9 Multi-Functional Jewelry Pieces That Will Amaze You

Our jewelry is basically our armor. It can update an outfit, make a statement (like, "Hey, world! I'm engaged!") and give us all a little bit of bling-induced confidence when we need it most. But as amazing as jewelry can be on its own, some pieces go way above and beyond with two-for-one functions that will blow your mind. Enter: Multi-furpose jewelry.

Sure, a necklace is great and pretty and whatever… but a necklace that doubles as a vibrator? Or as a full-blown weapon? Now, we’re talking. There is honestly nothing better than when fashion and function come together to create pieces we actually want to wear and use, and multi-purpose jewelry does exactly that. Some of it helps make our lives easier (like a phone charging bracelet) while others are straight-up badass (like the aforementioned “necklace knife.”)

Regardless of their intended use (or, in almost all of these cases, uses), these nine pieces of multi-functional jewelry will not only upgrade your wardrobe, but will basically change your life. After seeing these sneaky, yet stylish items, you’ll never want to buy a regular old necklace/ring/bracelet ever again.

1. A Ring That's Also Bottle Opener

Bottle Opening Ring, $36,

Finally — A party trick that's useful and chic.

2. A Necklace That's Also A Vibrator

Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $149, Amazon

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Neck Candy."

3. A Bracelet That Gives You Phone Notifications

Ringly Smart Bracelets, $165, Amazon

The bracelets track your activity a la Fitbit, and light up and vibrate every time your phone gets a notification. They make regular, non-intelligent bracelets look so, so boring.

4. The Pendant That Monitors Your Health

Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker, $115, Amazon

This handy little pendant can be worn as a bracelet, ring or necklace, and tracks all kinds of health data like your sleep patterns and menstrual cycles. It also wakes you up in the morning, and features a fun (/kind of annoying, but totally useful) "inactivity alarm" to remind you to keep moving.

5. A Necklace That Is Also A Knife

Working Replica Switchblade Knife Necklace, $40, Yougneek

Pretty hurts.

6. A Bracelet That's Also A Phone Charger

QBracelet, $149,

Never worry about bare wrists or dead batteries again.

7. A Ring That's Also A Clock

Ring Clock, $399, ShopRingClock

Why buy two pieces of jewelry when all you really need is one?

8. A Necklace That Is Also A Ruler

Give Me An Inch Ruler Necklace, $10, Etsy

You'll never have to try to measure an inch with the tip of your thumb again. (Trust me, that is never an accurate way to do it.)

9. A Necklace That Is Also A Pen

1928 Vintage Inspired Pen Necklace, $19, Amazon

This sneaky, but dainty, gold necklace opens up into a black ink pen. You will never be without a pen again (which is perfect for getting phone numbers IRL with).