Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Shouldn't Do This

by Allie Gemmill
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes calling it quits is a good thing. I love a good Hollywood romance. What's more delightful than two well-matched celebrities finding happiness with one another? But there's one exception to this statement and yes, you will be shocked. Simply put: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield shouldn't get back together. I have my reasons, which I am more than happy to detail for you, but I am also completely resolute in this sentiment.

Before you start thinking that I'm some monster or I have a vendetta against either Stone or Garfield, think again. I actually love (as much as a fan can) them and their work. They both have talent and charisma oozing out of them. They both give stellar interviews, rave-worthy performances, and are credits to the acting community. From what I can gather, they are also nice human beings. I tip my cap to them.

I even liked them as a couple. Their relationship was three years of pure magic that was so much fun to watch. It was a good run by anyone's estimation. Despite being seen together over the summer, there's no reason that they should get back together nor we, the people, should speculate that they should get back together.

1. Their Relationship Was Great

This relationship needs to remain in the past tense. There's no reason to hope for them getting back together when they gave it a shot and hey, it didn't work out.

2. They Are At The Top Of Their Game

I'm definitely not implying that the work they did when they were together was terrible, but Stone and Garfield are about to get serious awards attention for their respective work in La La Land, Silence, and Hacksaw Ridge (the latter two are Garfield's films). You could argue they've channeled that single life ennui into some great performances, which only means they should keep going at it. Alone.

3. Why Go Backwards?

I mean, what's the point of backpedaling? It's not exactly the healthiest behavior. Relationships can still be instructive even if they don't work out.

4. Do They Even Want To Reunite?

To my knowledge, both Stone and Garfield have not voiced, in any fashion, that they'd love to take another crack at their relationship. We should stop speaking for them.

5. A Friendship Is Perfectly Reasonable

Why should we be dead set on hoping they get back together romantically when there is so much value in friendship? C'mon guys, platonic relationships are pretty cool, too.

6. Phase Two In A Relationship Rarely Works Out

There's a reason they broke up. We may not know the real reason, but they do and it would probably resurface if they gave their relationship another try. That's not a good thing.

7. We Should Stop Romanticizing Them & Accept The Facts

I know it's easy to feel like just because they looked cute together and worked well with each other that they belong together. But we can't control their lives, which includes romanticizing them past the point that our hopes begin to outweigh reality.

8. Their Schedules Will Keep Them Apart

Stone has a few projects in production and Garfield has two films in the pipeline. They're moving at different speeds and in different literal locations right now, so trying to reconcile would be so complicated.

9. The Single Life Is Literally So Much Fun

I mean, being single is actually so amazing, so why bother coupling up? Do you, guys. Do you.

No matter what the future holds for Stone and Garfield, one thing is for certain: there's totally no reason for them to get back together.