9 Terrifying Changes To The WhiteHouse.Gov Page

by Cate Carrejo

The federal government gets a lot of flack for being a massive, inefficient bureaucracy, but within minutes of Donald Trump's inauguration, the White House web page underwent a near total overhaul. Of course, with Trump as president now, that means almost all of those amendments are terrifying AF. These nine scary changes to the page show everything that liberals and progressives have to work to restore four years from now.

Though Trump's inauguration is a shocking and upsetting event, it's important not to let it incapacitate you for very long. Just like right after the election, you may need some time to grieve, but everyone dedicated to preserving American democracy has to get fully engaged in the fight against Trump. These changes to the White House website exemplify the much larger and more destructive changes he plans to make, which almost exclusively promote social divisiveness, income inequality, and environmental irresponsibility.

It's OK to be scared by Trump and his administration, but it's not OK to back down from this challenge. In the course of history, some of the greatest democracies have fallen due to leaders like him, and every American citizen should take up the mantle of making sure that doesn't happen.

The Very First Thing You See

Given the fact that he's bragged about being able to shoot people in the street and sexually assault women, it's quite normal just to be scared by the very sight of Donald Trump.

The Cabinet, Or Lack Thereof

Trump is flying solo right now with zero confirmed Cabinet members, and although that could change by the end of the day, his choices aren't comforting anyway.

Trump's Underwhelming Bio

Trump's bio is plainly trying to cover up his historic unpreparedness to be president, plus it's factually inaccurate.

The "America First" Plans

"America First" is a terrifying populist idea in the first place with anti-Semitic origins, and how Trump wants to use that message to destroy the Earth is even scarier.

The Empty Financial Disclosures Page

"This page is being updated." Another reminder that the American people have no idea what foreign money Trump may be covering up in his tax returns.

The Case Of The Disappearing Petitions

The "We the People" petition system was one of the most empowering things on the former White House website, and now every single one of them is gone.

Bye, Climate Change


Disabilities Don't Exist Any More, Either!

Way to ignore the 1 in 5 Americans with a disability just after you said they weren't going to be ignored anymore!

In addition, the official LGBT page on the White House's website — — is totally gone. Nada. Wiped out.

Fake News

Carrying on the grand, (now) presidential tradition of lying through his teeth, Trump made sure to give the people what he thinks they want: inaccurate information that makes him look good.