9 'Midsommar' Theories That Make The Movie Way More Terrifying

In Midsommar, everything you might imagine as a worst-case scenario during a vacation to a remote village actually happens. The film released July 3 marks director/writer Ari Aster's follow up to 2018's strikingly disturbing Hereditary, and it's sent horror fans into a tizzy over its possible interpretations. These 9 Midsommar theories are just a handful of the disturbing ideas from audiences. And they'll make this greatly unsettling film — made by a writer/director known for paying exhaustive attention to details — even more terrifying. Major spoilers ahead for Midsommar.

Midsommar starts off with the tragic deaths of the protagonist, Dani's (Florence Pugh), mother, father, and sister. Dani's sister poisoned herself and her parents with carbon monoxide, leaving the grad student to grieve an unimaginable loss. Dani's boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor), isn't much of a help, but he invites Dani on a group trip to a village in Sweden where a cult called the Hårga lives off the land. The group is led by Christian's friend from school, Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren), who comes from Hårga himself. They're joined by Mark (Will Poulter) and Josh (William Jackson Harper), who definitely don't expect find themselves in the middle of a satanic rituals that slowly pick away at the group one by one.

Long story short, Midsommar ends with Christian being sewn inside a disemboweled bear, a skinned Mark, and more gory human remains that all go up in flame in a pyre at the end of the film, leaving only Dani as the surviving outsider. And, as these theories suggest, all of that gore and despair could mean more than what meets the eye.