt for a more concentrated eau de parfum. Yes, they're a little pricier, but you'll notice the difference.

The following fragrances are all ideal for the winter months. Some are from big name brands; others are smaller, independent companies. But they're all killing it in the parfum department. (All prices are for 50ml bottles, unless otherwise stated.)

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