9 Positive Podcasts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

by Megan Grant

Life gets you down sometimes. Financial strain, stress at work, caring for our families, and a never-ending to-do list make it feel impossible to keep up, let alone get ahead. For these reasons, it's absolutely vital to keep finding the happiness in your life no matter what you have to do — whether it's by reciting affirmations, keeping a gratitude journal, spending 10 minutes meditating every morning to find a more peaceful mindset, or listening to podcasts for positivity.

I first started listening to podcasts for advice to help me grow my business, and never fully realized that there are podcasts out there for everything. Keeping things positive and brushing off the negative are things that I have to actively practice every day, or else everything starts to annoy me. Gratitude journaling and meditation are already daily rituals; but podcasts for a positive mindset were a real game-changer.

They can go wherever you go. You can listen while you're doing dishes, walking the dogs, putting away laundry. You can give it your undivided attention, or sort of let it play in the background of your mind. No matter what, I can tell you this: making time for podcasts each day will help remind you to find the good in things.

Here are some you might want to check out.


Happier With Gretchen Rubin

Spend a few minutes with Rubin and you're bound to feel better instantly. During her podcasts, she and her sister talk about developing good habits and growing your own happiness. iTunes named it one of the best podcasts of 2015, as did the Academy of Podcasters in 2016.


The School Of Greatness

NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and more to share inspiring stories on how to feel better, do better, and live a happier life. While he covers topics from business to health to relationships, the underlying goal is the same: to give you ways to level up your life.


The Lively Show

Guided by Jess Lively, venture into topics like money, wellness, relationships, and business, learning to live life with intention. Lively is considered to be one of the best women to follow to learn how to live the life you really want to live, according to the likes of Entrepreneur and Inc.


The Daily Boost

The Daily Boost has seen over 20 million downloads since 2006, and offers tips for greater happiness in just nine minutes. It prides itself on being "fresh, funny, upbeat, and personable," according to the website, and gives you concrete tips to improve your wellbeing now.


The Chalene Show

Chalene Johnson wants you to do more of the stuff that makes you happy, and this is the exact goal of her podcast. She offers practical advice and resources to find a more positive energy, better health, and happier relationships. It's like having a great conversation with your best gal pal.


Inspire Nation

Inspire Nation's guests are nothing short of impressive — spiritual teachers, NYT bestsellers, and even rulers of countries. They want to help you improve every area of your life, including spirituality, money management, relationships, and your career.


Magic Lessons

Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons is as moving and inspirational as her NYT bestseller Big Magic. In her podcast, you'll learn how to let go of suffering, conquer fears, and live the life of your dreams. Her books have motivated millions, and her podcast doesn't disappoint.


The Tony Robbins Podcast

This one needs no introduction. Robbins is known all across the globe and has worked with some of the biggest names in world leadership, sports, entertainment, and other industries. He's helped countless people take control of their lives and find success and happiness.


Tai Lopez

Heads up: you could get lost in Tai Lopez's work forever because he talks about everything. He's an inspirational entrepreneur to millions of people not just because of his business savvy and philanthropic actions, but also because he pays close attention to every aspect of his life to have a better overall experience — health, relationships, and beyond. His words of wisdom might really resonate with you.