9 Speed Reading Tips To From A Professional Book Reviewer

As a proud bibliophile and professional book reviewer, I hate to hear someone say they don't read, but whenever I do, the excuse is almost always the same: not enough time. It isn't always easy to find a few minutes, let alone the actual hours it takes, to sit down and crack open a new novel, but with these 10 speed reading tips, anyone can get through their TBR pile, no matter how big it gets. Take it from me: there's always enough time to read, even if it means not reading every word.

As a book reviewer, I get sent a lot of different things to read. A lot. Any given week, my reading list increases by three or four books, and to get through them all would take more than a lifetime. Unfortunately, "forever" isn't exactly a workable deadline, so I had to come up with a different strategy to help me find the way to the bottom of my TBR pile: speed reading.

On average, the reading speed in the U.S. is 200-300 words per minute, or approximately one-half to one page per minute. Those considered to be fast readers can increase that speed to 400 words per minute, but that still means it would take over two and a half hours to read an average length book, about 64,000 words. (Given the amount of time we spend sitting in front of Netflix and binge-watching shows, 160 minutes may not seem like a long time, but for most people, sitting still for that long when it isn't for the Gilmore Girls revival can feel like an impossible eternity.)

Speed readers, however, can cut that time down by more than half, and with can reach speeds of up to 1,000 words per minute. While it's true that reading faster can result in lower levels of comprehensions, with practice, speed reading can be an effective tool for getting through more text in less time.

Reading is a mechanical process, and getting faster isn't a matter of learning complex theories or an expanded vocabulary, but rather improving your fine motor skills. If you want to learn how to get through more books in less time, here are 10 speed reading tips that can help: